Why Ariana Grande is Way Better Than Justin Bieber

There are negative and positive moments of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. They're both famous.

The Top Ten Why Ariana Grande is Way Better Than Justin Bieber

1 Ariana Grande is Prettier

So true.

2 Ariana Doesn't Pee in a Mop Bucket
3 Ariana Grande Doesn't Post Nude Pictures on Social Media
4 Justin Bieber Went to Jail, Ariana Didn't

She licked donuts and hate America. Good thing, she didn't go to jail. - waraypiso

5 Bielebers are Crazier, More Corrupted, and Stupid Than Arianators
6 Justin Hates His Fans

No he doesn't

7 Ariana Doesn't Do Illegal Drugs and Smoking

Not on an airplane - I80

Actually she allegedly took cocaine at a party - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

8 Ariana's Songs are More Soulful and Deeper Than Bieber's Songs
9 Side to Side is Better Than Baby

Least side to side doesn't make wanna punch the wall

10 Ariana is More Talented

The Contenders

11 Ariana Respects and Supports Disabled People More Than Justin Does
12 Ariana Doesn't Spit at Her Fans
13 Justin Sounds Like a Retarded Person
14 Ariana's Body is Sexier, Hotter, and More Beautiful Than Bieber's
15 It's Harder to Do Ariana Grande's Songs Than Justin Bieber's Songs
16 Ariana Doesn't Insult Heavy Metal Bands
17 Dangerous Woman is Better Than Boyfriend
18 Everyday is Better Than Love Yourself
19 Ariana Didn't Whine About Not Winning a Grammy
20 Ariana Actually Uses Her Vocals Instead of Repeating the Word "Baby"
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