Why Blaze and the Monster Machines Suck


The Top Ten

1 It's all about blaze
2 It' boring
3 They are too annoying
4 Blaze wins at every race

What a Gary Stu! Blaze Never loses, and I started to hate him for that reason. - WilsonAsmara

5 Crusher is a crybaby
6 There are only two humans
7 Everyone in the show has wheels, except two people
8 ZedĀ  kisses everything he likes
9 Blaze is a jerk that cares about super speed

He doesn't need Nitrous Oxide to win a Race! I mean, his Blazing Speed engine is Literally Three Exhaust Pipes connected nearby a V8 Engine casing his Nitrous Tanks. How does he refill them at the pit stops? - WilsonAsmara

10 There female characters only show up in a few episode

The Contenders

11 Blaze is a ripoff of Lightning McQueen in Cars

I see how you feel. I mean, Lightning McQueen is one of the best Anthropomorphic Motorsports vehicles and, I do wish He and Blaze would race one another, and See who wins in the end. - WilsonAsmara

12 The monster cars are ugly
13 The show can really annoy lots of people
14 Zeg kisses everything he likes
15 The songs are annoying and not catchy
16 The theme song only talks about blaze, which makes the show even worse

Why can't this show be a Japanese Anime about a Newly Built Monster truck who dreams to become one of the Fastest Monster trucks and learn stuff from Highly experienced Monster Trucks and Drivers?

I would turn on Initial D Super Eurobeat Songs whenever I watch the show. - WilsonAsmara

17 The episodes are pointless and annoying
18 Blaze and AJ are usually the first characters to ever appear on the theme song or an episode
19 Crusher keeps on getting hurt and getting into the wrong things
20 Blaze never lets anyone win in a race except himself

Despite winning the race together, Blaze always finishes first place! - WilsonAsmara

21 Blaze is the only monster car with a super power

Seriously?! His Blazing Speed is Literally NOS, Anyone can install that if they want to! - WilsonAsmara

22 The only monster car faster than any monster car
23 Monster cars don't really look like Monsters
24 Starla is the only female monster car
25 Blaze and his friends become different at every season
26 Blaze barely is friends with Crusher
27 When Crusher almost made it to the Finish line, Blaze and his friends pushed him aside which was mean

That is just So retarded! - WilsonAsmara

28 Blaze is a bigger jerk than Crusher
29 Zeg is gross and ugly
30 Zeg should learn how to talk properly
31 Every single episode begins with rock music

Why not J-Pop and or Heavy Metal ones?! - WilsonAsmara

32 Blaze is a showoff
33 Pickle should learn how to follow up on Crusher
34 They waste food when it makes a mess when eating it is better
35 Crusher should really get his victory

Once he did with Blaze in one episode. - WilsonAsmara

36 The good parts of the show are boring
37 When Blaze opens his mouth to smile, he looks ugly

Yeah, when he smiles it creeps me out!

38 Crushers machines should stop Blaze forever
39 All the Monster trucks have the same eye color
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