Why Canada Was the Most Underrated Country During WW2

The Top Ten

1 We Were Considered as Indispensable by Other Allies
2 Mainly Responsible for Liberating Holland
3 Mainly Responsible for Liberating Many Parts of South Italy
4 The RCN Sank 30 U-Boats
5 Though Contrary to What People Think, Juno Beach Was the Hardest Beach
6 The Canadians Took Out German Tank Ace Michael Wittman
7 The Canadians Advanced Further Inland Through France Than It's American and British Counterparts
8 We Had the Fourth Largest Air Force in 1944
9 Though Outnumbered We Took the Scheldt, One of the Toughest Battles of the Western Front
10 Canada Had the Third Largest Navy Near the End

The Contenders

11 They were part of the British Empire so weren't technically their own separate nation
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