Why Club Penguin Island is Very Terrible

This is a very popular opinion. An opinion I have to agree on.

Note: This list is based entirely on my opinion. If you disagree with anything, you may provide feedback on why, but make sure it is respectful so that your comment is not flagged or considered inappropriate.

With that being said, let's get started!

The Top Ten Why Club Penguin Island is Very Terrible

1 The broken chat system that bans you if you say perfectly normal things

The chat system is broken! I got banned for saying noice multiple times. I'm like, "Why? " I'm not the only one either. A lot of other people have been complaining about getting banned from typing things in the chat box that were not even the slightest bit of inappropriate. This ticks me off so much. the old CP is much, much, MUCH better than this crap to me. - Transformers234

2 Nothing to do

This game sucks!

I got so bored of this game I deleted it within a couple minuites.and when I got it on my phone it only had 2 stars!

Seriously! There is absolutely, and I mean absolutely, nothing to do! Even if you're a member, the game is still pretty bad! - Transformers234

3 HQ ignores our complaints

Now I'm not saying that they don't respond to what we say. They normally do. I'm saying usually if we complain about something, they just go: "Aw, we did it for a reason, nothing needs to be changed! '' Like, what's the point of even contacting them, they aren't going to change their stupid chat system no matter how much I contact them! - Transformers234

4 You have to be a member to do ANYTHING at all.

When your membership ends, you lost all stuff you buyed as a member - BorisRule


What can you do as a nonmember:
1. Walk
2. Swim
3. chat - Transformers234

5 No pet puffles

Okay, it doesn't HAVE to be a puffle, but can you at least add something in to make the game a little more interesting? - Transformers234

6 The set up is bad

Nope... can't do it. - Transformers234

7 You can't play it on your computer.

*Slowly claps.*. - Transformers234

8 There aren't many mini games

I'm not even sure if I've seen any at all! - Transformers234

9 Members waste money!

Even if you're a member, it's not that fun.. - Transformers234

10 They shut Club penguin down when they knew this wasn't going to be good

Was Hq trying to create drama by giving us a game they new wasn't going to be better than the old CP? - Transformers234

The Contenders

11 The graphics

Yep. Those aren't very good either. - Transformers234

12 It costs money

Well, the game itself doesn't cost money. But the membership does. And you have to be a member to do anything at all. - Transformers234

13 Club Penguin Loves EA

Club Penguin Island Looks Like Star Wars Battlefront 2 You Better Play Penguin Oasis Or A Roblox Club Penguin Game Instead

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