Why Dog With a Blog Is Bad to Watch

The Top Ten

1 They try too hard to be funny
2 They don't have black people on it
3 They overact

The thirty five year old blonde girl I want to punch. Oh. She can't sing!

Thank you I want to punch her also.

4 The dog tells too many fart jokes
5 It is stupid and unrealistic

I mean, it is a sitcom where the dog TALKS! How unrealistic can Disney get? - Minecraftcrazy530

6 They play the laugh track too much

True.-Anonymousxcxc (and yes I am the anonymous person who said sincerely anonymous in a couple of comments and a person who thinks that Gravity Falls is the only good kid's show left and that Star vs. the Forces of Evil does have some potential). - Anonymousxcxc

7 Avery is a bossy wanna be that can't sing

How did you pick an over emphasized nasty anereckic know it all

THANK U. SOMEONE SAID IT. There was an episode where Avery started singing in the background at the carnival about her best friends. It hurt my ears. The first thing I thought was “disney is going to make her a disney singer now." Next episode was based solely on her singing.

8 Avery should not date and is short and skinny
9 The parents are stupid and annoying and yell stupid things

Hi. I make money. I'm a retard.

10 Talking dogs are stupid


The Contenders

11 Chloe acts too grown up
12 Avery dresses grown and wears too much make up

Even my mom said she shouldn't be dressing like that she is still a child.

13 Avery's voice is annoying
14 Avery's voice is so whiny and irritating
15 Avery is just a bad person entirely.

Avery seems like a little bratty teenager that doesn't care about helping those around her. She also whines and cries when she doesn't get her way. She does, however, help Tyler OCCASIONALLY but only if someone really twists her arm to do so.

16 Avery is a brat
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