Why Dubstep is Better Than Modern Pop Music

This is my opinion why I hate modern pop music! In 2010, I joined the metal and dubstep music group! Dubstep and metal are my favorite genres! Here is my opinion why modern pop music sucks!

The Top Ten

1 Modern Pop Has Autotone

So does Dubstep. But not metal. - I80

2 Modern Pop Has Inappropriate Music Video
3 Most Modern Pop Artists Don't Have Compassion
4 Dubstep Takes Talent to Make It

Wrong! But metal is nearly impossible to write an play. - I80

5 Modern Pop Music Has Stupid Lyrics
6 Dubstep Isn't Played Over and Over Again
7 Dubstep Isn't Played On the Radio
8 Only Sia, Twenty-One Pilots, and Lukas Graham Are Good Modern Pop Artists
9 Dubstep Artists Look Better Than Justin Bieber
10 Dubstep Gives You Chill

The Contenders

11 Dubstep Has More Intricate Sounds Than Modern Pop Music
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