Why Fantage is Bad for Kids

Here is a list of reasons why young kids should not play this horrid game.

The Top Ten

1 A lot of bad language.

If you're playing Animal Jam, it will block inappropriate context. In this game, is doesn't. You can say just about anything, and it will not block the language. It's horrible for kids to be playing this! - Transformers234

2 Boys and girls do gross things with each other

You know what I'm talking about right? After you're ''dating'' someone in this game, people will try to have what they call... ceox. I'm not saying the actual word because it's not appropriate. This is what adults do when they like each other, not kids. It's not appropriate, and shouldn't be happening! Don't ever do this if you're playing this game kids. Because it's not okay! - Transformers234

I hear about the "ceox" a lot, but I have never seen it in my time playing, but I have seen them in Youtube Videos. It's terrible. - Sunfree

3 immodest

I have to agree with this one the most. Though I am guilty of having some of the short shorts and short skirts, I never actually wore them (other than for fashion show themes) but I played this game from when I was 9 to 15-16 (I'm currently 18 and rarely hop on the game) but it seems sexual clothing is more of a common thing now. - Sunfree

The clothing, man. Bikinis, short shirts, short skirts and shorts... I don't like it. - Transformers234

4 Bae tryouts!

Do kids really need to start dating online? - Transformers234

5 Are they speaking another language?

The way they speak in this game... Some kids may not understand it. It's so weird. - Transformers234

6 People do dumb stuff

The words they say, how they talk, geesh, just no. - Transformers234

7 Encourages kids to do bad things

The kids are probably going to follow the crowd in this game. The crowd is bad y'all. It can put thoughts into kids' heads that makes them think the things people do on this game are okay. - Transformers234

8 It gets boring

I just gets boring...y'know? Kids don't enjoy it. - Transformers234

9 It takes forever to load.

Kids don't like having to be patient. Trust me, I know. - Transformers234

10 The cruel jokes

Some of the fantage people might make adult jokes. It seriously should be a game for adults! - Transformers234

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