Why Kirby Air Ride Needs a Sequel

Kirby Air Ride is one of my favorite games on the GameCube console and it will always in a place in my heart. What saddens me is that this game never managed to get a sequel on any consoles and clearly, the game have never got any spotlight from the sale in the markets. The reason of why this game needs a sequel is because the original has some flaws like the features on the content, the lack of replayability and the stuff they didn't do before. So here are some of the things of why Kirby Air Ride really needs a sequel on the next gen console.

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Adjustment on the Multiplayer Support

On the Air Ride & Top Ride for multiplayer mode, it might be fun for you, but you'll soon realize that it might lack the fun aspect of this support really much because in the original, they didn't add minimal extra modes for other players to take them pretty busy on the matches. It might gonna end up a bit in boredom with the same thing with no variation of the other modes in multiplayer. Hope they can added that on the future.

Characters Like Knuckle Joe, Marx, Bandana Waddle Dee and Etc Needs to Be Added

Yes, in the game, we have Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede on the crew but you know, I'm being a bit tired by always riding on with the same characters like Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight on the races that I need some more variety on the other characters for some few races on each modes that I'm gonna play. The original is a bit repetitive to the same thing, but this needs to be noted on the sequel to be variated on the gameplay you know.

Enhanced Air Ride Mode

Air Ride is an amazing mode to race in certain tracks with your machine and sadly, there isn't some kind of cup modes or event races on the first one. What Air Ride 2 needs to add is the usual modes to other Nintendo racing games like Mario Kart: Star Cup Mode, Event Race Mode (other one but it can be quite specific with the race rules) or even Online Mode. Those are the type of things that needs to be added on the second.

The Controls

(weird that my comment wasn't published yesterday for good reasoning)

On each video games you play, the controls in racing games are the most important aspects of them all. And to be honest, the original game is NOT perfect on the aspects of controlling. On your control stick (where you have to turn your ''Star" car in each way), the sensibility of the control is too hard and very tricky because if you want to turn while pressing the ''A'' button for Kirby to charge the power on the track, you might have to get used to the 3-second turning on your car while charging. And also, the C-Stick is the option of your camera view in the race and that might not be a good thing to do that because it's also the sensibility of the stick that is quite difficult on your camera view. Look, if they ever have a sequel to that in the mere future, then hopefully, they can fix or improving the controls of the racing and the camera view on every races. Those are the mildly flaws I can come up with ...more

The controls are the most important aspects of the gameplay. When you realize one bit, the sensibility of the control are a bit problematic from the rightful hand of the touch to your controller. Also, the C-stick of where you control the view of the camera is a bit twitchy and sensible on the touch so it might not gonna end up pretty with your car view and of where you drive. Hopefully, in the far future, these controls will be quite fixed and improved on the sequel to make it better on the play.

We Need More Difficulties on the Track Hazards

Take an example to Mario Kart circuits. On each circuits, it will always have some hazards (whenever it will be a creature or a material) to slow you really down on the race. They have Thromps, Goombas, Petey Piranhas, traffic cars, Shy Guys and etc. On Kirby Air Ride, we have 18 monsters or track materials to slow you on the race track, but the problem with that is that the difficulty for these hazards are considered to be a bit weak cause there is no hard way that these will make the opponents really slow on the track to not win. Only issue with this game is the minor adjustment from the difficulty of the hazards. That way it will make the race quite difficult, cause without hazards, the race might be too easy for that. Take that noted next time.

Custom Rules on Air Ride Mode

What I noticed on Air Ride is that some of the races you are going to has only 3 laps remained and no other additional content. They could at least add the custom rules of when you can modify the count of laps, on/off switch for hazards, add more AI for the races to make it competitive and some other features. That's actually a minor flaw in the original. There was no races that you can adjust the time of the races.

Legendary Cars Like the Hydra, Dragoon and Compact Star Needs to Be Added in the Air Ride Too

The roster on the City Trial is 100% collected with all these cars, including the legendaries on this mode. But on Air Ride, it was not added because I think before the cars are so overpowered that the race will be too easy to beat due to incredible stats Hydra and Dragoon have, it might be unfair for that. On the Top Ride, it's reasonable, only Star Machines are permitted cause they have speed on this mode, if they added that too, it will be WAY faster on the minitrack and the race will be over in a flash. But in the future, I kinda hope they will add the legendary cars but with some few restrictions on the race rules on Air Ride for these cars, that way, it might not conflict the bashing towards the overused cars on the unfair race.

More Tracks on Top Ride

Even if the tracks on Top Ride are just some nature elements on the mode, they could at least add special ones to appear some few diversity and amusement for the replayability from this mode. And also, the tracks of these ones are too short. They might need to expand the size of the track a little mode even though it's a pocket version of Air Ride but third-camera perspective.

City Trial Needs More Events and More Things

A mode of where you encounter some surprises in the City and when the time limit is over, a random mode will appear with the number of stats you've broke on with the boxes of abilities. Certainly, the sequel needs to have more fun action and diverse with the content. Like enemies on the way to the city, small traffic to deal you some damage when you ride, more items and a secret easter egg from the game to appeal the attention of the sequel. Don't you want anything like that?

Make the Game Quite Advanced to the Game Standards

Kirby Air Ride is by far the most simple game of all time. Sure, there might be some challenges and some other modes to make it a bit advanced, but the majority of this content is totally basic and simple. It needs to have some advanced aspects on the gameplay like the specifications on the modes, the advanced rules, the harder challenges, the Online Mode support and suspicious unlockables. That way, if this sequel is having the game quite advanced lately, the game would gain more success and more spotlight to the markets. The fans won't be disappointed if they see this.

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