Why Luigi Is Better Than Mario

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Why can't people except that Luigi is better then Mario? Luigi expresses emotion while mario is ridiculously happy all the time

2 Beats Mario In the 99 Live Battle
3 Can Do a Super Spin When He Backflips
4 He's a Lot Stronger Than Mario

Hell yeah! Mario failed compared to Luigi! Yoshi is still the best though.

Hell No! Mario is a lot stronger! - Adamshane1999

5 He's a Hero and Mario Is Not a Hero

Who gets the kids from Peach? Mario, or luigi? - Therandom

6 He's a Better Driver
7 He's Taller
8 He's Skinnier

Yes that makes him better

9 He's Smarter
10 Luigi Doesn't Eat and Kill Goombas

The reason why Mario does that is because Goombas are evil! - Piplup

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11 Luigi's Death Stare

This expresses his feelings.

12 He's Green
13 Luigi Is Innocent

So is Mario... - Piplup

14 Luigi's Girl Doesn't Get Kidnapped by Perverts
15 Luigi Doesn't Care About Himself

He not selfish. He cares about Mario, Daisy, Toads, Yoshis, Wario bros, link, Zelda, etc.

16 Luigi Is Cuter
17 Luigi's Haunted Mansion
18 Luigi Actually Cares for His Brother

Yeah. Does Mario though? NO!

19 Luigi Doesn't Whine and Cry When He Loses
20 Luigi Deserves Better Than Mario
21 His Classic Luigi design
22 If it wasn't for him, Waluigi wouldn't exist
23 He doesn't have a Napoleon Complex like Mario
24 He Can Win by Doing Absolutely Nothing
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