Why Mewtwo is the Best Pokémon

The Top Ten

1 He's the most well written.

His storyline is complex, thoughtful, and full of amazing qualities. - girlcool

2 He has the most personality.

This is the best thing about Mewtwo as he is an artificially programmed pokemon, and still has an interesting personality. - styLIShT

No offense to Pikachu, but what personality traits does Pikachu have? - girlcool

3 He's the coolest.

The coolest! - girlcool

4 He works as both a villain and a hero.
5 He has the best powers.
6 His voice is awesome.

I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Jay Geode was Mewtwo's voice actor. He did a incredible job. - girlcool

RIP Philip Bartlett (one of the best voice actors of all time.) - girlcool

7 He looks amazing.
8 He's the most sympathetic.
9 He's the most relatable.
10 He's the most interesting.

The Contenders

11 He's the most handsome.
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