Why Minecraft is Better Than Roblox

Over time Roblox has been so good but now the tables have turned.

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Minecraft cares about their players and Roblox cares about money

Well... I play both, but it's the players on Roblox that only care about money, not ROBLOX himself.

Yep! Unlike Minecraft, Roblox just takes the money and runs off. However, Minecraft uses some of their profit to make things like Minecon. That is how you know a game doesn't just care about the profits

Yeah, because Roblox can't do anything, whoever created Roblox is dumb, not for rich players though

Yeah as much as I love roblox, you cannot get it without buying tons of robux.

Free chat

Yes! But, When you use summoning command blocks, the chat breaks.

Ok so there are reasons why Roblox has a censoring issue but mine craft doesn't. Well the first thing of all roblox is for all ages but if your account is over 13 years old you have the option to turn off safe chat.
On the other hand minecraft is for 13 and above and that is why they don't have a censoring issues.

Yes. You can literally type anything, apart for your info or mature content. But Roblox is pretty dumb at this point because when you type in random letters, it's tagged even though there's no mature content in it whatsoever! Good thing is, I'm turning 13 next year.

Roblox blocked 85% of the English Language.

I need to see the evidence, the facts... I NEED TO SEE THE FACTS!

Minecraft opens a new world for creativity

Yeah, Roblox needs an extreme scripting knowledge while Minecraft just offers the simple, special scripting language which known for its name, "Commands". Minecraft is more proper in building because it uses "Voxels" and much easy than roblox.

Yup. Roblox only gives you games other people make and if you want to play or make your own, You NEED Roblox Studios

Well both games opens world for creatibity in Minecraft you can build what ever you want with the blocks provided. In Roblox you have Roblxo studios which is a place where you xan do anything you want even sripting and if you go on the roblox games tab you can see that a lot of people have created a lot of games that can be fun or either boring in roblox you havee game genre such as RPG simulation and fps but Minecraft you got mods.

In Minecraft, you don't even need the commands, they are optional.
In ROBLOX, it takes months to learn how to script a simple thing and you need to script good in order to get place views.

Better severs

Minecraft has way better servers including nethergames, hypixel, and the hive.

True. The only good game in roblox is bloxburg. In minecraft I love to play the hive

I can definitely agree on that! The servers in Minecraft overall offer a MUCH better experience than Roblox. Why? Because...

1: The horrendously cancerous Roblox community isn't in Minecraft! Thank god!
2: Minecraft servers run better and they are much more polished than Roblox servers.
3: Minecraft servers offer a more free experience than Roblox servers. As in Roblox, of course, YOU NEED ROBUX!
4: Minecraft has much bigger servers than Roblox and they offer more to do as well.
5: Minecraft servers are much easier to host than Roblox servers are.
6: Minecraft server admins actually keep out toxic players, unlike Roblox admins.
7: Minecraft servers look better in terms of effort.
8: Finally, Minecraft servers are getting more updates which can mean less issues, and more things to do.
That is why MC servers are better.

Wow thanks for making us (minecraft users) look good


Easy controls

The WASD and arrows keys is the same for both Minecraft and Roblox, but here is where you are wrong.
Roblox: All these games that have all these different controls you have to memorize.
Minecraft: The same controls are used throughout every server and you know what.

Both have easy controls

The controls in Minecraft is better, and will forever be better in all ways.

Minecraft has better controls no ifs, ands, or buts.

Better updates

In nearly 5 years, they have only added a few more blocks for creators and grass.

I can agree that Minecraft has better updates than Roblox because most of the updates on roblox are terrible but the game update that the people make are better.
Minecraft has yearly updates good I like the updates

I play both ga es I am not bias about any of my comments

Pixel gun 3d just got bees and I heard a nether update is coming Roblox nothing nada!

The updates on Roblox are just nonsense, Minecraft even has better updates

Yeah says you Roblox has MANY GAMES that update all the time you should be a little respect full Roblox is more online then Minecraft with over millions of games besides Minecraft only having a few online games - saaasy

Roblox is only available in English

I don't agree with this statement because developers on Roblox are thrying to fix this problem but game devlepors are way ahead of them

That's why I can't speak Dragon Language in Roblox... Oh

I once talked in arabic and it censored most of what I said.

Minecraft is a worldwide game, with so many languages.

Kids would feel more safe in Minecraft

Indeed. You have to either be at their house to play with them, or friend them. If you get hacked, you always have the Minecraft support page to say something.

As much is love Roblox, I think young kids would feel much safer playing Minecraft

Here are some reasons minecraft is safer than roblox: 1. there are no scam bots. 2. there are less online daters. 3. there are less bullies.

Yes, Minecraft you can meet players and they will not judge you
"Look at that stupid noob"
"Oh I am not wasting my time for just a couple 100 Robux"

They put more effort in the game

Nowadays, they just randomly press buttons to make an update.

Seriously, Minecraft has WAY too many updates nowadays.

Even though there is just blocks, there are more things to do. IN roblox, there are choices too but there isn't as many as there is in Minecraft. (Run and Jump and Studio)

"IN roblox, all you do is just run and jump" Stop bashing on Roblox. Roblox sucked and is trash but you don't just do that. There's such thing as Roblox Studio - 50

Minecraft putted more effort in the game with the updates.

Roblox got put more effort

More famous YouTubers play it

True, all the YouTubers like poke and Shane plays suck because they make dumb videos in roblox like ohhhh, I got all as in roblox high school, stuff like that

Minecraft is rated 9+ on the app store while Roblox is rated 12+ and it crashes a lot on an iPad Air!

The crashing is probably a hardware issue, meaning that you should get a better iPad.

Nana825763 played minecraft at first and not Roblox :(
Nor adventure time and steven universe!

Youtubers with millions of subscribers play Minecraft, but there are less in ROBLOX.

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In Minecraft, you pay and get anything you want.

Minecraft is just better with this, you pay some money and you get about everything the game has to offer.

Of course, in Minecraft, just pay the price and get access to unlimited everything. In Roblox, get in for free, spend all your money after.

No rule breakers

Actually, there are SOME, but ROBLOX has ALMOST ALL.

the ONLY good point

No online daters! If there is some, there are far less. Roblox now is made for ODers./

Both have

You don't have to spend that much money

Minecraft can be cheap depending on what you are playing Minecraft on, the mobile version is $7

Minecraft may cost, but Roblox on the other hand is out of hand. You have to pay for skins otherwise you get bullied on the internet. In minecraft you can even get your own skin!

I have to agree on this one.

On Roblox, if you want to buy something that is like 500,000 Robux, you have to spend 600. It is like 500 for only $2 in minecraft.

Local servers

You can simply just click less than 5 buttons in order to open a LAN server. And the people in your network actually can find your place! Not like ROBLOX's kids which just create the place game over and over.
Like, I litterally found 5 places that had the name "Party party party party party party party"

More consoles

Minecraft can be played on almost every single device/consul.

Yeah, u can only play roblox on mobile, xbox, and PC. But I have access to play minecraft on my switch, iPad, iPhone, and PC. And you can play minecraft on ps4 and xbox so beat that roblox

I agree that minecraft got a lot of consoles to play on than Roblox

Minecraft can be played on almost anything.

Minecraft is owned by famous companies.

Minecraft being owned by a famous company doesn't affect anything but the player count.

Just because of that, it doesn't mean it's better than Roblox.

That's true, but Microsoft is ruining Minecraft.

Microsoft is ruining Minecraft I agree

Minecraft has mods

That is also a stupid reason but since WorldPuncher didn't put it down I still trust him with the good reasons.

Minecraft has mobs unlike roblox

Roblox supports dead memes

Roblox is not the one that is upporting the memes the playerbase is

Supporting dead memes are a choice. Did you ever see roblox making a event about memes? And the oof, it's a death sound that was turned into a meme by the internet or the playerbase.

Stupid oof sound so stupid

The oofs gives me nightmares

You don't have freedom in Roblox

Minecraft freely build whatever you want
Roblox, in my opinion you can only do servers and they have rules

By freedom if you by place creating sure but nothing innapropiate because the playerbase is for all ages anx that means kids

Yeah there's like 5-death its like saying it matters tat Roblox has people and Minecraft has blocky people - saaasy

Yup. There are only so many things you can do in a game.

This is probally why roblox is the worst

They have special worldwide events every year like Minecon.

Guys, Minecraft is planning another huge wave of good updates that were discussed at Minecon 2018 in Boston.

Minecon Earth of 2017

Roblox has no events like this #robloxsucks

Minecraft might have griefers, but ROBLOX has player and account hackers.

Hacking in ROBLOX is far more common. There are hackers like almost everywhere.

Like they can do anything about it that's like saying that you can fix scams with a update that just blocks "not a scam" or websites - saaasy

Well, not fully true

The reason here is that ROBLOX has less Admins. In Minecraft, every server has an Admin and they don't become lazy like ROBLOX's worthless Admins.

Minecraft is a good game

"Minecraft is a good game"
I would have agreed but then Microsoft happened and the game killed itself.


So? That isn't a good reason.

Subjective reason.

Both are

You can create anything you want in Minecraft

All you do is go on Minecraft, create new server or go to one of your own and click
Then you can do anything you want to
Roblox servers of random trash
WW2 Map

More customizable options, but I have to admit there is bugs in the game too, while minecraft actually doesn't have to require a PC to build in creative!

Roblox Studio gives more customization options.


but there are BUILDING to SURVIVE games in roblox

and you can make anything you want on those but not too big or it won't work

Roblox bans for nothing.

If someone says something that isn't true about you in chat, you get banned.

SO true
i play roblox but this changed my opinion

Yeah, sometimes people just do that for fun, but It"s bad


Minecraft never banned pewdiepie

Pewdiepie does not play servers, in servers there are rules. But if you're alone or with a few friends you can do anything.

He did malfeasance he got ban for a reason they don't ban unless something happened that was really bad

Yea I hate roblox should be delated

Press f to pay respects

Pewds did nothing and got banned. F Roblox.

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