Why Minecraft is Better Than Roblox

Over time Roblox has been so good but now the tables have turned.

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1 Minecraft cares about their players and Roblox cares about money

This is so true

Minecraft cares about money but not as much as its players (Users).

The greedy fools at roblox can't stop dreaming about money. They lure young kids into the cancer they call roblox

Well both care to make money - iliekpiez

Yeah but Minecraft is adding tons up updates.
The upcoming 1.14 (Village and Pillage) is bringing lots of change. - WorldPuncher47592834

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2 Free chat

Yeah, the censorship on Roblox is broken - iliekpiez

Ya no hashtags #### like roblox

Roblox blocked 85% of the English Language. - WorldPuncher47592834

It's honestly pretty much all hastags. - ahmettrPro

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3 Minecraft opens a new world for creativity

True, Roblox is mostly just stale and you just play games, sure you can create your own worlds there too but not in the same way - darthvadern

You can build anything - EricPlaysGames

You can do that in both games, Minecraft players care about detail and efforts. Roblox players only care about views. - WorldPuncher47592834

Ok that's true - iliekpiez

In Minecraft, you don't even need the commands, they are optional.
In ROBLOX, it takes months to learn how to script a simple thing and you need to script good in order to get place views. - ahmettrPro

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4 Easy controls

The WASD and arrows keys is the same for both Minecraft and Roblox, but here is where you are wrong.
Roblox: All these games that have all these different controls you have to memorize.
Minecraft: The same controls are used throughout every server and you know what. - WorldPuncher47592834

Both have easy controls - darthvadern

Both have - iliekpiez

The controls in Minecraft is better, and will forever be better in all ways. - RandomThings

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5 Better severs

Local servers people, Local servers - WorldPuncher47592834

Wow thanks for making us (minecraft users) look good


I can definitely agree on that! The servers in Minecraft overall offer a MUCH better experience than Roblox. Why? Because...

1: The horrendously cancerous Roblox community isn't in Minecraft! Thank god!
2: Minecraft servers run better and they are much more polished than Roblox servers.
3: Minecraft servers offer a more free experience than Roblox servers. As in Roblox, of course, YOU NEED ROBUX!
4: Minecraft has much bigger servers than Roblox and they offer more to do as well.
5: Minecraft servers are much easier to host than Roblox servers are.
6: Minecraft server admins actually keep out toxic players, unlike Roblox admins.
7: Minecraft servers look better in terms of effort.
8: Finally, Minecraft servers are getting more updates which can mean less issues, and more things to do.
That is why MC servers are better.

Yep I agree - RylinB

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6 Better updates

The updates on Roblox are just nonsense, Minecraft even has better updates

The Village and Pillage update man. - WorldPuncher47592834

Minecraft has better updates because it has better stuff.

Hm - iliekpiez

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7 Roblox is only available in English

Minecraft even has Swedish - darthvadern

True - iliekpiez

Good I hate roblox

And so is TheTopTens etc. - 50

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8 They put more effort in the game

Nowadays, they just randomly press buttons to make an update.

Seriously, Minecraft has WAY too many updates nowadays.

Debatable in some cases - iliekpiez

Roblox got put more effort


you can roleplay on roblox to everyone who said you can only run and jump - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

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9 More famous YouTubers play it

I didn't put this down - WorldPuncher47592834

so what? - SnailPony

true - RylinB

Has nothing to do with the game - darthvadern

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10 Kids would feel more safe in Minecraft

Look, there are a lot of roblox internet trolls and roblox does nothing about it

I'm a kid and feel SO SAFE in minecraft.
i'm a kid and feel SO JUDGED in roblox

I care about the safety! - ArcticWolf

how - iliekpiez

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? Roblox is sometimes cheap

They were to cheap to put real music in the games

? You don't have freedom in Roblox

This is probally why roblox is the worst


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11 No rule breakers

Both have - iliekpiez

Actually, there are SOME, but ROBLOX has ALMOST ALL. - ahmettrPro

No online daters! If there is some, there are far less. Roblox now is made for ODers./ - WorldPuncher47592834

12 In Minecraft, you pay and get anything you want.

Of course, in Minecraft, just pay the price and get access to unlimited everything. In Roblox, get in for free, spend all your money after. - WorldPuncher47592834

13 You don't have to spend that much money

I have to agree on this one. - 50

You just buy the game and all things are yours. Create, build, destroy. You never get a punishement for breaking the rules in singleplayer. An INSTANT review attack from ROBLOX destroys your place the second you break the rules. Well, that happens if you are not an ODer, of course. ODers just create an inappropriate place and it takes almost a year for ROBLOX to find out. - ahmettrPro

On Roblox, if you want to buy something that is like 500,000 Robux, you have to spend 600. It is like 500 for only $2 in minecraft. - WorldPuncher47592834

14 Local servers

You can simply just click less than 5 buttons in order to open a LAN server. And the people in your network actually can find your place! Not like ROBLOX's kids which just create the place game over and over.
Like, I litterally found 5 places that had the name "Party party party party party party party" - ahmettrPro

15 More consoles

Roblox: Xbox one
Minecraft: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch - Wobblygaming7

Minecraft can be played on almost anything. - WorldPuncher47592834

16 Minecraft is owned by famous companies.

Has nothing to do with the game - darthvadern

That's true, but Microsoft is ruining Minecraft. - Gabo147

Just because of that, it doesn't mean it's better than Roblox. - 50

Microsoft. - WorldPuncher47592834

17 Minecraft is a good game

Guys, I did not put this reason down, someone else submitted this to the list and thetoptens doesn't let you remove items. - WorldPuncher47592834

Subjective reason. - MrCoolC

So? That isn't a good reason. - Userguy44

Both are - darthvadern

18 They have special worldwide events every year like Minecon.

Guys, Minecraft is planning another huge wave of good updates that were discussed at Minecon 2018 in Boston. - WorldPuncher47592834

Roblox has no events like this #robloxsucks

Minecon Earth of 2017 - WorldPuncher47592834

19 Minecraft has mods

I did not put this down. - WorldPuncher47592834

20 Minecraft might have griefers, but ROBLOX has player and account hackers.

The reason here is that ROBLOX has less Admins. In Minecraft, every server has an Admin and they don't become lazy like ROBLOX's worthless Admins. - ahmettrPro

Hacking in ROBLOX is far more common. There are hackers like almost everywhere. - WorldPuncher47592834

21 Roblox supports dead memes
22 Roblox has free Robux scams

I have seen people give private information to Roblox, and the get kicked from the game

Roblox is bad

23 It took Roblox about 9-10 years after release to become popular unlike Minecraft

I did not put this one down.
I know that this has nothing to do with the games. - WorldPuncher47592834

24 Roblox bans for nothing.

SO true
i play roblox but this changed my opinion

25 Skins are free

Skins doesn't matter, gameplay does - darthvadern

Roblox is what you can afford.
Minecraft, you can create a skin easily with no price to pay. And you can make it look like anything you want. - WorldPuncher47592834

It's easy to get them free! - ArcticWolf

How about the pack skins though? - starryrcad

26 Unlimited world size

Good luck trying to render them all without BSOD or Kernel Panic. - 50

27 Less lag

In Roblox there are endless glitches that sometimes happen completely random - darthvadern

Lag depends on the graphics quality. - WorldPuncher47592834

Dude, you’re comparing an (mostly) offline game to an online game! - MrCoolC

28 Minecraft never banned pewdiepie

Yea I hate roblox should be delated

Pewds did nothing and got banned. F Roblox.

29 Roblox is a cash grab
30 You don't have to script to create your games.

You can create games on minecraft?

31 The Minecraft admins are better

At least they don't ban innocents.
Cindering said this: He was going to start an intern at roblox and for no reason, he got a 14 day ban. - WorldPuncher47592834

32 Better community

No, both are god awful. - MrCoolC

Oh god! You won't believe how cancerous Roblox's community is! And guess what, admins do nothing about it! This is a huge problem! This ruins the game completely! The Roblox community is horrendous! It is full of ODers, scammers, hackers, bullies, annoying noobs, etc. Minecraft's community may not be what I call "Good" But, at least it's better than Roblox's community. And Minecraft server admins actually put their foots down and do something about those toxic players. While Roblox admins are lazy and all they care about is money. Overall, Minecraft's community is much better than Roblox's community. Dear god! Oh dear god I hate Roblox's community so much!

33 Minecraft was made for all age groups.

Minecraft is a lot safer for young kids- my younger brother swears all the time from the terrible filtering system in roblox 🙁, although to be fair, I can't imagine elderly people walking round with loads of robux or an epic mc build

34 You can create anything you want in Minecraft


but there are BUILDING to SURVIVE games in roblox

and you can make anything you want on those but not too big or it won't work - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

35 Reports don’t work in roblox

When you are reporting someone for lets say Online Dating, you will get the warning or a reminder or even a 3 day ban! - WorldPuncher47592834

It does, I got someone banned. - MrCoolC

The report was probably ignored. They ban by looking at chat logs. - WorldPuncher47592834

36 Minecraft allows you to travel to two other worlds allowing you to encounter other creatures and find materials you're trying to find to make something that requires those materials
37 Minecraft has no Overpriced Items
38 No chat block

What about roleplaying ahmetterPro? you'll need the chat for that - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

Well, everything you say is already hastags so why not just remove the chat? - ahmettrPro

In minecraft, you can say anything. - WorldPuncher47592834

39 You can also buy skins for an even cheaper price.

I could spend like a whopping thirty dollars on robux, and that would buy me, like what, one, outfit? - SnailPony

In Roblox, worthless items are billions or trillions of robux - WorldPuncher47592834

You don't need to buy any skins in Minecraft. And in ROBLOX, he is talking about the items that ROBLOX create. Not players! - ahmettrPro

40 You can create your own skins.

That is a cool thing about it! - ArcticWolf

"You can be anything you can afford! "
In Minecraft,
"You can be anything you want! And you won't have to pay." - ahmettrPro

You can make it anything you want. You don't have to use what others made. - WorldPuncher47592834

41 Programming languages

Its too complex - WorldPuncher47592834

Roblox uses Lua, you also have to learn how to script and everything must be perfect, also, it takes months to learn how.

Minecraft uses Java, plus only the creators used it to make the blocks and everything they add they script. You can also make your own blocks but you don't need to. Only they script stuff. You just build

42 Rabid Roblox fans

Rabid Roblox fans...rabid Roblox fans everywhere. If you say you don't like Roblox or like Minecraft and Fortnite better,there's a 100 percent chance you'll be bullied by rabid Roblox fans who call you names and say that your community is cancerous. 98 percent of these bullies are 6-12 year old playing around on the computer while their parents aren't supervising them. THe other 2 percent are 40 year old losers who live in apartments and troll all day while their roommates are out earning rent money.

Minecraft fans are about as bad. - MrCoolC

43 More kid-friendly
44 Paying for a private server

As both a Roblox and MC vet, the toxicity of the fanbase is hard, I am broke so I can't afford some 40 pounds/dollars for some private server!

45 In Roblox you basically have to pay for everything.

Gamepasses, Pay to play games, Builders Club, Robux, Overpriced Clothing - WorldPuncher47592834

46 Roblox has robux and makes you pay for things

Stupid right

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