Reasons Why PETA's YouTube Channel Should Be Removed


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1 They are animal rights extremists

Ya'll are idiots who clearly don't know what the animal industries do.

Thankfully, I added PETA's YouTube channel to my block list. - Vancedapurpleguy

2 They post disturbing videos

Do they HAVE to be disturbing? You want animals to have rights, that's cool & all, but why do you use nude women to get what you want? For something less disturbing, I recommend Bite Size Vegan. - RoseWeasley

Bacon in reverse was so violent, milk in reverse was too

How do they think CHILDREN can handle this crap?! - IcetailofWishClan

And for one they have SCARRED me for life.

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3 They think domestic meat eating animals should be vegan

Some animals like dogs and cats NEED to eat meat to survive. - Vancedapurpleguy

4 They are hypocrites

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid hypocrites for animals since 1980

5 They make themselves look like idiots
6 They kill almost all of the animals they save

They aren't saving them if they just kill them afterwards. - Vancedapurpleguy

7 Their subscribers are Democrats that believe PETA

PETA members should drink bleach filled with cyanide and eat dry ice. - SurcaneWolf

I'm a Democrat, but I hate PETA with a burning passion. - Vancedapurpleguy

Did somebody really have to go and bring up the fake Left/Right paradigm again? - RobertWisdom

8 They think conservatives are cruel

Eh, conservatives have their beliefs. PETA is an idiotic organization run by a mentally unstable woman. - SurcaneWolf

They hate conservatives? I didn't know that. - InfinateSuperstorm

9 They rant about how being vegan is better than eating meat

No wonder why so many vegans hate them.

Just look at their video 'But Bacon', it's a perfect example.

10 They overuse animals as heroes and humans as villains

Humans as villains? sounds like you - Murphypaw

Good humans exist too. Evil animals exist too. (Because of owners raising pit bulls to be aggressive) - BorisRule

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11 They support the killing of pit bulls

Even though a few pitbulls look scary,They are actually sweet and innocent. I hope they take revenge on PETA by getting every pitbull in the world to bite every single member. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

Oh PETA...

You messed up...

IceFoxPlayz Well said.

Who here likes pit bulls? If you like pit bulls, don’t ever listen to PETA. They support the killing of pit bulls because they’re bastards who deserve to drown in lava while being slaughtered in Hell. - IceFoxPlayz

12 Their president is the world's dumbest animal abuser

Her name should be Ingrid Nazijerk. - Vancedapurpleguy

13 They spread lies

As a tzar of meat, I am very pissed about their misinfos! - BorisRule

14 They think hunting is cruel and conservatives do it for fun

If they only do it for fun and attention or just for everybody to get impressed,Then it's cruel. But most of the time,The reasons they hunt is for survival and to be healthy,Besides,Most animals that are hunted are usually adults or older,So they lived a good life. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

But it is cruel

15 They make the good animal rights activists look bad

Donate to the ASPCA instead. PETA is just an extremist organization. - Vancedapurpleguy

16 They make all vegans look bad
17 They wanted to arrest a man who saved his 2 dogs from a kangaroo by punching it
18 They created the video 'But Bacon'
19 They make cringeworthy Games
20 They disrespected Steve Irwin on his birthday
21 An Asian subsidiary of theirs made a music video entitled "Put Some Tofu in It" to try and get everyone to go vegan/vegetarian
22 They make disturbing videos targeted for kids to make them support PETA
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