Why Rap Music is Awesome

Well a lot of people especially TopTenners like me, WonkeyDude98 and SwagFlicks like rap. Here's a list of reasons why Rap is awesome.

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1 It's creative

No its not its about butts, sex, and drugs, stupid. Real music is about unique things like a family experience, personal things, and more. - WilliW00sh

Don't forget genre bending into rap metal, rap rock, illbient, etc. - SwagFlicks

Other than the songs about sex Rap had got songs to dance to, diss tracks, songs about people, etc. yea - AlphaQ

2 The "worst" artist isn't a rapper

Justin Bieber isn't the worst but I said worst because people think he's the worst. - AlphaQ

Well, Lil Wayne doesn't count as a rapper I guess.

Silento is a rapper an awful one - christangrant

3 Not all rap songs are about sex or cash

Well like I said it's creative and can be a diss track, song about a person, motivational song or even a song just to dance to. - AlphaQ

Boy I worship you this list is awesome! - B0S5J4M3S

4 Some of the best songs are rap songs

Lose Yourself, Stan, Changes and much more are considered the best. Not to mention Straight Outta Compton. - AlphaQ

Nah not the best just the ones that appeal to people who don't know what real, raw music is. - WilliW00sh

And underrated - B0S5J4M3S

Haze of Interference, U, Stan, Lose Yourself, King Kunta... - DCfnaf

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5 You can curse if you want

It's better to use a curse word than to hurt a person anyway.

Finally! Someone who actually thinks cursing isn't so bad. Thanks dude. - AlphaQ

Anything song can curse - B0S5J4M3S

6 The "worst" song is not a rap song

I don't know if Jocelyn Flores counts as rap.

Fack, "cough, cough" - TheDarkOne_221b

Um Watch Me by Silento is the worst song of all time (To me) and it's a rap dance song so... I have to disagree with this one - christangrant

Baby is considered the worst and that's why I put worst in inverted commas.

Besides I can name 10 songs worse than Baby - AlphaQ

7 The beat of rap music is usually good

The beats of rap music are usually really good. They have cool beats and even some of the worse ones have good beats. Like Safe Sex Pay Checks. It's not a good song but the beats are awesome. - AlphaQ

Yeah a stupid beat someone made with a computer by pressing buttons, not learning a real instrument that takes talent. - WilliW00sh

Yeah - B0S5J4M3S

8 Anyone can rap

I don't mean every single person can rap. I know you need talent (I just added it) but I basically meant that you can be any race, any religion and age to rap. Do you understand what I mean now? - AlphaQ

What I meant was anyone race, religion and age can rap. - AlphaQ

About the only music genre you just need to be a nerd to do. - LemonComputer


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9 Dr Dre is better than Led Zeppelin

What does one has to do with other? - zxm

DR DRE without dre rap would not be as good - B0S5J4M3S

I enjoy Led Zeppelin a lot

MY voice is better than Dread Zipperlin - TheDarkOne_221b

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10 A lot of rappers are successful

Eminem, Jay Z and Kanye West are probably richer than Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Beyoncé - AlphaQ

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11 Rap usually doesn't offend anyone

Offense is not given, it is taken. - LemonComputer

Yeah if your white - WilliW00sh

It does! - B0S5J4M3S

I love rap but this one is kinda off considering the amount of rappers who call women bitches and hoes - Mcgillacuddy

12 You need skill and talent to rap

With other genres of music, you need to simply be lucky and have a good voice and looks. - LemonComputer

So anyone can rap, but you still need talent and skills? - Userguy44

13 Flourishes more underground than any other genre

Doomtree, Run The Jewels, MF DOOM, Aesop Rock, Death Grips, Open Mike Eagle, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Uncommon Nasa, and so much more are just acts from this decade that not many people on this site know about, but are awesome all the same. - WonkeyDude98

14 Rap is overhated

YESS! I love this list ♥‿♥ - B0S5J4M3S

15 It's divisible
16 Most rappers have excellent flow
17 Rap is usually fun to listen to
18 Rap fans are usually nice people
19 Some rappers have nice personalities
20 Not always about sex, bitches, money, drugs, butts or strip clubs

MGK and Logic are good rappers who don't rap about that crap.

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1. It's creative
2. You can curse if you want
3. The "worst" artist isn't a rapper
1. It's creative
2. Not all rap songs are about sex or cash
3. The "worst" song is not a rap song


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