Why "Best Reasons to Hate Pokemon" is a Bad List


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1 Saying it's overrated is not a bad thing

Popular is a better word in facr - Masterofal

2 It says the fans have no lives

If your being in a bandwagon about it then it's not fine but if you don't like Pokemon for some other reason I can't see, maybe but still I respect if your keeping it to yourself and not shoving it to others faces - Masterofal

3 Most of the reasons are opinion based

If it's your opinion you should not force people to agree like some people like the story and some don't and that's most of the list and trying to make others agree - Masterofal

4 Saying it's Stupid does not tell you any reason to hate

Staying it's stupid just offends the fans - Masterofal

5 It's Fun and changes

Every game is fun - Masterofal

6 It's repetitive

Just says the same things over and over again and keeps saying its boring and the games suck but in fact this list is too lol. - Masterofal

7 The list is offensive

Read number 2 - Masterofal

8 Cards and Anime were only created to keep the popularity of the games

If you hate the Pokemon due to the anime then you only should hate the anime, respected - Masterofal

9 It wants the fans to stop playing and get a life

We do but it makes you want to stop playing visit the page at your own risk of Pokemon being ruined - Masterofal

10 Most of it is based on the anime

It should be reasons to hate the pokemon anime instead - Masterofal

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