Why Rip-Offs are Terrible

The Top Ten Why Rip-Offs are Terrible

1 They try too hard to be cool, but fail

There are plenty of things we all know that fall into this category. - HiBye

Like Yuuki Yuuna Is A Hero (what a stupid name for a show), which is a shameless ripoff of Puella Magi Madoka Magica - TwilightKitsune

2 They made the original look bad.

I agree so much. Ripoffs suck big time.

3 They only exist to beat the original.

That's not a good reason to exist, in my opinion. - Patty_C

4 The characters on the rip-offs are terrible, pointless, and bland.

Yeah. MLP is a pathetic ripoff of Winx Club and anime. They even went extreme and ripped off of pokemon cards!

The Lion King and it's characters are ripoffs of other works. They're not original at all.

5 They are lazy.
6 They stole the aspects from the original.

Video Brinquedo in a nutshell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 They only exist for money and fame.

I'm not so sure about fame, but I do know they just want the money - SpectralOwl

Yep. Companies like VĂ­deo Brinquedo (who made abominations such as The Little Cars and Ratatoing) solely consist of people who prioritize money over quality.

8 They cause the fans of the original franchise get mad.
9 They are unoriginal.
10 They are uncreative.

The Contenders

11 They come from the original franchise that already exist.
12 They are cliched
13 They Are Stupid
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