Why Sasuke and Sakura is the Worst Canon Couple Ever

It’s a mystery why this couple became so popular. It’s toxic, stupid, and makes zero sense. I get Naruto is a Shonnen anime, but even vegeta & Bulma was a less damaging couple than Sasusaku (even though it made less sense).

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1 Sakura Shows Nothing but an Unhealthy Obsession/Crush on Sasuke Sakura Shows Nothing but an Unhealthy Obsession/Crush on Sasuke

At least with naruto and hinata we know they like each other because of their common struggles as kids and uplifting each other in dire circumstances.
The sad part is because sakura and sasuke were on same team unlike hinata there were more chances for her to see a reason to like sasuke but she just constantly chases him for no reason except for being a hot guy and randomly says she loves him. There was so much time to develop but it didn't. It was all just for plot sake just like her random ass powerups with no previous explanation during the war...which still made her so weak...

When sasuke was leaving Konaha in P1 Sakura literally said something along the lines of:
“You hate me don’t you? Please don’t leave me! I have family & friends, but I’ll be just as lonely as you if you leave! Stay with me, & I’ll make you happy! Or take me with you! Don’t go! I’ll scream! ” Like talk about stupid obsessed desperate fangirl! And he still left her, so yes Sakura he hates you. And Sakura supposably spent time with him, got to know the real sasuke, & ‘feel in love’ with him. If that is the case, why could she find nothing to say to even make sasuke consider staying with her? No. She was just a stupid fangirl all throughout naruto & naruto shippudden, except she got what she wanted in the end for no reason except most likely profit & baruto. I wish sasuke went to jail forever & Sakura ether got a f-ing brain & moved on from sasuke or just died.

Hinata has a reason why she feel for naruto (he’s a proud failure), naruto’s parents has a reason why they loved each other, jeria had a reason why he liked Tsunade,even f-ing Karen gave us a reason why she fell for sasuke. But Sakura’s only reason for liking sasuke only seems to steem from ‘hez so hawtt & misterus! 2! 2! 2! 1! 1! 1! 1’ - person5000

2 Sasuke Never Showed to Care for Sakura Beyond His Teammate Sasuke Never Showed to Care for Sakura Beyond His Teammate

There are some times where sasuke showed to care about her well being, but that isn’t proof enough that sasuke is in love with her! Sakura has shown concern over naruto too, but again that doesn’t prove she wants to marry naruto! And Sakura isn’t even the only one he’s shown concern over, ether. - person5000

3 It Hindered Sakura’s Character

Everything Sakura did was about sasuke. She had no motivations in P1 other than sasuke. And it made her seem like a huge pushover & a huge hindrance having her ‘love’ sasuke. She sets out to kill him TWICE, but both times couldn’t do it. Still loving him, even when he stabs, Chokes, & shoves his hand through her heart. I thought she became a strong smart woman in Shippuden 🙄 - person5000

4 They Both Attempted to Kill Each Other They Both Attempted to Kill Each Other

Sasuke maybe ‘darkeness influenced him’ or whatever. But Sakura gave up on sasuke & was set to kill him. & even if it was ‘darkness’ or whatever, it doesn’t make sense that Sakura would be so nonchalant about what sasuke did to them. - person5000

5 Sasuke Continuously Leaves Behind Sakura

Sakura bagged sasuke to take her with her and to not go in P1. Sasuke gave no fffs & knocked her out & left her @$$ on the bench in the middle of the night. So romantic 🙄

Then when they have a child he lies to her & forces her to take care of the child all by herself. Still don’t understand why she is still sticking with sasuke like glue at this point. - person5000

6 Sasuke Tells Sakura that She’s Annoying & Useless Sasuke Tells Sakura that She’s Annoying & Useless

In the original Japanese sasuke tells Sakura “you disgust me! ” which is worse lol.

Like Sakura told ‘sasuke’ that she didn’t like naruto because ‘he’s so annoying,’ sasuke told Sakura to her face that she’s annoying. This means he doesn’t like her personality (the most important thing, not looks people). Probably why he left her when he knocked her up, still found her annoying.

Plus there are plenty of times she also calls her useless. One in particular in P1 Sakura asked sasuke to train with her, & sasuke told her that she was weaker than naruto. It really hurt her, & yes people there is a thing called verbal abuse. - person5000

7 Sausuke Never Even Tried to Help Out with Their Child

Their child didn’t even knew what their dad looked like, & was depressed with that fact. - person5000

8 Sakura Attacked Their Child Because of Their Questioning Relationship Sakura Attacked Their Child Because of Their Questioning Relationship

She got that angry because she was insecure about her own marriage. It shows that they really have a broken family and need to divorce at least for their child's safety

To bad sasuke doesn’t know about this, because if he knew, he’d probably would’ve come straight back home & actually achive of killing her this time. - person5000

9 Sakura’s Shallow Reasoning of Destroying Her Friendship with Ino Cuz She Also Liked Sasuke Sakura’s Shallow Reasoning of Destroying Her Friendship with Ino Cuz She Also Liked Sasuke

This right here made me root for sasuino, just to spite Sakura even though sasuke never communicated with ino & ino was pretty much just as annoying with her crush on sasuke as Sakura was. - person5000

10 Any Other Sasuke or Sakura Paring Seems Healthier Any Other Sasuke or Sakura Paring Seems Healthier

Lee and Sakura actually makes more sense. Sakura can move on from shallow fangirl obsession to liking a guy not for his looks but a good person he is like Lee. She did also give him flowers showed major indication of some feelings and he tried to save her from enemies they treated each other with lots of respect.

Practically any other character would’ve made more sense & less harmful to end with sasuke & Sakura. - person5000

The Newcomers

? Sasuke cares about Naruto much more than Sakura
? Sasuke Tried to Kill Her 3 Times

It is so sad how Sasuke tried to kill her three times and Sakura dismisses it and continues to yearn for his affection. Honestly, him simply saying "I'm sorry" was enough for her to dismissed it. One of those said killing attempts literally had him talking about how he doesn't have any feelings for her and thus finds it ridiculous for Sakura to want him to suddenly love her back and change his ways for a romance that only exists in Sakura's dreams lmao. Sakura still finding good in this just shows how she is a brainless shonen female who's love interest ends up being her whole personality, goals, and thoughts. - luminiouse

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11 Sakura doesn’t know sasuke Sakura doesn’t know sasuke

She is extremely privileged girl who will never understand the struggles of living in a shinobi world so she makes fun of people with lesser means than her. She is just a horrible person who will never understand anything about sasuke's pain or his feelings and his actions. How can this couple work?

She is never able to convince him to stay with her, she didn’t know he was an orphan, NARUTO had to save sasuke from the darkness, she forgot he didn’t wear glasses ever, doesn’t understand sasuke doesn’t want to associate with the uchiha clan, & doesn’t understand how sasuke really feels about the forehead poke (like stupid sasusaku fans lol).

12 It gives a wrong view on what a healthy relationship is supposed to be

Don’t love a guy who calls you annoying & useless & refuses to kiss you & wont pay child support & never sees you or your child when he obviously can & has tried to kill you & when you have spent little time with him.

13 Naruto was required for it to happen Naruto was required for it to happen

Sakura never convicted sasuke of anything & always relied on naruto to help sasuke, & was never able to help him out herself. Only naruto understood sasuke & was the only one who had any guts to talk to him when he was doing bad things. Sakura never understood sasuke & only acted selfishly for her crush... oops I mean ‘her love’

14 Sasuke and Sakura are the Worst Parents Ever Sasuke and Sakura are the Worst Parents Ever

I mean common one leaves there daughter behind for 12 years or more and the other treats her daughter like crap.

15 They didn’t spend much time together besides required missions They didn’t spend much time together besides required missions


All the had was like a 2
& 1/2 min date. Really sasusaku fans like to brag how ‘realistic’ sasusaku is, if two people had a 2 1/2 min date they more than likely wouldn’t be married or even dating anymore.

16 Sakura acts like a fangirl instead of being herself around sasuke

Around other people, Sakura speaks her mind, doesn’t let others walk over her, is confident, isn’t a doormat, etc... However around sasuke she acts weak & stupid & lets sasuke do & say what he wants regardless of how she feels. Even KM says this. NO SAKURA! You are supposed to act like yourself & not have to be a different person around your S.O.!

17 Gives a bad name to anime shippings overall

Okay I hate shippings that absolutely don’t make sense especially this one not only is it forced but really toxic this gives people and writers the habit of shipping characters who are not meant to be

18 Sasuke deserved better

Sakura never understood his motivations. She only cared about how she feels. Its always Me me me. Sasuke just wanted to be left alone. He wanted peace. Not a forced marriage and unwanted kid who is an additional burden. He does not care about sakura. He only cares about itachi and his own family.

19 They have a broken marriage

Sasuke and sakura had no affection and the result is a marriage that is broken and sakura struggles as a single mother and their own daughter suffers

20 Sakura's confessions to Sasuke were always about herself

She never cared about his feelings or why she likes him. Its always "if you go I will suffer! " which is selfish and manipulative and forceful.

21 It is one-sided

Sasuke does not love sakura. If he was not her teammate they would not have even spent time as he does not want to hang out with her.

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