Why Sasuke and Sakura is the Worst Canon Couple Ever

It’s a mystery why this couple became so popular. It’s toxic, stupid, and makes zero sense. I get Naruto is a Shonnen anime, but even vegeta & Bulma was a less damaging couple than Sasusaku (even though it made less sense).

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1 Sasuke Never Showed to Care for Sakura Beyond His Teammate

There are some times where sasuke showed to care about her well being, but that isn’t proof enough that sasuke is in love with her! Sakura has shown concern over naruto too, but again that doesn’t prove she wants to marry naruto! And Sakura isn’t even the only one he’s shown concern over, ether. - person5000

2 Sakura Shows Nothing but an Unhealthy Obsession/Crush on Sasuke

Hinata has a reason why she feel for naruto (he’s a proud failure), naruto’s parents has a reason why they loved each other, jeria had a reason why he liked Tsunade,even f-ing Karen gave us a reason why she fell for sasuke. But Sakura’s only reason for liking sasuke only seems to steem from ‘hez so hawtt & misterus! 2! 2! 2! 1! 1! 1! 1’ - person5000

3 It Hindered Sakura’s Character

Everything Sakura did was about sasuke. She had no motivations in P1 other than sasuke. And it made her seem like a huge pushover & a huge hindrance having her ‘love’ sasuke. She sets out to kill him TWICE, but both times couldn’t do it. Still loving him, even when he stabs, Chokes, & shoves his hand through her heart. I thought she became a strong smart woman in Shippuden 🙄 - person5000

4 They Both Attempted to Kill Each Other

Sasuke maybe ‘darkeness influenced him’ or whatever. But Sakura gave up on sasuke & was set to kill him. & even if it was ‘darkness’ or whatever, it doesn’t make sense that Sakura would be so nonchalant about what sasuke did to them. - person5000

5 Sasuke Continuously Leaves Behind Sakura

Sakura bagged sasuke to take her with her and to not go in P1. Sasuke gave no fffs & knocked her out & left her @$$ on the bench in the middle of the night. So romantic 🙄

Then when they have a child he lies to her & forces her to take care of the child all by herself. Still don’t understand why she is still sticking with sasuke like glue at this point. - person5000

6 Sasuke Tells Sakura that She’s Annoying & Useless

Like Sakura told ‘sasuke’ that she didn’t like naruto because ‘he’s so annoying,’ sasuke told Sakura to her face that she’s annoying. This means he doesn’t like her personality (the most important thing, not looks people). Probably why he left her when he knocked her up, still found her annoying.

Plus there are plenty of times she also calls her useless. One in particular in P1 Sakura asked sasuke to train with her, & sasuke told her that she was weaker than naruto. It really hurt her, & yes people there is a thing called verbal abuse. - person5000

7 Sausuke Never Even Tried to Help Out with Their Child

Their child didn’t even knew what their dad looked like, & was depressed with that fact. - person5000

8 Sakura Attacked Their Child Because of Their Questioning Relationship

To bad sasuke doesn’t know about this, because if he knew, he’d probably would’ve come straight back home & actually achive of killing her this time. - person5000

9 Sakura’s Shallow Reasoning of Destroying Her Friendship with Ino Cuz She Also Liked Sasuke

This right here made me root for sasuino, just to spite Sakura even though sasuke never communicated with ino & ino was pretty much just as annoying with her crush on sasuke as Sakura was. - person5000

10 Any Other Sasuke or Sakura Paring Seems Healthier

Practically any other character would’ve made more sense & less harmful to end with sasuke & Sakura. - person5000

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11 Naruto was required for it to happen

Sakura never convicted sasuke of anything & always relied on naruto to help sasuke, & was never able to help him out herself. Only naruto understood sasuke & was the only one who had any guts to talk to him when he was doing bad things. Sakura never understood sasuke & only acted selfishly for her crush... oops I mean ‘her love’

12 Sasuke and Sakura are the Worst Parents Ever

I mean common one leaves there daughter behind for 12 years or more and the other treats her daughter like crap.

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1. Sasuke Never Showed to Care for Sakura Beyond His Teammate
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