Why School is Boring

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1 You learn useless things

The only thing that is completely useless is PE. - Hermione_Granger220

@Bos I'm very sorry of ranting your lists of saying that it's one of the most degrading lists ever by it's degrading name so please forgive me I respect opinions it's just that I don't respect distinctive and odd opinions so I'm fixing this by my own oral kind- Kevinsidis(Guilty)

I learn nothing in drama class, I hate everything else and I either learn nothing or things I don’t need to learn.

I do that 9/5 9 hours a day, 5 days a week AKA when I’m at school.

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2 You have next to no free time

In reading, I secretly go on TheTopTens...I mean read.

I WANNA BE FREE! - TheFourthWorld

True - Sugarcubecorner

True.You get 30 minutes of free time but when you have fun it feels shorter:(-TheCoolGuy1

3 You aren't allowed to use your phone

At my school, you're allowed to use your phones during break time.
By the way, most elementary schools don't allow phones because what they learn then is critical for later subjects. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I do that!
Ooh ooh, I’m a rebel just for kicks now.

4 They don't always put you in your friends' classes

I miss my friends from 5th grade, they were my second favorite people.

5 Teachers sound like robots

I am miss smith turn to page four ty two in your text book

6 You can't do anything because you will get in trouble

Whatever I want to do I am not allowed to. School is literally the worst thing that ever happened.

7 You have to wait long to leave school

Very boring. Glad I have some good friends on school - Userguy44

I think school is boaring because my school is 6 hours long I just want to move school so badly but 23% of the holl intire school Is my friend I can barly think because school is also very boaring because my school does nothing but math no recces there's nothing but math just math all 6 hours long

Yeah, that sucks. - TheFourthWorld

8 You can't talk in classes
9 You think of all the things you can do outside of school

Or you can think about the feeling that you hide, maybe sit in silence waiting for a sign, you know?

10 You can't go on TheTopTens

I do. I mean don’t.

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11 Nothing Fun
12 Immature people
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