Why TV Shows are Better Than Movies

The Top Ten

1 More plot

A lot of T.V. shows don't actually have a plot.

2 Better acting

I don't thing actors in British Soaps are ever likely to be winning Oscars anytime soon. They all practically end up on Strictly. - jezza0

3 Better character development

There isn't any character development - jezza0

4 Not too advertised

Ant & Dec are advertised all the time. - jezza0

5 It's not rushed

Say that about The X-Factor or TOWIE - jezza0

6 Less mary sues and gary stus

What's a Mary Sue or Gary Stu? - jezza0

7 There's more to it

As far as I can see in the case of X-Factor, Simon Cowell attempts to add surprise twists to existing formats. Is that what you meant? - jezza0

8 More suspense

No suspence, just Simon Cowell hyping up his ITV talent shows. - jezza0

9 Tv shows makes more sense

Actually a lot of T.V. shows don't make sense at all. Example; for a talent show named Britain's Got Talent, there sure are a lot of foreigners on the show. - jezza0

10 Less cliches

You've seen one talent show featuring sob stories, you've pretty much seen them all. - jezza0

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