Why Uncle Grandpa Isn't a Bad Show

Uncle Grandpa has gotten a ton of unreasonable hate which I don't understand. So here is why you shouldn't be on the bandwagon.

The Top Ten

1 The show is original

It has mainly nonsensical humor that has 0% logic and a uncle and grandpa helping children. very original cartoon - ilovelife

2 The show keeps improving

While season 1 wasn't any good, season 2 improved greatly same with season 3. - ilovelife

3 Some of the stories are creative

Some are like a moon that lets off moon rays and turns garmets into werewolfs or shadows being stolen and you losing your body parts. - ilovelife

4 There is very little toilet humor

Its mainly used in season 1 but after that there is very little. instead it focuses on timing to make a little joke funny. - ilovelife

5 The animation is good

Its colorful, vibrant and the animators were clearly having fun - ilovelife

6 It has good messages

I like that

Not something I like the series for but others like that - ilovelife

7 It has likeable characters

Uncle grandpa is the dimwitted but good hearted man, pizza steve is the show off while not too ahead of himself and mr gus which is the strong and boring type. these characters definitely work together well. - ilovelife

8 It doesn't air continuously

Not like teen titans go - ilovelife

9 It has touching moments

Main example is one of the christmas episodes where uncle grandpa sees what his friends would be without him and they'd all be losers. - ilovelife

10 It's easy to pick up and watch

This isn't a continuity series so there's no need to stress if you missed an episode. - ilovelife

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