Why You Shouldn't Be a Supermodel / Model

Sorry to burst anyones dream of modeling or offend any models here, but I have to say that modeling is actually one of the worst jobs on the planet. Even though modeling might sound like a glamorous job where you can get rich, famous, and attract every man in the world, it's not like that at all. In fact, it's actually far worse than that, and for many reasons. Ranging from society's stereotypes to actual proven facts, here are the ten reasons why you shouldn't become a supermodel or model.

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1 It's All Just an Illusion

Just about every modeling photo taken is fake, thanks to photoshopping. Those aren't really the models true features, it's either the lighting, position, makeup, or photoshopping. So you can pretty much say that it's false beauty. - Thelistmaker

2 It Causes Eating Disorders and Death

Do you know how many girls (and even men) develop eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, or commit suicide because they feel inadequate beauty wise compared to models? It's a lot. According to National Eating Disorder Statistics, about 50% of women use unhealthy methods to attain the body of a model. What's even scarier is that 13 out of 100,00 women commit suicide annually because of body image. So if you become a model, then your basically contributing to this epidemic. - Thelistmaker

3 It Causes Self Esteem Issues

Being a model isn't easy, when it comes to self esteem. It can either lower your confidence through the harsh criticism or turn you into a cocky jerk who thinks their the most beautiful girl (or boy) in the world. - Thelistmaker

4 Models are Objectified

Not trying to be sexist (sorry) but it's true, most men who watch porn or glamor modeling are objectifying women in a way because they are just seen as objects. All models are basically seen as eye candy or just glorified dolls and nothing else (except meat statues, of course). - Thelistmaker

5 Models Have an Unfairly Bad Reputation

Sadly, models are usually stereotyped as bratty, stuck up, and snotty divas who think their the most beautiful. That's not true, since they can actually be the nicest, most humble people you've ever met. Whatever you do, never judge a book by it's cover until you've read the book. - Thelistmaker

This list is right on the spot, I also think that Models can become incredibly judge mental. - RogerWatersfan1999

That's very true, they are practically unintentionally trained to judge other models by appearance and how they carry themselves. It's sad. - Thelistmaker

6 You are Constantly Judged and Criticized

In order to be a model, you have to meet the abnormally high (and harsh) expectations the modeling agency gives you. Also for every physical flaw, you are judged for, or they photoshop your appearance (which can create a feeling of imperfection). - Thelistmaker

7 It's Unhealthy Physically

That quote Naomi Campbell has said about how she got very skinny is but not dieting, not even exercising, smokes a lot and drinks every no and then. That is the most saddest quote I've ever heard (though people have their own choice and I don't judge them). What kind of example is she (Naomi Campbell) setting towards all females? It's a horrible example, especially of any females who wants to lose weight. They would copy Naomi Campbell's idea from her immature quote. But in reality, smoking and alcohol can both make you gain weight! Not getting enough exercise and gaining proper nutrients in your body (by healthy eating off course) is SUPER UNHEALTHY! SMOKING LOTS OF CIGARS, DRINKING ALCOHOL EVERY NOW AND THEN, BARELY EATING HEALTHY AND NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A HEALTHY PERSON! NOR YOUR LIFESTYLE IS HEALTHY! Naomi Campbell isn't the only one because other models drink alcohol and smoke.

You are so right. I honestly don't know why people would do that to themselves (or follow her example). Did you know that smoking & drinking actually ages you? - Thelistmaker

Did you know the average model is 5'10 and only weighs 110lbs-120lbs. That's extremely thin and unhealthy for a women. That's on the verge of being dubbed anorexic. The average woman is 5'4 and weighs usually around 124lbs. - Thelistmaker

8 Models Aren't as Rich as You Think

The average model makes an average of $42,180 a year. It isn't bad for income, but it shows that modeling won't make you hundreds of thousands (or millions either). - Thelistmaker

I agree. There are other better jobs with higher salaries to achieve on than modeling.

9 It's Too Much Stress and Pressure

This is why I don't like Naomi Campbell. She has an attitude problem, makes fun of others, hires ugly and stupid girls to become a model and she (and the rest of the models) doesn't have any respectful sympathy for the dead. First they want to become an objectifying models, then they want to try acting, singing, dancing, etc when they should stick to modeling and that's it. THEY'RE JUST A PRETTY FACE WITH NO TALENT WHATSOEVER! These models are very SELFISH and only think of themselves. Good luck for models finding another job because modeling is the only thing that they're good at.

I agree. Or at least they haven't found their right potential yet. - Thelistmaker

Models have to go through so much when it comes for finding an accepting agency, paperwork, and long days of hard work with posing while only being payed very little. They also go through much perfecting their bodies to just be accepted by an agency. Not to mention that models have a very restricted diet and exercise plan. - Thelistmaker

10 It's Just Not Worth It Overall

Why work a stressful job for only little money when you can be going big with what you love. - Thelistmaker

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