Best Wide Receiving Trios Coming Into the 2019 Season

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1 Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, & Calvin Ridley (Falcons)

What makes the best duo is that with a rising talent in Calvin Ridley, and Mohamed Sanu being like a Julian Edelman type receiver, and Julio is just amazing. Atlanta clearly has the best starting Wide receiver trio in football, and some come close, but this one is still gold standard and Matty ice does well with these hitting on all cylinders. - htoutlaws2012

Yes sir Matty Ice has got some weapons. - 2storm

2 Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, & Cooper Kupp (Rams)

A team that could Rival Falcons’s great Trio is the Rams’s core starting trio is very good. In fact two of them (Woods and Cooks) remind of that old world’s Greatest Turf team decades ago now. With an emerging Cooper Kupp coughing up home runs touchdowns you could see that hurt the Rams towards the end of the stretch when he was out the remainder of that season. - htoutlaws2012

3 Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, & Antonio Callaway - (Browns)

Cleveland got some studs all around the offense, and the fact they got both Beckham and Landry on the same team oh this is gonna be fantasy heaven written all over it. Antonio Callaway also had proven to be a flashy emergence as well when given the opportunity. They also got some decent backup depth guys in Rashard Higgins is solid in the system. - htoutlaws2012

This is a legit cast of weapons Baker has surrounding him - Randomator

Yeah this is a unit. - 2storm

4 Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson, & Nelson Agholor (Eagles)

This is a pretty formidable trio even if they could not pay Golden Tate thus a casualty. I find it very interesting DeSean Jackson after all these years returns back to where it all started. Their is a skill to this trio, and some quality depth as well. Look out when the Eagles sore on offense they can roll all over any opposing defense on their best day. - htoutlaws2012

5 Michael Thomas, Tre'Quan Smith, & Ted Ginn Jr. - (Saints)

I love the Saints receiving core and not because I'm a Saints Fan. Well maybe, but this trio is lethal. - 2storm

You got a solid trio here (not quite as good as the one a decade ago). Drew Brees usually finds different ways utilizing ways how to get to the endzone something that not many QBs have been able to do like he does. Thomas is a beast, Tre’Quan is looking for a breakout season, and Ted Ginn can also be a deadly threat down on the field with speed. - htoutlaws2012

6 Allen Robinson II, Anthony Miller, & Taylor Gabriel - (Bears)

Bears have some talent at Wide Receiver it Mitchell can go above and beyond the first two seasons combined your for an unexpected MVP possibility. I say that seeing what he has in the passing game that offense is gonna depend on what he does this season. Knowing the defense does kinda concern me the offense must take that big leap that they didn’t entirely do last year especially with Robinson needs to bounce back. Anthony Miller is a sneaky good #2 when healthy, and Taylor Gabriel is one of the fastest receivers in the league who can also be lethal and he has shown that flash with this team, and we have seen that when he was a Falcon and a Brown lookout for this trio. - htoutlaws2012

7 Julian Edelman, Demaryius Thomas, N'Keal Harry - (Patriots)

You may have to fear the older guys fallen off. - 2storm

Okay I like this receiving core WAY more than last years by far. Your gonna have Julian Edleman coming off his MVP super bowl performance. A long time, but good veteran in Demarius Thomas not sticking around with Houston but goes to Belichick’s lair interesting. They pick up rookie N’Keal Harry outta Arizona State and that right there could be a sleeper to watch out for the size, and who is throwing to him N’Keal could a guy nobody would think could be huge right outta the gate. - htoutlaws2012

8 Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, & J.J. Nelson - (Raiders)

Oakland’s got quite the hefty looking trio there. AB while now aged significantly to this point post Steelers can he be big or be like Randy Moss one and done and off to another team? I like that they got Tyrell Wiliams he's a guy you could go for the home run like touchdowns and that could pay off for Derek Carr. - htoutlaws2012

9 Corey Davis, A.J. Brown, & Adam Humphries - (Titans)

This trio has potential problem is the quarterback gonna utilizing this young group correctly? Corey Davis made improvement in year two can he continue that as their #1 wide out? A.J. Brown they stole in the second round could be a very good second Wide Receiver opposite to Davis or even the free Agent free Acquisition of Adam Humpries could be huge as well. Talent is their is the offensive coordinator better than the last guy will be the question or is the problem on the major regression of Mariota remains to be seen. - htoutlaws2012

10 John Brown, Zay Jones, & Cole Beasley - (Bills)

Very intriguing one to start off seeing these guys are not household names, but have the skill set of the NFL Caliber. John Brown was a very good receiver for Baltimore last season didn’t chose to resign with the team. Zay Jones is apparently the second on the depth chart oddly enough, and would that mean his their opposite to Brown or are they going to move to slot which is were he could thrive best in this offense of the passing game. Beasley was a sneaky good receiver for the Cowboys for awhile now taking his talents to Buffalo now his time to shine with this crop he has playing together can they help improve the passer of Josh Allen? - htoutlaws2012

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