Top Ten Best Wii Party Minigames

The Top Ten
1 Hide-and-Peek
2 Barrel Daredevil
3 Zombie Tag

YES! I love this game! It fills you with excitement and anticipation, because you never know when you'll be caught in a corner. It's one of those games where it's just as fun to lose as it is to win!

4 Roll to the Goal
5 Popgun Posse
6 Back Attack
7 Rope Sling
8 Tropical Punch
9 Splash Bash
10 Delivery Duel
The Contenders
11 Flap Hurdles

I really love this minigame! For the goal, we have to jump over logs, barrels, and a group of logs, in the end, there will be three large logs, sometimes, you have to keep shaking the remote to avoid some logs! It is so fun to play!

12 Crash Balls

Yeah, like bumper balls from Mario Party. you try to push the other com to pits to win the game, it is so fun to play. There is one flaw to this minigame, to control your character in this minigame, you need to only use motion garbage controls!

13 Cry Babies

Guys before you start saying"wHaT? tHiS tHe WoRsT mInIgAmE"
This game is not that annoying,you also were cry babies in the past,and it's kind of fun,THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT SOME BABIES ARE TERRYFYING,but well I consider this one a good minigame

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