Most Wanted Wii 2 Features

The rumors are officially starting. It looks like the Wii 2 (or Project Cafe, or Stream, or whatever they end up calling it) is in the works and possible specifications are making their way into the news.

The original Wii was a major innovation the completely changed they way people think about gaming and all but forced Microsoft and Sony to step up their game. But as with all consoles, it started showing its age and set the stage for a next generation.

So, now that we are in the "wouldn't it be cool if" stage of speculation, let's decide what features we'd like to see most. Here is a list of things we want in the Wii 2.
The Top Ten
1 Full 1080p HD

It's about time the Wii took advantage of the capabilities of today's TVs

2 DVD / Blu-ray Player
3 Improved Graphics

Graphics aren't everything and the Nintendo has proven that by creating extremely fun and successful games for the Wii, but it does limit what you can do in some genres. FPS games gain so much in terms of playability and immersion when the scenery is convincing. In order for Nintendo to compete for the Call of Duty fanbase, they'll need a better looking product.

4 Built in Wi-Fi
5 Swappable Hard Drive
6 Kinect-like Video Sensor
7 Dual Video Outputs

It's something that console makers have teased us with for years, but it never becomes a reality. How awesome would it be to race, fight, or otherwise play head to head with someone and not have to share the same screen?

8 USB Connections

On the Xbox 360 you can save game data to a standard USB flash device and take it with you which is much better than buying proprietary memory sticks or hauling around your entire hard drive.

9 Gamecube Backwards Compatiability

I don't like any of the items already on the list, I don't even understand some of them. Now this, is a good idea! Wi-fi was invented to keep people from playing video games together in one room, graphics should never be a factor in whether or not games are worth the money, you can watch DVDs on a DVD player, and the kinect has down right been a stupid idea from the second someone at Microsoft thought of it!

10 The Ability to Redeem a Club Nintendo Rewards Code On Your 3DS Then Transfer the Game to Your Wii 2 or Vice Versa

I would like it better if they did it now for the Wii 1 and the 3DS, but I guess it would still be cool on either one. I hope they decide to do this so then no one will have to deal with putting the internet on it.

Wouldn't it be awesome to get to redeem Club Nintendo Rewards codes for your 3DS or your Wii 2 and only have to get the internet working on one of them?

The Contenders
11 An Application That Predicts Your Future
12 The Ability to use Super Old Controllers

Wouldn't it be cool if you could use NES, SNES, or N64 controllers on new games?

13 Controllers for Each Genre
14 Backwards Compatibility With Nes, Game Boy, Snes, Virtual Boy, N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, DS, Wii, 3ds, Wii U, and a Few Third-party Consoles.
15 Virtual Reality
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