Top Ten Best Wild Tales Shorts

Wild Tales is a 2014 Argentine-Spanish black comedy film written and directed by Damián Szifron and starring an ensemble cast.

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1 Bombita (Little Bomb)

Simón Fischer, a demolitions expert, picks up a cake for his daughter's birthday party and discovers his car has been towed away. He goes to the towed-car lot and argues, insisting there were no yellow lines, but to no avail. He pays the towing fee and misses his daughter's party. - Yona_db

2 El MÁs Fuerte (The Strongest)

Diego is driving through the desert and tries to overtake a slower, older car, but the other car blocks him. As he finally passes, Diego insults the other driver, Mario. Further up the road, Diego gets a flat tire and Mario catches up. And that's not all. Then comes the best part - Yona_db

3 Hasta Que la Muerte Nos Separe (Until Death Do Us Part)

At a wedding party, the bride, Romina, discovers that her groom, Ariel, has cheated on her with one of the guests - Yona_db

4 Las Ratas (The Rats)

A loan shark stops at a small restaurant by a highway. The waitress recognizes him as a man who ruined her family. The Cook, on hearing that, try to mix rat poison in the man's food. - Yona_db

5 Pasternak

I do not want to tell you about this short. It would be a big spoiler. - Yona_db

6 La Propuesta (The Proposal)

A teenager arrives home after having hit-and-run a pregnant woman in his father's car. The woman and unborn baby are reported dead on the local news and her husband swears vengeance. - Yona_db

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1. Bombita (Little Bomb)
2. El MÁs Fuerte (The Strongest)
3. Hasta Que la Muerte Nos Separe (Until Death Do Us Part)



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