Top 10 William Shakespeare Facts

The Top Ten William Shakespeare Facts

1 Shakespeare wrote plays for 25 years, creating 37~38 plays.
2 Shakespeare's brother-in-law died 1 week before Shakespeare died.
3 There is no news of Shakespeare between 1585 and 1592
4 He couldn't spell his own name

I'm finding this extremely hard to believe. - Britgirl

During the time he was alive, in the 1500's, it was actually okay to have spelling mistakes, the idea of standard spelling doesn't exist. In fact, he spelt his name in many different ways, an example is shown in Elise Boach's Novel "Shakespeare's Secret" which states "Shakespeare couldn't even spell his own name", this though, does not make him stupid or dyslexic.
- Page 5, 4th Paragraph

Shuter, Paul. Wlliam Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

5 His work has been translated into 80 different languages

Shakespeare is still very much known of his plays and written work, and so his work was translated into 80 different languages! that included Chinese, Italian, Armenian, Bengali, Tagalog, Uzbek, Krio and many more.

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6 He bought 127 acres of land worth around $1.5 million today

We know Shakespeare had lived in London in 1597, but we also know that in May 1st, 1602 Shakespeare bough 127 acres or 51 hectares of land + rights on common land for 320 Pounds or $490! In the english midlands in 2013, farmable land were sold for 7500 Pounds or $11500 an acre! But with todays prices, Shakespeare's land would cost more then 1Million Pounds or $1.5Million. He was not a farmer though, one thought was that he rented out the land to get income and that is how gentleman was expected to live back in the day.
-Page 47, Paragraph 5

Shuter, Paul. William Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

7 He got Anne Hathaway (wife) pregnant before marriage

He wanted to get married in November 1582, but at the time he was too young, he was only to decide for himself at the age of 21. Evidence already proven that Shakespeare married a young woman named Anne Hathaway, their fathers even knew each other. She was more independent than most women at the time due to the deaths of both mother and father whom died in 1581, she would then inherit the money once she is married. Though she was older than William, she was 3 months pregnant. Soon enough the pregnancy explains the need to get married quickly which was held Temple Grafton, a village 8 km west of Stratford where it may have been the location of the church they were to marry in.
- Page 15, Paragraph "Which Anne"

Shuter, Paul. William Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

8 He was missing for 7 years, no one knew how or where

In 1585 Shakespeare was 21, the year which the twins were baptized in Stratford; but the next time we knew anything about him was that he was a playwright in London in 1592. Where did the past 7 years go? no one actually knew, where he was, what he was doing, he was just missing. There aren't any evidence that linked Shakespeare with specific occupation at the time.
-Page 18, 1st Paragraph

Shuter, Paul. William Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

9 He only bathed once a year

Hygiene wasn't the strongest in Shakespeare's childhood, young William only gets a bath once a year during may and it was pretty a much a big occasion for them. The water had to be fetched by his mother, whom spent hours boiling it, she will then fill in a barrel or any big tub they had. Father bathe first, then any other man in the house, women and finally the children. But by the time it got to the babies turn, the water was already thick, black and filled with dirt.
- Last Paragraph

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10 His Globe theater burnt down by a fire from a cannon

In 1613, during one of Shakespeare's Play had very amusing special effects, they had ghosts, witches, loud bangs, flames, smoke, drums but most importantly, real life cannons. In fact, the cannon was what set fire to the straw on the roof which was causes it to burn down. That was the end of the Globe, fortunately, a replica was made in London, opened in 1997.

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11 His scenery from London Bridge was headless bodies from executions

Shakespeare had lived in London, and so he would've crossed the London Bridge many times. As he does he would see impaled heads of executed traitors which was a very common sight to see, reminding to be very careful about involving in politics. Yikes!

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12 He didn't trust Thomas, husband of her daughter Judith

Back in the day and even until now, people usually made their wills when they felt as though they were close to their deaths. William Shakespeare made his draft of his will in January 1616 just a few months before his life ended. But the will was changed in March; he crossed out "Son in L" in a sentence, referring that he did not trust the husband (Thomas) of his daughter named Judith.
- Page 66

Shuter, Paul. William Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

13 He was the third of eight children
14 He died on April 23rd, 1616

Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616 in Stratford and was buried inside the church two days later, a week before his sister Joan's husband died. We don't know quite sure of how he died, but some historians thought that the cause was an outbreak of the disease called typhus in town.
- Page 68, "Shakespeare's Monuments"

Shuter, Paul. William Shakespeare A Man For All Times. Heinemann Library, 2014. - saya2020

15 He was born on April 23, 1564
16 He was from Stratford England
17 When he was 18 he married a woman who was 28
18 He had 3 children
19 His son died at the age of 11
20 He died at the age of 52
21 He was buried 3 days after his death
22 He never went beyond grammar school in his early years
23 Shakespeare died at his traditionally known birthday
24 Shakespeare started writing sonnets at 29 years old.
25 After Shakespeare died, his burial took place at the church in his birth town (Holy Trinity Church)
26 Shakespeare was once attacked by Robert Greene the Playwright.
27 Shakespeare bought the second-largest house in Stratford in 1597
28 Shakespeare married with Anne Hathaway in the age of 18, and Anne Hathaway was 8 years older than him
29 Queen Elizabeth I and King James I both liked Shakespeare plays
30 "Shakespeare" might not be the correct spelling for his name
31 It is estimated that Shakespeare invented over 1700 words commonly used nowadays.
32 Shakespeare’s work has been translated into 80 different languages.
33 Shakespeare’s cousin, William Arden, was arrested and executed for plotting against Queen Elizabeth I.
34 After Shakespeare’s death, he left his whole property to his daughter, and only a bed for his wife.
35 The longest word Shakespeare invented is honorificabilitudinitatibus.
36 The play “Romeo and Juliet” was originally titled “The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”
37 Shakespeare is quoted more than any other writer in the English language, not including the bible.
38 The time in which Shakespeare lived, women were not allowed to act on stage, therefore all the female roles in his plays were played by men.
39 Shakespeare put a curse on his tombstone for anyone who would move his body after he died.
40 William Shakespeare had over 2000 idioms under his name.
41 Shakespeare has 7 different signatures and we are unaware of which one is the correct.
42 Shakespeare invented about 3000 words in English (credited by Oxford).
43 In his whole lifetime, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays.
44 Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets (poems).
45 Shakespeare had 7 other siblings.
46 It is said that Shakespeare died the same day he was born on.
47 Many of Shakespeare's plays have been lost.
48 Some people thought that Shakespeare was a fraud and that his plays were actually written by someone else.
49 Shakespeare had three children Susannah, born in 1583; Hamnet and Judith (twins), born in 1585.
50 The first Shakespeare play that had been published is Henry VI, Part Two, which appeared in 1594.
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