Top 10 Best Windows Applications

Since the release of Windows in 1985, there have been lots of applications developed for Windows. These can include applications by Microsoft themselves or applications by third-party developers. Some types of applications can include games, word processing, database programs etc.

The Top Ten

1 Microsoft Word

I love to write in my spare time and this is the program I always use to get it done. It may not be the greatest writing software, but at the end of the day I have no complaints. It has everything I need and it's childishly simple, what more could you ask for?

2 Microsoft Paint

A very good application for captures and modifications then save the fine images without having to Photoshop or anything fancy just for brunt work. - iliescu

3 Notepad++

Great for summary about events be it fact or fiction in nature this program is great for free type. - iliescu

4 Qbasic
5 Microsoft Powerpoint
6 Wordpad
7 Internet Explorer
8 Microsoft Works
9 Explorer
10 Command Prompt

Just like Notepad this is in my top 3 as it is extremely useful AND fun. There is plenty of utilities and considering MS-DOS there is edit which is a text version of Notepad. There is also some games people have made like Minebatch (A 2D MC clone made entirely in batch.) - yellowwinner

The Contenders

11 Notepad

Probably my #1 Pre-Installed application as this is extremely useful. I only use another program if I have to. This is because Notepad is useful as you can write code for most languages, edit properties for programs and games, and do extremely fun things in batch. (.bat files) - yellowwinner

This little application serves many purpose, right from keeping simple notes to editing codes (HTML, C#) to writing virus ;)... That's the reason its around from the begining...

12 Windows Media Player

I can't lie many of you have you just don't want to show

This is basically my favorite media player of all time. It's so simple a 3 year old will figure it out, and then they can watch all of their videos, music, recorded T.V. , and more. - TheRobertsFamily3

13 Microsoft Excel
14 Minesweeper
15 Minecraft

Minecraft wasn't made specifically for Windows, but however, it's still a really fun game that will last you years. - TheRobertsFamily3

16 Windows Movie Maker
17 Microsoft Publisher
18 Secret Paths to Your Dreams
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