Top 10 Wings of Fire Jade Mountain Academy Students


The Top Ten

1 Turtle Turtle

Turtle is super cool! I loved from the start! He should be number 2 behind Kinkajou! - superchubbell

''Tip top explosion I caused today''))

Good thing Moon wasn’t higher than Turtle. Moon was HORRIBLE and Turtle deserves all of Moon’s fans or attention Moon sucks

2 Kinkajou Kinkajou
3 Moonwatcher

Moon should be number 1, I love her so much. - DragonFire1o

I loooveee her

She is cute

So true... I love her... she’s tied with Winter for my favorite hero

4 Qibli Qibli

Why isn't qibli first? He deserves it.

Qiblis hilarious and sarcastic always coming up with jokes and puns and was always loyal to thorn he is meant for moon and will do anything to get her to love him he is heroic and brave and trys to fullfill the jade mountain prophecy no matter what it takes.

Qibil is sooo smart,he should be number one!

5 Anemone Anemone
6 Tamarin
7 Coconut
8 Mightyclaws
9 Winter Winter
10 Peril

Peril is a rollercoaster of funny fire and emotion always loyal to someone and wants to make up for her mistakes.

The Newcomers

? Bandit

Bandit is totally a student don’t argue with me

The Contenders

11 Ostrich

Ostrich is so funny and sweet. “Super huge ostrich, worst hostage ever. That is the look I would like to go for, please.”

12 Onyx

For some reason I wish Onyx was queen instead of Thorn. then thorn could rule the outclaws and the true heir could ascend to take her crown. I don't know, just a thought

13 Mindreader

He is da king of gossip. '"OOH, now he's all thinking, why couldn't it be me? "' I mean seriously come on - IntotheVoid

14 Sora
15 Umber
16 Icicle
17 Flame
18 Boto
19 Bigtail
20 Siamang
21 Carnelian
22 Marsh
23 Pronghorn
24 Pike
25 Ermine
26 Changbai
27 Garnet
28 Barracuda
29 Peregrine
30 Fearless
31 Newt
32 Alba
33 Arid
34 Thrush
35 Snail
36 Sepia
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