Top 10 Wings of Fire Jade Mountain Academy Students

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1 Moonwatcher

NO NO AND NO MOON SUCKS she went from "moon, who's that" to "moon moon I love you"

Moonwatcher's great
I love her the most
Can you, too, for Heaven's sake?
Then she'll be the host

I love you Moonwatcher because you are the first ever mind reading and future seeing nightwing!

She held the first book of the series, plus in my opinion the coolest book.

2 Turtle

I am not a huge fan of turtle he has always been kind of a pain. Although he is not a bad guy. His heart is in the right place!

definitely turtle he is the character I can relate to in the whole series best character ever

Turtle: AWESOME! I love how he is always caring. #Turtlejoutotallyexists

Turtle is an amazing character. His plot is good, and I love how he's an animus but still scared of everything. His book is my favorite, I can read it over and over. Overall - great character!

3 Qibli

Qibli is so cute an handsome and he had a bad and sad origin story so he deserves love.
Likes how he loves Thorn/Queen Thorn.
Also he is a sandwing.
I still don't now why I like him there is something inside of me that says-


Qibli is too smart, cute, funny and good.
I really wish he got animus powers. I get that turtle was just to afraid to give him it. But when Qibli suggested to put a good unmovable spell to make him do only good things I was like JUST GIVE HIM IT. THE CINNAMON ROLL DESERVES IT JUST LIKE YOU TURTLE!

I love Qibli and also he is really kind. I think though that he shouldn't be that high on the list at least #5 or 6.

Qibli is a GREAT character. I love how his mind works, and his book is great. My #2 favorite after Turtle, but almost my favorite. He's a great character.

4 Winter

Winter is my favorite character, for sure! I think that Winter deserved Moon, and I still like Qibli. But Winter is my boi, and I would love to be Winter's pet Scavenger!

Depressed? Check. Confused? Check. Lonely? Check. Sarcastic? Check. Qinter? Check. Overall perfect character.

Winter is the best and he definitely deserves Moonwatcher she is perfect for him like when have we had an IceWing NightWing wing hibrid before or after darkstalker winter is the best

Winter's a great character, all his struggles and stuff are so interesting! #3 favorite after Turtle and Qibli.

5 Peril

She is hard core and weirdly nervous, too. With out her the books would not have a little flavor to them.

Peril is AWESOME. And NO I don't want anymore firescale dragons because NO ONE CAN REPLACE PERIL.

"Qibli suspected he could spend hours tracking emotions of Peril's face, and never get bored" - AJ

I love Peril there should be more firescale dragonets! PLEASE!

6 Tsunami

I know Tsunami isn't a jade mountain student but hey, Peril isn't a jade mountain student but she is on the list

Tsunami is SUPER cool and SUPER gorgeous! I mean, look at her scales! Beautiful!

Tsunami is the best dragonet of destiny and the smartest, strongest, prettiest dragon ever!

Tsunami definitely belongs in first place. She is the BEST! She's my favourite character.

7 Kinkajou

She has always been part of the team and she is what kept the books from turning dark a evil. She STOPED Darkstalker, she is so nice ,too. I think turtle has some good reasons to like kinkajou.

Kinkajou is the best rainwing ever! It was so brave of her to confront the venom in book 3 when Glory wanted to become queen. AHEM, sorry queen Glory. (Please do not punish me queen Glory)

I think kinkajou is the absolute best charity or and I love her her personality

Got this from a fellow fanwing. *ahem* "She is the definition of a kick-ass cinnamon roll"

8 Anemone

She is so sweet I love her. Plus she is lesbian and I am gay proud so why not be lesbian proud!

Anemone is like Ashfur: They're good in the first arc but once you reach the end of the second they are evil.

She is beautiful and I love her pink wings.
She is like Scourge from Warrior Cats. Anemone started off nice and non-killer then she became eViL
Scourge started off nice then he got bullied by his bully littermates and he went crazy and tried to get revenge aanndd he became a KILLER!

in ToP Turtle said that she wasn't the same after the Summer Palace attack. - Chickenpotato

I LiKe HoW sHe TuRnS eViL WiTh HeR aNiMuS pOwErS

9 Tamarin

Tamarin's awesome
and so is her nose
It can smell from far away
and doesn't spray like a hose

She's blind come on people we need more blind dragons! She's awesome! ( I'm also counting Starflight as well he's awesome just the way he is even if he is blind.)

I don't know why she isn't higher on the list she deserves to be in the top 5

- Fun life

10 Pike

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11 Carnelian

I miss her I wish she hadn't died

How is she only number 10?!

12 Coconut

"I don't really like coconut though"- in my case, BEST QUOTE EVER


"this papaya tastes boring" lol

EH, COCONUT IS :EH - Fun life

13 Icicle

I mean I know she's horrible and mean but come on she was completely raised like that and pressurized to be perfect by everyone, also she knew all her parents wanted for her was just to become queen. It seems like she really didn’t want to come to Jade Mountain, and plus Sora kept trying to kill her. I bet Sora killed a lot of IceWings in the war as well.

Prickly I like that

14 Mightyclaws
15 Sunny

Isn't she a teacher, though?


16 Mindreader

He is da king of gossip. '"OOH, now he's all thinking, why couldn't it be me? "' I mean seriously come on

Uhm it’s a she-

17 Ostrich


Ostrich is so funny and sweet. “Super huge ostrich, worst hostage ever. That is the look I would like to go for, please.”

18 Glory

Glory’s book was my first one. I loved when she was like “I challenge you for queen” lol

19 Clay

I don't know if he is, I just wanted to add him, he so nice

He's sweet!

sweet boi

20 Darkstalker

Most powerful dragon in pyria. Surprised why he isn't number one.
Darkstalker is just so kind trying to help moon by taking her away from all of those horrible visions!

Wish he wasn’t bad nice at first

21 Onyx

For some reason I wish Onyx was queen instead of Thorn. then thorn could rule the outclaws and the true heir could ascend to take her crown. I don't know, just a thought

22 Sundew

She isn't even IN the jade mountain academy HOW CAN SHE BE ON THIS LIST?!?!

Though a little harsh, she has a soft spot for her friends

23 Blue

I don't think Blue has even heard of Jade Mountain Academy before (Not yet, at least)

He IS in The Lost Contenent so just keep reading the books and you'll meet him

He cares about everyone's feelings! You gotta LOVE him!

24 Peacemaker

peace. maker. MAKE PEACE

25 Umber


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