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1 Turtle Turtle

Turtle is an amazing character. His plot is good, and I love how he's an animus but still scared of everything. His book is my favorite, I can read it over and over. Overall - great character! - Speedyscout

He's a great character. Love him. - Speedyscout

Turtle is the most relatable and he has a great story and his book was amazing.

Turtle is the best

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2 Moonwatcher Moonwatcher

Moon watcher. Night wings are the number 1 and I ESPECIALLY like the thing where she is the first seer in generations and also that she can secretly communicate with Darkstalker! She also remind me of myself.

She kinda reminds me of myself.

Go moonwatcher she is the best I love her so much PLEASE VOTE FOR MOONWATCHER SHE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE

She's friendly and mysterious at the same time!

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3 Qibli Qibli

Qibli is a GREAT character. I love how his mind works, and his book is great. My #2 favorite after Turtle, but almost my favorite. He's a great character. - Speedyscout

Qibli = awesome

Qibli is AWESOME. My absolute favorite character ever. Number two is Starflight and number three is Squid. I know Squid's annoying, but that's only because he was trying to fit in with the other false dragonets so he wouldn't get picked on for being small.

Why isn't qibli first? He deserves it.

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4 Kinkajou Kinkajou

Got this from a fellow fanwing. *ahem* "She is the definition of a kick-ass cinnamon roll" - GirlWarriorX

She and Umber don't get books about themselves and that ain't fair (and I know I said ain't)

I heard she took down darkstalker


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5 Winter Winter

Winter's a great character, all his struggles and stuff are so interesting! #3 favorite after Turtle and Qibli. - Speedyscout

Winter should be number one I don't like qibli anyway winter forever

6 Peril

Peril is the best!
Also, don't hate on me but, I don't like Qibli that much, I don't think he's smart and I think he's greedy and I think Winter deserves Moon


Peril is this loyal, dangerous and loveable character. I hate most SkyWings because of Scarlet, but Peril, she shoul be #1!

Peril is a rollercoaster of funny fire and emotion always loyal to someone and wants to make up for her mistakes.

7 Anemone Anemone

She is beautiful and I love her pink wings.
She is like Scourge from Warrior Cats. Anemone started off nice and non-killer then she became eViL
Scourge started off nice then he got bullied by his bully littermates and he went crazy and tried to get revenge aanndd he became a KILLER!

I LiKe HoW sHe TuRnS eViL WiTh HeR aNiMuS pOwErS

I really really love Anemone. And I love her colors. And I love her arc. And - ok ok, that's enough. But GUYS, she didn't turn evil, she was actaully okay-ish, Darkstalker sort of evil-ed her. And she was OK in the epilogue of Qibli's Book. So.
She's probably one of my favorite characters ever. - Speedyscout

8 Tamarin

I don't know why she isn't higher on the list she deserves to be in the top 5

I love Tamarin it is so sad she is blind :(

9 Coconut
10 Carnelian

I miss her I wish she hadn't died - Presidentofpotatoes

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11 Pike
12 Mightyclaws
13 Icicle

I mean I know she's horrible and mean but come on she was completely raised like that and pressurized to be perfect by everyone, also she knew all her parents wanted for her was just to become queen. It seems like she really didn’t want to come to Jade Mountain, and plus Sora kept trying to kill her. I bet Sora killed a lot of IceWings in the war as well.

14 Mindreader

He is da king of gossip. '"OOH, now he's all thinking, why couldn't it be me? "' I mean seriously come on - IntotheVoid

15 Ostrich

Ostrich is so funny and sweet. “Super huge ostrich, worst hostage ever. That is the look I would like to go for, please.”

16 Onyx

For some reason I wish Onyx was queen instead of Thorn. then thorn could rule the outclaws and the true heir could ascend to take her crown. I don't know, just a thought

17 Flame

Yay flames on the list I really think he's the best Skywing
and boy character

18 Sunny
19 Sora

I love you Sora!

20 Umber
21 Boto
22 Bigtail
23 Siamang
24 Marsh
25 Pronghorn
26 Ermine
27 Changbai
28 Garnet
29 Barracuda
30 Peregrine
31 Fearless
32 Newt
33 Alba
34 Arid
35 Thrush
36 Snail
37 Sepia
38 Bandit

Poor Bandit. Wish we knew what happened to him. - Speedyscout

No he is a scavenger. Winter: hiss! How dare you.

Bandit is totally a student don’t argue with me

39 Blue

He IS in The Lost Contenent so just keep reading the books and you'll meet him

40 A Dragonet
41 Mangrove
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