Top 10 Wings of Fire Main Protagonists

Not to be confused with just characters. These are dragons that have starred in their own books.

The Top Ten Wings of Fire Main Protagonists

1 Moonwatcher

Fun fact: I relate to this character more than any I've seen in a book. Ever. - Cyri

Book 6. Mind reader and seer. Very shy and insecure. - Cyri

Moon’s book is very discriptive. I like it! I also LOVE Moon!

2 Tsunami

Tsunami is the BEST and no one can beat her! I love her-- she's my favourite.

I personally like Tsunami! - ArcticWolf

Book 2. Fierce SeaWing. - Cyri


3 Glory

My profile pic. - Cyri

Book 3. RainWing who is the queen (ha ha...) of sarcasm. - Cyri

love her she is the main star of my eye:)

4 Peril

Book 8. SkyWing. Scales burn things. - Cyri

5 Darkstalker

Legends: Darkstalker. NightWing Animus who also has the same powers as Moonwatcher. - Cyri

6 Starflight

Book 4. NightWing nerd. - Cyri

7 Sunny

No! NO NO NO! HOW is Sunny LAST! She's such a great character! SO sweet and brave and her book is amazing! HOW are all THESE dragons ahead of her?! Come on people! Vote Sunny! Also the only main hybrid!

SandWing/NightWing hybrid. Very sweet and faithful to her "destiny" and friends. - Cyri

8 Cricket

Book 12. HiveWing who's immune to the hivemind. - Cyri

9 Prince Turtle

Book 9. SeaWing who wants to keep his animus powers secret. - Cyri

10 Clay

I relate to his love of food.

Book 1. MudWing who is very protective and kind (and hungry.) - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Qibli
12 Winter

He’s totally not in love with Qibli... nope... not... at... all...

13 Blue
14 Sundew
15 Queen Snowfall

Upcoming protagonist of book 14. She’s one of the only things we know about it.

Edit: We now know the title, “The Dangerous Gift”. - Cyri

16 Wren

A scavenger about to get sacrificed to the dragons who rescues herself and rescues a baby dragonet!

17 Leaf

Wrens sister. Was told she wandered off and got eaten. hates dragons now.

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