Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten
1 NightWings

They are the best. I think they are the most powerful because they're the only ones that actually have a chance of being born with powers (mind reading and foresight). Also because of DARKSTALKER. He literally has animus magic and advanced mind reading. Also because they can blend into the shadows and camouflage in the night sky. They can breath fire which is better than other dragons like seawings, leafwings, hivewings etc.

I don't understand why their so high. I love NightWings, just so you know. However, few of them actually HAVE powers. Other then that, they're just about a normal dragon. If they HAVE all the cool powers then, yeah, that one dragon is immensely powerful. Otherwise? Not so much. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

NightWings are pretty cool! They have mind reading and foresight (well some of them.) And also, black's my favorite color, and they breathe fire, and they have animuses. PLUS, if that's not enough, they have some amazing protagonists and characters! Ex: Moonwatcher, Starflight, Clearsight, Fatespeaker, and Sunny. Well, kind of for Sunny. She's a hybrid.

-Sunspot the SandWing-NightWing

NightWings may look cool, I admit, but they did terrible actions against the RainWings and lied to every tribe in Pyrrhia about their powers. I don't think they should be #1. Moon, Starflight, and Fatespeaker are all awesome, but some did terrible things that cannot be forgiven. - Blizzard

2 RainWings

YES! I love Rainwings! I mean, yes. I know they're lazy- but they are relaxed. Which is super important! They are 100% my favourite tribe! Also, they are peaceful and resourceful- so maybe even if they aren't smart at math and stuff, they are smart at what they do.

Venom and camouflage scales is most definitely powerful, but I wouldn't put them too high. Glory, yes, I know shes powerful. Glory is amazing. But until the majority of them stop being lazy, I'm not putting them too high. Tbh, I LOVE RainWings, so don't even start hating on me for they. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

Rainwings are sort of good, sort of bad, because they are as lazy as we all heard, but once Glory whips them into shape, they actually get good. And they know how to challenge for the throne without killing, so the other tribes could learn something from them.

I hate RainWings. I mean, I like their home and their cool ability to shoot their venom, that's cool, but THEIR DESIGN IS SO TERRIBLE! Why do they look like a curved boomerang with wings? because they are RangWings! Get it? Anyway, I don't like them. - Blizzard

3 IceWings

I hate Icewings so much it hurt me to put them so high up on the list. However, even I have to admit that they are very powerful. Between the great Ice cliff and frostbreath, they are nearly invincible. Plus I love Winter, though he and Hailstorm might be the only Icewings in the world with a shred of decency(they are willing to kill their own family for a spot on a wall!)
Plus they think they’re SO GREAT when several other tribes ( Sandwings and Rainwings, to name a couple), are that good and modest too.

ICEWINGS ARE GREAT. They're underrated. They weren't included in the Dragonet Prophecy. And, still, Winter's ending in book 10 wasn't very... happy. More like peaceful, which isn't the same.
But, also, they have frostbreath and they can survive for a long time in very cold temperatures!

-Sunspot the SandWing-NightWing

Tribe with most natural weapons, honestly they are built to fight and super muscular, they can even swim and survive cold conditions. Weak to extreme heat and super dark areas but pretty OP in my opinion. There's a reason they were able to do well in the war with no other allies

IceWings are not my favorite tribe, I have to admit. However, I like all the tribes! I don't HATE any, as some of you do. They're pretty cool, and definitely powerful. Too lazy to list why, but, hey, ya can't disagree with me. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

4 SeaWings

Okay seawings may not have any crazy breath weapon (ice, fire, venom) but the could DESTROY any other species of dragon in the water because fire breath and venom spiting won't really work underwater they also have hooked claws to grip on a dragon, secondly seawings are built for the water for example seawings are the longest tribe and have huge powerful tails that could easily knock a dragon unconscious as well as GILLS and I know for a fact no other tribe has gills. This tribe is my favorite tribe and I would never choose another tribe over them.

I love SeaWings. Not the most powerful, ill admit, but pretty powerful. Breathing underwater kinda seals the deal, yknow? They're also animus' WAY more often, for whatever reason. That, or Coral just had so many children that she made two animus'. No one really mentioned luminescent scales, which, proven in book two, is REALLY helpful in fighting AND communication! No hate please, just a legal opinion.

SeaWings are brave, bold, fierce, and have the most animus dragons. How are NightWings the most powerful ones? How cool is their own secret language that when they light it up, it can blind enemies eyes? Tsunami is my favorite character only because I have all the qualities of her and that was my very first book I read in the series. RainWings and NightWings have none of this qualities and I don't know why. They should be the 2nd most powerful tribe.

SeaWings are so awesome! They have their own UNDERWATER LANGUAGE, and who wouldn't want to live in the ocean?
They're smart and creative and independent, and they're really beautiful too! They're also really brave and fierce, who wouldn't want to be a SeaWing?
Also Riptide X Tsunami forever! This ship is so amazing and I really hope Tui Sutherland develops this relationship more in later books!
Also, how could anyone disagree that Auklet is sooooooo adorable! She's the best!

5 LeafWings

What do you mean LeafWings don't have any special abilities? That's so wrong! Two wrong things.

1. LeafWings can't do much.
This is totally wrong because they hid in the Poison Jungle when cowardly hiveWings could not. Then, they planned so many things to destroy the HiveWings! That's so wrong!
2. LeafWings are like SilkWings.
They are nothing like SilkWings! SilkWings are useless, but Sundew defeated a full-grown HiveWing Librarian, and no silkWing except flamesilks can do that.
3. They may not have special abilities.
Wrong! Deadly tree-growing powers over here! Although not all of them have Leafspeak, it increased a lot because the PoisonWings married two LeafSpeaks to create more. Also they can absorb sun energy, which makes them very strong in fights.

So, you are wrong.

It's very interesting to read and slowly learn about the Leafwings. How they managed to survive in the most dangerous place of Pantala, how the tribe was split in half, one half wanting revenge, and to keep fighting, and the other half wanting to lay low and stay peaceful and pretend to be extinct. THey are also very strong. Sundew is what, around 6? And she almost killed a Hivewing librarian. And Leafspeak is an interesting thing to learn about

I think LeafWings deserve some credit. Quite a bit of them have Leafspeak, they have access to some of the most dangerous plants in the world, and other than that they're smart and good fighters! They can also blend in with most surroundings. May not sound like much, but sum it all up, it IS. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

I totally love LeafWings! First of all they are the deadliest tribe in Pantala (Second being HiveWings, third is SilkWings). Do you know why? Because of their Leafspeak powers and their poisonous home and their poisonous weapons! (I said "poisonous a lot, but that's how poisonous they are.) And their design is so cool. - Blizzard

6 SandWings

Abilities: poison barb, hearing, eyesight, heat resistance, can go without food and water for longer, fly pretty far, fire, see in bright desert

Weaknesses: Cold, the dark, water

They are pretty well rounded and make good soldiers since they can last longer without food and water. Honestly, It would be the hardest to fight a sandwing since you need to worry about the mouth AND the deadly tail.

SandWings are COOL. I think that's something we can all agree on. They have a dangerous poison tail barb, great hearing, heat resistance, can go without food for quite a while, they have fire, they can see in bright places, and they have great eyesight and hearing. I mean, come ON. Overpowered? Yuh-huh. But aren't they all? No hate please, just a legal opinion.

Sandwings have varied personalities, unlike other tribes such as rainwings, who are known to be lazy or mudwings who are always hungry. They have good survival abilities, such as being able to go without water for a long time or not needing much food to carry on going. They have good natural defences, venom and fire and they radiate heat. They deserve to be higher on the list, to be honest.

SandWings are the best pyhrrian tribe by FAR. They aren't lazy like the RainWings, they aren't all haughty and judgemental like IceWings, neither are they snug liars like NightWings. They aren't plain like SeaWings, MudWings, or SkyWings. SandWings are logical and quick-thinking, and they are the reason the DoD exist: the War of the SandWing Succession. They also have cool abilities, like breathe fire, withstand extreme heat, go long times without water, and poison tail barbs! SandWings have two of Pyhrria's biggest cities: Scorpion Den and Possibility. The have good ideas, such as the Full Moon Festival. Seriously everyone, SandWings should be much higher on this list. Please vote for SandWings, and thank you to those who did.

7 SkyWings

Why is everyone on this list saying SkyWings have hotter fire than other tribes? That is firescales. not normal fire. They breath normal fire. Firescales, significantly hotter than regular fire. Notice the difference? And also Starflight mentioned that their talons are their deadliest weapons, not their fire. I mean firescales is different. - Blizzard

SkyWings, though basic and not my favorite, are powerful. They deserve wayyyyyyyyyy more credit. They can fly fast, are more agile than most dragons, they can see well, they have hotter fire, they have a chance to be a firescales which, in my opinion, is definitely one of the most powerful things a dragon can have, though a burden. Also, its proven they are powerful fighters without all that, too. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

honestly Skywings are one of the most powerful tribes when it comes to abilities. They're the most athletic (when it comes to flying and fighting), have really good sight & hearing, and have strongest fire, can stand the high altitude/low oxygen of the mountains, and have cold resistance that's only second to icewings. They're "basic", I'll admit, but still super powerful.

honestly I don't know why nightwings are higher up, they're just skywings without the athleticism and with black scales. Even if a nightwing has mind reading or future vision, 1- mind reading is pretty much useless, it just makes you able to know more about other dragons, but it doesn't help in a fight. Imagine knowing your opponents thoughts during a fight, it literally wouldn't help just distract you. also 99.99% of the time the future vision isn't even that good, just some stupid vague prophecy that is barely helpful

8 SilkWings

You are wrong. The SilkWings obeyed her because they were enormous cowards and didn't want Queen Wasp to use her mind-controll to destroy the SilkWings. Just that they are cowardly. Only a bit of book of clearsight. But not all of them are cowards.

Examples of coward SilkWings: Blue (Although he changed), Admiral, Pierid (mentioned not to say anything bad about HiveWings) Burnet (Turn your self in Blue! much safer!) Queen Monarch (probably a coward, since she gave her throne to queen Wasp not only cause of the book, but her fear for Wasps zombie army)

Examples of un-coward SilkWings: Swordtail (brave) Luna (fights back) Io (Saves Blue) Danaid (Helps Blue and Luna despite the risk)

I guess that's all.

Totally useless as a RainWing, but less powerful than a RainWing. Because they are wingless until 6 years old and fancy coccon and silk thing and has no natural weapons except flamesilk which is way weaker than fire - breathing and only about 10 dragons have it. So totally weak. - Blizzard

Silkwings are so pretty and even though they followed queen wasp's lead, that was only because they thought the book of clearsight said they had to. They can sense danger and spin silk (a bit like spiderman) and flame silks are also really cool!

Ok yeah yall are totally right SilkWings are COMPLETELY useless, and I bet if they hadn't let HiveWings tread all over them for so many years, they would probably have better weapons than broken fire silk that only 3/10 of SilkWings have!

9 MudWings

Mudwings are So underrated with fireproof scales they are pretty much invincible to most dragons and your never fighting just one mudwing your fighting its siblings to. If your fighting in a muddy place you can't really stop them because the mud will just keep healing them. Also just because Queen Morehen didn't do anything doesn't mean she won't do anything in a later book. The Only time we did see he was in the Dream scape and she was ordering her subjects to "stop dyeing" But that was a dream and she was scared I would take it less as her being a bad queen and more as her caring for her tribe. She just wants the war to end so her subjects stop dying.

Okay, let me say one thing... Mudwings SUCK! They do NOTHING in the Series other than save Sunny once, a show of Glory's spit, and to give Peril ( easily 2nd best character behind WInter ) a boyfriend! They are dumb! Especially Clay who after his own book, literally does NOTHING in the prophecy but talk about how he really doesn't care what is going on around him, but adores food! Also, Clay was an absolutely terrible fighter at the beginning of book 1, but out of know wherein the second part, he just was able to defeat a bigger, more experienced, and, older ICEWING with almost NO problems!. It does not make SENSE! Also, someone tells me what Queen Morehen does in the books. Anybody? Somebody? Like I am Saying, NO one can tell me! She just exists to give Burn an Ally. That is IT! MUdwings design is also terrible! They look fat, not strong, and also Ckay sucks because Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight always talk about how amazing he is when he does nothing! You can have your ...more

I love Mudwings. I don't understand the people who don't! Mudwings are the ONLY tribe in the WHOLE series who gives NO trouble whatsoever. All the other tribes, and I mean from both continents, however...anyway, they aren't amazingly powerful. Cool, but not quite powerful. You feel me? No hate please, just a legal opinion.

Mudwings are maybe the most thought out Dragons ever. Clay is on the top. Mudwings can uh... how do I put this? Stupid. but they are the dragons ever. They match all my need. Hungry check. Funny check. If eye could ad one thing on Mudwings it would if fireproof they can also light there selfs on fire.

10 HiveWings

I think HiveWings are, honestly, cool! Don't get me wrong, their actions aren't great! But that should determine a WHOLE ENTIRE TRIBE! Think about Cricket and Bumblebee! Yeah, yeah, Bumblebee was raised by Cricket and never got a chance to be evil. Fine, maybe. Cricket, however, was raised by HiveWings. HiveWings that CAN be mind-controlled and don't have their own choices and don't think about going against their queen. On another note, HiveWings are pretty powerful, and, even the Hive-haters, HAVE to admit that they have A LOT of abilites. MULTIPLE choices, to where its RARE for them to NOT have an ability. No hate please, just a legal opinion.

I just absolutely HATE the HiveWings! Except Cricket of course but still. I mean, the HiveWings are probably just hybrids from Clearsight and Sunstreak. I mean Cricket said HiveWings used to have antennae which is a dead give away! And yet they bully and torture the SilkWings for litterrally no good reason! Even enslaving them, even tho SilkWings are the pure-blooded dragons in this situation.

Ok-I LOVE HIVEWINGS. Now you probably might be a viewer who thinks Hivewings suck because of their actions against the LeafWings and SilkWings, but hear me out. (Spoiler warning) I believe that HiveWings were only following their queen which may be under the control of the other-mind which the other-mind simply could have been lying about letting Queen Wasp keep her own mind. Do you like making hybrids? We’ll get a load of this! HiveWings are practically a tribe full of Hybrids descending from ClearSight (night wing) And a Beetle Wing. Another reason to vote for my hive bois is because they first of all have a wide variety of colors ranging from lime green to pure black with flecks of yellow! Second of all they have a ton of abilities: Venomous bite, tail and wrist stingers, and they can make a huge fart that all of your friends will beg for mercy.

Why are HiveWings at the bottom of this list when they're literally the DEADLIEST TRIBE OF ALL THE DRAGONS?!?!? Just look at their abilities! Some have venom in their teeth and/or claws, boiling acid they can shoot from the tip of their tail, and some even have stingers on their wrists which they can use to either paralyze their prey or kill it. And just look at the cool design they used to make this dragon! Let's get HiveWing more votes!