Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten Best Wings of Fire Tribes

1 RainWings

If I could be any tribe, obviously I would pick the one with color changing scales and a hidden weapon, not to mention an AWESOME JUNGLE HOME!

RainWings has venom which obviously makes them the most powerful Wings of Fire dragon tribe.

RainWings are the best. They have camouflaging scales, and the magic death spit! Also, plus they live in the RAINFOREST! They are also very colourful and kind.

Honestly, RainWings are just THE BEST out of all the WoF tribes because who wouldn't like to be a dragon who can camouflage, spit venom, and (in Glory's case) take over a whole other tribe at age 7? (Also, I would like to say that my persona is a RainWing hybrid inspired by none other than Glory herself!)

2 NightWings

NightWings are just amazing! Nobody DOESN'T like a powerful dragon tribe that can read minds, tell the future, and even possibly be an animus.

They are cool and mysterious, they are smart and beautiful, MY FAVORITE DRAGON IN WINGS OF FIRE! But I do wish they were better fighters.

the pattern on their wings are just stunning and they mysterious

Gave Pyrrhia some powerful dragons, for better or for worse. By the way, thanks for all the attention on this list! - Cyri

3 SeaWings

Seawings are smart, and awesome fighters! They have multiple palaces, (though the Summer palace got destroyed) and it seems like a beautiful Kingdom! Tsunami is tied with Winter for my favorite character, and I think she would make a great Queen.

SeaWings are the best and NOTHING will change that. I think SeaWings should be in first place. I love how their scales glow! Plus, Tsunami is the best princess ever!

Sea wings are pretty too! Who here hates the beach!? I get it, no one

I love them because of their gills and I have always loved their scale colors my OC is named Tidal and she is a animus.

4 IceWings

IceWings is the best tribe , they are so cool and there scales the color of the snow and plus they have Frostbreath they cold survive anything plus they have the rankings.

Cool (no pun intended)
When it comes to fighting, they might not be as strong, but they have lots of skill.

I love IceWings because of their scales and their cool abilities and my OC is named Icestorm and she is a IceWing Animus.

"That breath: they could win any battle aganst a seawing, skywing and mud wing." but I hope a ice wing and a rain wing don't battle.

5 SkyWings

At least they are strong in fighting and they are the best flyers

I like SkyWings a lot because of the fact they are Independent, Strong, Fast Flyers and smart. My OC is a Animus and she is named Garnet.

Love Peril why don't they have more firescale dragonets in wings of fire?

Peril is my favorite SkyWing, and my second favorite character overall. - Cyri

6 SandWings

I think Sandwings are really cool, especially with their wings and their yellow color. Me and my friends at school like to play Wings of Fire. I love reading the books too. It gives you a great imagination. Why should Sandwings be at the end? They should at least be 1 or 2. A lot of people around this world like Sandwings, so come on!

I love the poison barb on their tails and their powers and I NEED TO READ! AAA. I AM BORED

Burn, Blister and Blaze will die, leaving sun to lead. It's the new prophecy. Sunny will lead!

I love SandWings because of their tails and I love them because they are cool my OC is a Animus SandWing named Astra

7 LeafWings

They are kind of always using plants or animals to fight so cool

They are cool my OC is named Queen Poison and she is awesome and her daughter is Leaf and they both are Animus Leafspeak LeafWings and they are related to Queen Glory of the RainWings and Leaf's father is Glory's brother Prince Jambu!

They can never go tired! They obsorbe engergy from the sun! awesome! leafy wings. the name makes sense.

THEY ARE FLIPPING AWESOME. I mean, like, magic plant control powers over here! Plus they survived both other dragon tribes of Pantala attacking them (sorry, spoiler) which is awesome. They’re also the only OG Pantalan tribe left. (It used to just be Leafwings and Beetlewings until Clearsight got involved.)

8 MudWings

Come on everyone Clay is awesome and we can all admit he is the heart of the dragonets you just can't leave him out in the shadows.

I love clay and I think they deserve a higher spot on this list

Only the ones that hatch out of blood-red eggs are immune to fire.

I love mudwings I think they are a really good tribe of dragons

9 HiveWings

They are cool my OC is named Hornet and she is a Animus with extra venom from her tail!

different range of abilities awesome

Ah yes- slavery

super powerful sharp teeth

10 SilkWings

I love how they can shot silk from their wrist and they just look stunning

Well, They're Pretty cool, Even though I haven't seen the book yet, I've seen Spoilers of it, But I think their powers are cool.

I feel like they need to be higher up...

I think that the silk is an interesting idea