Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten

1 RainWings

Spitting venom: awesome.
Looks: Cool!
Queen choices: Outstanding!
They could win any battle. But I hope a Ice wing and a Rain wing don't battle.

Spitting venom: awesome. But come on Kinkajou needs her own book!

I really like their powers, magical death spit! it's an awesome power, not to mention the camo! I don't like their attitude sometimes, though

I would like to live in a peaceful place and be able to change color and shoot venom. I love them. Also, I feel if they fought they would be the most powerful with the venom and camouflage.

2 NightWings

They used to be the best until they lived on a volcanic island! - thrustmaster100

I LOVE NIGHTWINGS. So beautiful but again, so brave and murderous.

This is me. Starflight is my favorite. You can try and change that by saying stuff he did wrong, but I love him, blind or not.

Cool, ambitious, awesome, powerful, almighty, did I mention cool?

3 IceWings

Cool (no pun intended)
When it comes to fighting, they might not be as strong, but they have lots of skill.

"That breath: they could win any battle aganst a seawing, skywing and mud wing." but I hope a ice wing and a rain wing don't battle.

Forget anything about what the previous spots say, IceWings are the best, and always will be. "Haughty sniff"
Amazing abilities, so shiny, and civilized.

I honest to heart love icewings, I love their powers, and they're much better than the Nightwings. In a way, I think Nightwings are all cowards, and think they're high and mighty, but in reality, is annoying, proud, bossy, and weak, except some dragons, like Deathbringer, Stonemover, etc. maybe Darkstalker, but I haven't read much about him yet

4 SeaWings

SeaWings are the best and NOTHING will change that. I think SeaWings should be in first place. I love how their scales glow! Plus, Tsunami is the best princess ever!

They are just the best! So beautiful and strong! Tsunami is the best princess ever!

Seawings are obviously the best, they can breath underwater!

" Those glowing scales! Makes 'm look sick! Plus, they could breathe underwater! They r totaily awesome at finding secret bases."

5 SkyWings

Love Peril why don't they have more firescale dragonets in wings of fire?

Peril is my favorite SkyWing, and my second favorite character overall. - Cyri all I'll say. - GirlWarriorX

Continent: Pyrrhia
Scale colors: Red, orange
Powers: Fast flying, firebreath - Cyri

6 SandWings

I love the poison barb on their tails and their powers and I NEED TO READ! AAA. I AM BORED

Burn, Blister and Blaze will die, leaving sun to lead. It's the new prophecy. Sunny will lead!

Poson tail: Outstanding! but I still like Sunny Poison tail or no Poison tail.

They started the great war and ended it. One of the most influential and fleshed out tribe(Scorpion den! ), with memorable characters like Sunny, Thorn, Qibli and Blister.

7 LeafWings

They can never go tired! They obsorbe engergy from the sun! awesome! leafy wings. the name makes sense.

Leafwings should be near the top. They are a really tribe

All the poison bugs and weapons are cool

LOVE there uprising

8 MudWings

Come on everyone Clay is awesome and we can all admit he is the heart of the dragonets you just can't leave him out in the shadows.

I love clay and I think they deserve a higher spot on this list

Only the ones that hatch out of blood-red eggs are immune to fire.

I love mudwings I think they are a really good tribe of dragons

9 HiveWings

Sooo many different powers and patterns

My favorite Pantala tribe

Turn into any dragon! sick!

10 SilkWings

Well, They're Pretty cool, Even though I haven't seen the book yet, I've seen Spoilers of it, But I think their powers are cool.

I feel like they need to be higher up...

I think that the silk is an interesting idea

They could practicly weave anything!