Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten


Night Wings can breath fire, could be an animus, can blend into darkness, and they can read minds or read the future! At least one of the top 3.

some people get nightwings all wrong. Yes, some of the main bad guys in the seres are nightwings, but Most are nice and loyal to queen glory, like Moon

AWESOME powers, I mean, mind reading and seeing the future, plus super cool scales, YES please. Should DEFINITELY be in the top 3

nightwing are EPIC they have all the cool powers which is why they have the top spot


Most powerful tribe EVER. And they have the BEST queen! Queen Glory does what's best for her tribe and she is very peaceful. It was very smart of her to give icicle to the Icewings for them to punish her and in return getting a tree of light!

Rain wings can camouflage themselves, spit venom, plus they live in the rainforest in a hidden village! They are at least the second powerful dragons! I mean, come on!

why the hell are they in second they have no fighting skills what so ever they should be lower than that!

They may be lazy, but Glory's really strong and kinkajou is willing to use her venom


I mean come on! They are like the smartest and most productive tribe yet! The rankings are really cool too!

Dope spikes, nice social structure, COOL frost breath, and snooty attitudes, these dragons got it all!

IceWings are the only dragons who can survive freezing temperatures and their spikes are cool

icy breath that'll kill you if you are near it? What's not to love!


Seawings are smart, and awesome fighters! They have multiple palaces, (though the Summer palace got destroyed) and it seems like a beautiful Kingdom! Tsunami is tied with Winter for my favorite character, and I think she would make a great Queen.

Seawings are super strong, and smart. They are so strong they don't need fire.

Seawings are underrated, they could be getting chased by a different species and jump into some water, boom their safe.

They are the best. They speak with their scales! They also live under water and have the best Queen.


They've learned to survive in a jungle full of plants that could kill them, and that says something about the tribe, right?

I think they are really cool, I mean, come on, they've survived in a deadly jungle for over 50 years without going extinct!

They are living in a poisonous jungle away from dragons who want to kill them. Coolest dragons ever. Period.

LeafWings are the best tribe for one reason: everybody thinks they're dead but they're not; they're living in a deadly forest and are able to survive. Coolest dragons ever.


SandWings deserve way more respect they should not be all the way down here they are the best dragon tribe by FAR. They need no food or water for a long time, they can survive very high temperatures, they can breathe fire, and the best of all, the have VENOMOUS TAILS. I mean, come ON people. This should be #1. NightWings are trash.

I think Sandwings are really cool, especially with their wings and their yellow color. Me and my friends at school like to play Wings of Fire. I love reading the books too. It gives you a great imagination. Why should Sandwings be at the end? They should at least be 1 or 2. A lot of people around this world like Sandwings, so come on!

OMG sandwings yes they should be first don't know why there down here come on THE HAVE POISONOUS TAILS

They are top best period. They don't need much food and water, and they can breathe fire, and best of all, THEY HAVE VENOMOUS TAILS!


I love their powers and how they're such strong and fast flyers! Everyone thinks they're really short-tempered and grumpy but not all of them are the same

Half of them are big red and grumpy looking the other half are big orange and grumpy looking. Lol - Cricketisthebest

I love skywings and I love there powers
Ruby is my favorite skywing

At least they are strong in fighting and they are the best flyers


They can shoot silk (silk or fire silk) and they are pretty, their wings are the most!

They can shoot silk and are really pretty, we should give more credit! And flamesilks can shoot fire from their risks so that is really cool! Can we move them out of last , please! They deserve it! - Ivy of the leafwings

They are cool with how they can shoot silk from their hands and they can be very colorful.

I love how they can shot silk from their wrist and they just look stunning


Everyone hates Mudwings, but I think they are cool with their sibling bonds and Clay is awesome!

They share a great bond with their siblings and very loyal to them and the queen.

They are really cool with the sibling bound. - Cricketisthebest

Come on everyone Clay is awesome and we can all admit he is the heart of the dragonets you just can't leave him out in the shadows.


It's sad that HiveWings are last probably just because of there queen, but I have something to say that might change your "mind". Most people like hybrids right? HiveWings are a whole tribe of hybrids! Think about that for a second... do you like them better?

I love HiveWings they are my favourite tribe and I love the way they look I think they are perfect

Everyone hates hive wings but they are very powerful and have different weapons and skills.

HiveWings are so underrated. Just because most of the HiveWings are controled doesn't mean they're not awesome.
Some of them have cool stingers, and if you just look at all the detail and hard work they put into them!