Best Wings of Fire Tribes

It's time that this be made. Thanks, MaxAurelius, for the idea!

The Top Ten

1 NightWings

I like Qibli the best, but Nightwings are awesome.

Nightwings are the best. They always remind me of myself. (Not idiots like morrowseer, mastermind, and Feirceteeth. I mean more like moonwatcher, clearsight, and darkstalker.)

My favorite is Moon. Moonwatcher forever!

Yeah, these are my favorite. Followed by Rainwings. - Camaro6

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2 SeaWings

Their colours are so beautiful! (Mostly Tsunami's.) :>

This should be number 1, I love Seawings - ArcticWolf

Hey people the 1 down there is my one on a different device

(the 1 just below)
yeah this woz random but whateva

Continent: off Pyrrhian shores
Scale colors: Blue, green
Powers: water breathing, strong swimmers - Cyri

3 SkyWings all I'll say. - GirlWarriorX

Skywings and Rainwings have always been my favourite - DarkBoi-X

Continent: Pyrrhia
Scale colors: Red, orange
Powers: Fast flying, firebreath - Cyri

Continent: pyrrhia
scale color: mix of red and orange
powers: can breath fire, some are born with fire scales

I basically said the same thing. No offense, but this particular comment is redundant. - Cyri

4 RainWings

Rainwings are the best tribe yet and Queen Glory is an amazing character and the 3rd book was really good.


Please I BEG U PUT RainWings in number 1 RainWings are absolutely amazing they are the BEST! tribe! EVER!

You can create an account and remix the list. Please stop, these comments make me want to do it less - Cyri

Continent: Pyrrhia
Scale colors: Any
Powers: can change scale color, venom that destroys living things - Cyri

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5 IceWings

Forget anything about what the previous spots say, IceWings are the best, and always will be. "Haughty sniff"
Amazing abilities, so shiny, and civilized.

This should be Number 1 or 2 because they are the best! - ArcticWolf

My favorite love their ablities and glittering scales.

Amazing ablities

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6 SilkWings

Continent: Pantala
Scale colors: All except black
Powers: silk spinning, weather prediction - Cyri

7 LeafWings

Continent: Pantala
Scale colors: green, brown
Powers: plant control - Cyri

8 SandWings

Continent: Pyrrhia
Scale colors: Sandy yellow, white
Powers: can survive for a while without water, venomous tail barb - Cyri

I just like the poisonus tail - QueenThorn

9 MudWings

Continent: Pyrrhia

Scale color: brown
Powers: Long breath holds, some have immunity to fire - Cyri

10 HiveWings

There so cool! There like one of the best dragons (my other tabs are viewings and skywings).

Continent: Pantala
Scale color: yellow, black, reddish-orange
Powers: varies; some have paralyzing venom, others have deadly stingers or acid. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Fanwings

Humans who Love Wings Of Fire - ArcticWolf

Us, people!

12 StarWings

Not a real tribe. - Cyri

What are StarWings? - Firemist

Star wings are a hybrid of a nightwing and seawing. TOTALY AWESOME! - QueenThorn

13 NightWings
14 DarkWings

Basically different versions and genders of Darkstalker. The best combination. Ever.

15 Darkstalker

The best type. A hybrid of ice and night (basically copies and different genders, and personality’s of Darkstalker.) THIS IS SO DAMMN awesome!?!?!

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