Best Wings of Fire Tribes

The Top Ten


My top two favorite Wings of Fire tribes have to be the NightWings and the RainWings, my main Wings of Fire Oc is a NightWing - RainWing hybrid, the reason why I'm voting for the NightWings is because they have less votes than the RainWings, and NightWings and the RainWings are both equally the best tribes in the whole of Wings of Fire. Am I right or am I right? RainWings are beautiful, pretty, bright and it's awesome how they have a secret weapon, and in my opinion, they have the best habitat to live in. NightWings are mysterious, graceful, beautiful and the patterns on their scales look great. And I just love there abilities that one may have, like future-seeing and mind reading. So, as you can see, both tribes are awesome and the best. I really, really love them both. Thank you.

Ermmm... (spoiler alert) hardly any of the NightWings actually had any powers... And they aren't really the best fighters either. I, quite honestly, think that they are the worst tribe, solely because they lied to everyone for so long. (but I'm DEFINITELY not hating on Starflight, I love him too much to even ASSOCIATE him with the other NightWings. Well, excluding Moonwatcher.)

NightWIngs are cool, even though they are 'insufferably smug' sometimes. Notice that whenever you hear a dragon saying or thinking that their tribe is the best, their tribe is usually a NightWing, an IceWing, or a LeafWing. My two favorite WoF tribes are probably NightWings and RainWings, cause both are totally awesome. If I were a dragon in WoF, I'd be a NightWIng-RainWing hybrid. Both tribes are amazing.

Smart, cool looking, awesome powers, NightWings are my personal favorite tribe in wings of fire. The only problem is they are not very good fighters, with their awesome powers of seeing in the future on reading minds they can totally beat any dragon but I do wish they were a bit better at fighting


Nightwings are terrible. They are as grumpy as skywings and they think that they are better than everybody else, when actually they are way worse. They are so arrogant, so terrible, and easily one of the worst tribes.
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The RainWings are awesome! And they have the best queen ever! Queen Glory is my second favorite dragon ever! And at first I didn’t really like the RainWings that much. But as soon as Glory became queen, I started to realize what an amazing tribe they are! And they are such a smart tribe! They created houses, hammocks, and those dart things! They are such an interesting, funny, and smart tribe! I LOVE THE RAINWINGS!

RainWings are my favorite tribe in all of Pyrrhia. They are beautiful, they can change the color of their scales and become invisible, they can shoot venom from their fangs, and they can swing from trees with their tails. They are also peaceful and have a lifelong access to FRUIT!

These are the best dragons on both continents period. They have camouflage, venom, and the BEST QUEEN. If you have read book four RainWings the “lazy-est dragons” took down all the NightWing guards with BLOWGUNS. They are so op with camouflage and venom. Also they Absorb the sun. They can mimic almost all the other tribes witch would make the great spies. RainWings should be #1 on this list.


They are the best tribe EVER. The most pretty, organized and smart tribe. The way they are risky make me admire them sooo much! They have the best character (Winter) and they are complex, giving them all they need to be perfect. They are deadly and great warrios, and their ice breath is unique (better than the normal fire). And I love ice so...

IceWings are so pretty. Honestly, in my opinoin, they are the most beautiful, most powerful, most risky, most everything! I just love the part when Hailstorm agrees to gave himself up to pretect his brother Winter. Although, Icicle is a little annoying, I just can't believe it when Sora the MudWing ( I hate MudWings ) tried to kill her! I just can't say enough about them!

I think that the most powerful tribe have to be the Icewings. first of all they can breath a breath of ice there claws are huge they have been noted to be one of the best dragon swimmers they also used to have animus magic (but not anymore stupid Nightwings)

I honestly think IceWings are the most beautiful tribe. And the best. The NightWings lied about their powers, and after Darkstalker was sealed under the mountain, they were too cowardly to try to contain animus powers. The IceWings stepped up to the challenge and took the risk. IceWings are braver, prettier, and deadlier than NightWings need I say more?
-Whiteowl the IceWing


Very pretty tribe, and their kingdom is the best. They are my second favorite tribe (behind Icewings) and they have Tsunami my second favorite character! (behind Winter) They really have to be in the top 3.

SeaWings can breathe underwater and they have glow in the dark scales and they can swim so well! To be honest, I can't swim very well. I can hardly swim at all.

They can breath underwater, they are very creative, they have night vision AND there own language, but best of all, they can be an animus! Definitely one of the top 3.

Seawings are smart, and awesome fighters! They have multiple palaces, (though the Summer palace got destroyed) and it seems like a beautiful Kingdom! Tsunami is tied with Winter for my favorite character, and I think she would make a great Queen.


LeafWings are one of my favorite tribes because of how they can adapt easily into forest environments, and because of how they fight using animals and plants. One of the best parts about them is that they can have leafspeak, the control over plants.

LeafWings is my favorite tribe. For pantala and all. But if your saying pyrhia I don't know nightwings? I like Sundew, and I like that she has leafspeak. I like LeafWing leaf speak, I know not all of them have it but it's still cool. I mostly like them because they fight with the cool poison Jungle plants. The poison wings do but I don't really know about sapwings if they do. They are also pretty cool; the HiveWings and SilkWings thought they were dead but some survived 😎. I think they are the best tribe in wings of fire :)

Yay the leafwings are the coolest. They can make plants grow faster then normal their smart and by far the coolest dragon ever

LeafWings are the best tribe for one reason: everybody thinks they're dead but they're not; they're living in a deadly forest and are able to survive. Coolest dragons ever.


SandWings are the best pyhrrian tribe by FAR. They aren't lazy like the RainWings, they aren't all haughty and judgemental like IceWings, neither are they snug liars like NightWings. They aren't plain like SeaWings, MudWings, or SkyWings. SandWings are logical and quick-thinking, and they are the reason the DoD exist: the War of the SandWing Succession. They also have cool abilities, like breathe fire, withstand extreme heat, go long times without water, and poison tail barbs! SandWings have two of Pyhrria's biggest cities: Scorpion Den and Possibility. The have good ideas, such as the Full Moon Festival. Seriously everyone, SandWings should be much higher on this list. Please vote for SandWings, and thank you to those who did.

SandWings deserve way more respect they should not be all the way down here they are the best dragon tribe by FAR. They need no food or water for a long time, they can survive very high temperatures, they can breathe fire, and the best of all, the have VENOMOUS TAILS. I mean, come ON people. This should be #1. NightWings are trash.

I think Sandwings are really cool, especially with their wings and their yellow color. Me and my friends at school like to play Wings of Fire. I love reading the books too. It gives you a great imagination. Why should Sandwings be at the end? They should at least be 1 or 2. A lot of people around this world like Sandwings, so come on!

I think the SandWings are the best tribe ever, because they aren't snobby like IceWings, lazy like RainWings, OR 'you attack me and ima go hide now' like SeaWings, and they are DEAFIANTLY better than NightWings who are snobby LIARS. I think the SandWings are quite equel to HiveWings, but with a better queen. :)


I love their powers and how they're such strong and fast flyers! Everyone thinks they're really short-tempered and grumpy but not all of them are the same

I like SkyWings a lot because of the fact they are Independent, Strong, Fast Flyers and smart. My OC is a Animus and she is named Garnet.

Peril is a fun character. Besides that... mostly meh. Okay, Cliff is cute, and Ruby is reasonable. Scarlet’s insane and entertaining. Okay, maybe they’re not meh.

Skywings are so powerful! Peril sort of resembles a monstrous nightmare from httyd and sky wings are ssssuuuuupppppeeerrrr fast! They also look a little like Chinese dragons.


SilkWings are awesome! They have cool powers and also they have flamesilks, which are the equivalent to breathing fire but it is way more useful in A LOT of situations

They can shoot silk and are really pretty, we should give more credit! And flamesilks can shoot fire from their risks so that is really cool! Can we move them out of last , please! They deserve it! - Ivy of the leafwings

They beautiful, and clearsight herself said they were prettier than the rainwings she saw at the market. Also, they can make beautiful art.

Oh my god don’t you just LOVE a dragon. With butterfly wings, colorful, go in a cocoon, and possible a flame silk (I think animus to)! They just awesome how is it last place?


Mudwings are underrated, everyone just ignores them. They can hold there breath for an hour, and some are resistant to fire and lava!

They are kind hearted and have awesomely colored scales! I mean like they can disappear in a mud puddle in 5 seconds flat! I would LOVE to have that adillity!

MudWings are BY FAR one of the most bravest tribes in Pyrrhia. They're cool and can breathe fire! Clay is my favorite character out of all the prophecy dragonets...

I LOVE mud wings design they look so adorable but I think they would need more abilities. But let’s be real having a chance to be immune to fire who wouldn’t want that?


My favorite dragon by far. I love there design, powers, and history. Right now there going through an evil queen too! People seem to hate them because what they did to leafwings and silkwings, they were either mind controlled or just following orders! They were also tricked! I'm glad there not overrated though, then they would be like nightwings and rainwings.

It's sad that HiveWings are last probably just because of there queen, but I have something to say that might change your "mind". Most people like hybrids right? HiveWings are a whole tribe of hybrids! Think about that for a second... do you like them better?

I think that Queen Wasp is a little cool. She might be evil (I think she is one of the most wicked dragons in Pyrrhia and Pantala), she IS sinister and always plotting with her abilities of mind control. My favorite HiveWing is Cricket- she's kind, funny, smart, and loves READING! Just like I do!

HiveWings are so underrated. Just because most of the HiveWings are controled doesn't mean they're not awesome.
Some of them have cool stingers, and if you just look at all the detail and hard work they put into them!