Best Wings of Fire Tribes

It's time that this be made. Thanks, MaxAurelius, for the idea!

The Top Ten

1 NightWings NightWings

Nightwings are the best tribe because they're misunderstood like me

Nightwings are my number 1 favorite!

Go Nightwings! Go Nightwings!

Nightwings are cool

2 RainWings RainWings

I would like to live in a peaceful place and be able to change color and shoot venom. I love them. Also, I feel if they fought they would be the most powerful with the venom and camouflage.

I cannot stress how much this is my favorite tribe. So much so I wrote a spin-off story entirely about the RainWings. - MaxAurelius

I love how peaceful and happy they are! I mean, it can be pretty agravating sometimes, but is mostly a good trait. It would be super cool to be able to change colors and spit venom. They are awesome!

The pet sloths sealed the deal

3 SeaWings SeaWings

Love them, they are awesome - BloodFang

They are great!

Rainwings and nightwings are a tad bit overrated. I mean, their really cool, but the seawings seem like the most developed tribe.

they have a back-up palace, their secret language
(oh and spoiler: they are basically evolved icewings)

4 IceWings IceWings

Ice ice, baby! - Defourthkitten

Forget anything about what the previous spots say, IceWings are the best, and always will be. "Haughty sniff"
Amazing abilities, so shiny, and civilized.

They're so awesome, just don't do what queen Battlewinner did. Open your mouth in a fight with an IceWing and you have to sit in a cauldron of lava the rest of your damn life. And they should be #1.

This should be Number 1 or 2 because they are the best! - ArcticWolf

5 LeafWings LeafWings

They should have more power, like th leaf on their tail could be a weapon and they could breathe poison, acid or wind

LEAFWINGS ARE THE BEST AND ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE IT CAN GO SUCK ON A DUCK FART. Also to the second comment the night wings are WAY MORE self centered.

To me, their the most thought-out naturistic dragons' tribe in the series so far.


6 SilkWings SilkWings

My favorite of the Pantalan dragon tribes. - MaxAurelius

Continent: Pantala
Scale colors: All except black
Powers: silk spinning, weather prediction - Cyri

7 SkyWings SkyWings

Peril is my favorite SkyWing, and my second favorite character overall. - Cyri all I'll say. - GirlWarriorX

Skywings and Rainwings have always been my favourite - DarkBoi-X

Continent: Pyrrhia
Scale colors: Red, orange
Powers: Fast flying, firebreath - Cyri

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8 SandWings SandWings

Sand wings should be number 2 or 3

Why are SandWings so far back?! They're my favorite tribe after RainWings. I mean - some of the best characters are SandWings! They live in the desert, super cool! POISON TAILS!?!? Like WHY are they back here? SandWings RISE!

I love SandWings!

How are SandWings all the way back here! Come on people! Remember Qibli? Queen Thorn? SUNNY?! And even Jerboa? I mean, without her, The Lost Continent wouldn't even be discovered! And Sunny stopped the war! And Qibli stopped the other war! What did the SEAWINGS do, exactly? Write dumb scrolls and support Blister? Good job, SeaWings. The RainWings were pretty unhelpful, too. SandWings deserve second or third, AT LEAST.

9 HiveWings HiveWings

(Spoiler Alert)
HiveWings are so underrated! And I also believe that WIllow is OVERRATED! SHE'S A MURDERER!

Just wait until you meet Tsunami or, most especially, Peril. Protagonists can kill too. - Cyri

I like them because there powerful that's all

There so cool! There like one of the best dragons (my other tabs are viewings and skywings).

Continent: Pantala
Scale color: yellow, black, reddish-orange
Powers: varies; some have paralyzing venom, others have deadly stingers or acid. - Cyri

10 MudWings MudWings

Mudwings? Best tribe.

I love mudwings I think they are a really good tribe of dragons

Continent: Pyrrhia

Scale color: brown
Powers: Long breath holds, some have immunity to fire - Cyri

The Newcomers

? ThunderWing

(They're blue, green, and yellow dragons, similar body shape to icewings, exept with lightning bolt shaped horns, not a bunch of straight horns, they can breathe lightning, and if they touch water with their tails, it creates an explosion of lightning. please note this is a fan made tribe, you should vote for a real one.)

? SapWings

Haha only for people who have read book 13!

The Contenders

11 Hybrids

Whiteout and Sunny are hybrids. this alone should make ANYONE love them. (Though mostly Whiteout.)

Look at Darkstalker and whiteout and sunny and typhoon

Sunny! 1

My oc is a nightwing and skywing mix.

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12 Fanwings


Humans who Love Wings Of Fire - ArcticWolf

Us, people!

13 ThunderWings

Shoot lightning,live in the clouds of Pyrrhia and look like Icewings.

14 Scavenger

Aka people

15 DarkWings

Basically different versions and genders of Darkstalker. The best combination. Ever.

16 Moonwings

Meh, it's a new name for darkwings.

17 Mage Wings

A Mage wing is an all animus tribe

AWWW YAAA I bet Turtel can break the rules and start the tribe by having dragonets with Kinkajou and they'll all be animus dragons

18 Beetle Wings

It should be exactly number eleven. Behind all of the tribes not extinct but far ahead all the stupid nonexistent tribes people are making up. - MaxAurelius

19 Mysticwing

Yas vote for this the person that made this is so cool! power over the elements!

So cool vote for this! power over the elements! SO DARN COOL!

A dragon I made up #makenewthings #wingsoffire they are like animus dragons, just they have only special control over the elments (Air,water,fire,soil)

Psst… ArticWolf… ya u please vote for mah tribe I made!

20 Fluffwings

These dragons are fluffy and they can turn into clouds

21 Sunwings
22 CamoWings

A dragon tribe that lives in secret in other tribed

23 Elementals

Dragons with the elements of dragons

24 Poisonwing

Shoots spines so poisonous it can burn through solid steel. Shoots large blasts of fire. Lionfish like stripes. Lives in the ocean.

25 Firewing

Basically a skywing the same ability as Peril but they can control it like turn it on in their talons and turn it off anywhere else if they needed to. Also shoots hotter fire than other dragons.

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