Top 10 Wings of Fire Villains

The Top Ten Wings of Fire Villains

1 Darkstalker

He's my favorite villain because we know he isn't evil for the sake of being evil. He thinks he's doing the right thing. - Chickenpotato

So Sinister by the way, he also tried to kill dragons as his animus magic

Twisted, alone, literally the embodiment of all evil...yeah this is one of the best

He is a really interesting character, probably one of the most complex(I mean he has two completely different sides to him).

2 Queen Scarlet

Queen Scarlet was a queen that liked to be entertained by seeing dragons in her arena killing each other. She would put her prisoners from war in the arena. The prisoners would then fight for freedom, but after a few wins Queen Scarlet would send out her champion, Peril to kill them. Queen Scarlet wasn't like Burn, Burn would just stab the dragonets to death with her poisonous tail. While Queen Scarlet on the other hand would want to play with them, torture them, slowly, and painfully. After Glory used her venom on Queen Scarlet, Queen Scarlet went into hiding, planning to kill Glory at any chance. We see Queen Scarlet in book 1 and then she comes back in book 8, flaming that she killed Queen Glory. Something about Queen Scarlet is different from Darkstalker, but I just don't know what.

Scarlet is definitely my favorite antagonist, and my second favorite character! I have a Queen Scarlet shirt, and I'm going to be Scarlet for Halloween! I may have a problem...

I can't believe it! She's evil and she makes others fight in her arena just to KILL them I think!

Queen Scarlet is an amazing enemy!
When I would play Wings of Fire at school.
I would worship Queen Scarlet.
I love all of the death and fighting in her arena.She is also very strong to,She survived the acid that glory shot at her.


3 Princess Blister

The smartest of the sandwing princesses yet dumb at the end I mean why would you grab the eye of onyx

She killed burn that's a good thing but she wanted to kill some of the dragonets and definitely kill Tsunami. What a villan!

Very smart and clever. if she didn't believe the NightWIngs prophecy I bet she would be queen. - 804544

I realyy think Blister should be on #1 because she so evil SHE EVEN KILLED BURN!

4 Morrowseer

He is a big jerk, and bascially ruined the first six years of the dragonets lives, he plain evil

He's a cool subversion of the wise prophet trope. He's a cold imperialist that justifies his horrible act by telling himself he serves the tribe. A cunning and badass antagonist.

Lawful evil. Enforced and greatly assisted the NightWing agenda. - Cyri

I thought he was innocent until the end of the first book, veeery smart and sneky

5 Queen Coral

She is misguided I agee with Speedyscout, she should not be this list.

Queen Coral is not belong to this list! - ArcticWolf

She's not really evil. Just a bit misguided. Shouldn't be here! - Speedyscout

Not even really a villain. - Cyri

6 Anemone

Anemone is not evil. She was misguided, like Coral. In the epilogue of Qibli's book, she's fine but I suppose people don't bother with that. :/ - Speedyscout

I hate her. She used her animus magic to enchant a broom to hit her, or Moon until she decided to clean the room.

Chaotic good. - Cyri

She is just misunderstood. She became an animus when Turtle willed her to. Then, later, Darkstalker showed up, and since Anemone wants to be able to use her animus powers without going insane, she listens to him.
Great villain anyway! Even though I like Darkstalker better.

7 Icicle

Well... she’s not that evil
She’s just trying to free her brother Hailstorm from ex Queen Scarlet

Neutral evil - Cyri


born evil

8 Mastermind

Who put him on the list?! He was trying to be loyal to his queen! And yet, he's a nerd! Like Starflight! Why is he on this list?!

He's not a villain stop calling he a villain

I kinda like him

Um, he's been trapped in quicksand for his crimes - AJ

9 Fierceteeth

Tries to kill her brothers crush


sooo evil

10 Albatross

Not his fault he went crazy. Nobody knew the affects of animus magic when he created the summer palace.

He was evil because of how Lagoon forced him to serve her using animus magic! - thrustmaster100

He is evil but Queen Lagoon was using his powers for useless things! - 804544

if it wasn't for him, maybe darkstalker wouldn't have been so evil

He is evil due to how he was treated - ArcticWolf

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? Coconut

He forgot Kinkojou how do you do that. She is so bright!


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11 Queen Wasp

She is totally evil, she controls her subjects! Who would do such a thing?

sorry for spoilers but queen wasp is under control by a plant whitch you find out in book 13 the poison jungle

She is a queen who turns her dragons into monsters and murderers

I HATE queen wasp she is the living embodiment of terrible evilness SHE SHOULD DIE

12 Whirlpool

As much as we agree that whirlpool is a jerk, lets admit that its kinda fun reading lines in whatever disgusting voice we imagine him with... (he is my second favorite character in all wings of fire because I have so much fun reading in his voice)

I am glad that he is dead, he is a squid-brain

He tried killing Tsunami

totally evil, should have died sooner

13 Flame

An idiot who thought he could do a terrible crime and get away with it

Poor flame yeah he tried to kill stonemover but he was desperate

He just needs love, guys.

You he needs respect

14 Princess Burn

She is totally evil and probably the one who started the whole war

Burn is horrible! She wanted to kill Sunny just because she looked different! I mean, come on!

Her collection pretty much says why she should be on the top of this list.

Burn was very mean and deserved to die

15 The Othermind

why did hawthorn HAVE to die. and also spoiler alert how could THEY GO WITHOUT DEFEATING THE OTHERMIND that's CRAZY and also how dare the othermind just use hawthorns power and then he almost killed willow then wanted to take over sundew

He/she is totally evil but the dragon cannot control their mind

The Othermind is super mysterious and creepy! I was NOT ecxpecting something like that to happen! It is basically the reason why Wasp is evil! It should be higher on the list than her! It is also super sneaky and trick them into burning it! It is a great bad guy because it's not just one thing they have to kill, it's like, 300 million plants, and they can't burn them! Tui tottally suprised me with this.

A plant in Pantala that's goal is to control everyone (including wasp) and never let them make any of their own decisions all the way from birth to death. Do I really need to say more? (Book 13 spoilers)

16 Vulture

Planted bombs everywhere, said it was the MudWings, almost started a war and tried to make Onyx become queen even though technically she wasn't royal anymore so she wasn't allowed to challenge Thorn. ALSO EXPRESSING MY OPINION ON DARKSTALKER! He only made the disease to protect his tribe and for his revenge, because they kidnapped his mother. And all of that bad stuff he did was because of the effects of animus magic. Same with Albatross!

So mean, kinda greedy, and litrally and complete idiot for trying to overtake qubli in any way...yeah that qualifies as a siding villan

Sirocco, Rattlesnake, and Vulture are so mean to Qibli. Qibli is my favorite character.

Tried to kill Queen thorn

17 Queen Magnificent

She's not evil, she's just a fat, lazy so-called 'queen'. - DragonFire1o

I really wanted Glory to kill her, she was the worst queen

I hate her, She is nothing but Lazy, WHY SHOULD SHE BE QUEEN?!

She abandoned her subjects

18 Orca

I love Orca and I beg her to return and get revenge on Tsunami, Anemone and Auklet

She is sooo awesome and really cool! but I can see why orca didn't tell coral she was animus - 804544

She killed all those heirs...

Killed her sisters, HER SISTERS

19 Queen Diamond

She is so evil! She tries to control Arctics entire life and then basically is so terrible that she wants to kill his one love over and over! She even tries to get him to KILL HIS OWN DRAGONETS! I mean, how evil can you get?!

When you kill someone over and over, that's just cruel.

Killed Foeslayer a lot

She killed Foeslayer like a million times

20 Chameleon

He actually changed Tourmaline to be Ruby and he is totally CRAZY

I bet if he didn't get cased out of the RainWing kingdom he wouldn't be this despicable now. - 804544

Best villain, no more questions

Chameleon must have his own book because he is so cool

21 Queen Battlewinner

She tried to kill starlight I mean she is pretty evil.


sooo evil

22 Prince Artic

He has animus Magic and he used his Magic lots of times


23 Cobra

Just saying I love assassins. they are so mysterious, and mostly live in the Scorpion den. - 804544

She sold Qibli.

Good assassin, trying to overthrow vulture, that's a villan.

24 Kestrel

But she also tried to save peril From Queen Scarlet,I think she was just more angry/mean after she lost both her dragonets.

She's NOT evil she just hates the dragonets

I hate her the moment I saw her

Tried to protect peril

25 Fathom

Fathom is NOT evil! I don't know why he is here he saved Clearsight,and the entire nightwing tibe! He also saved all of his friends and as much of his family that he could!

He really kind


26 Smolder

He’s not a villain, he was actually really nice to sunny, and I sorta still ship them (not as much as sunnyflight) he was never evil, he was just doing something to avoid death, I’m sure many of you would do the same


No! Smolder is sooo nice! He should not be on this list! 😡😡😡😡

27 Crocodile

Very good twist for here to be bad

28 Ex-Princess Onyx
29 Queen Vigilance

Queen Vigilance was the Nightwing Queen during Darkstalkers time and manipulated him as a weapon of warfare, taking advantage of his abilities of animus, telepathy and psychic powers.

She is like TERRIBLE

30 Peril

Peril isn't a villain! She only killed dragons because she thought it was the only thing she was good for! Scarlet manipulated her! She should not be here! - thrustmaster100

Not a villain was forced to kill dragons, is nice


31 Sundew

Shes more of a complete grump than an actual villan, but I find her kinda mean, on how she acts towards others

I love her but she is not evil



32 Sora

Sora just try to killed Icicle because she saw her killing Crane - ArcticWolf

Sora's not at all EVIL! She was just troubled, poor thing, why is she here?!?! - Speedyscout


33 Queen Lagoon
34 Peacemaker

It's not his fault that he has a evil past

Do I have to say anything? - AJ

35 Hawthorn

He was evil when mind-controlled.

I wish that the othermind hadn't been controlling him. - 804544

He's just mind controled as well

36 Commander Belladonna

Huge butt, worse than her daughter by a lot, why is she lower?

37 Rattlesnake

I couldn’t fit raddlesnake and cirocco but their both dumb yet strong and easily manipulated

slither slither

Tried to kill Qibli.

38 Queen Pearl

I honestly don't like her very much. I mean, she was so paranoid and vain that she mad Fathom promise never to use his power! (by the way, she was Prince Fathom’s sister.) Why would you do that? A power that big, held by a thin promise.

39 Cattail


40 Dune

Talked about drowning glory in first book

why did you allow Kestrel!?

41 Viper

Who put her on the list?

42 Queen Sapphire

€�She was the one who started Albatrosses evilness by teasing him so much that she lost all her talons”

43 Commander Shark

also evil

44 Sirocco

Also tried to kill Qibli.

45 Nettle

She's so annoying!

46 Queen Snowfall

She's so shoutie!

47 Vengeance

Evil he grabbed glory!

48 Queen Oasis

She was nice to her dragonets so it don't think shes "evil" "evil".

49 Addax
50 Prince Cliff

here he Why's

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