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I know Darkstalker did some terrible stuff and even I am a little like "wow that is bad" but still he just wanted the perfect future for him and his friends. As fathom has already said there is no such thing as a bad guy their just mislead, and sad. I would've liked to see what would happened if he didn't get turned into a another dragon (technically he isn't fully gone nothing is never gone his soul is basically sleeping deep inside peacemakers body. Have you ever thought of what happened when peacemaker would die well Darkstalker's soul would pretty much come back out and seek revenge. I have to admit as much as I dislike kinkajou her spell was clever but not clever enough to fully get rid of his soul, but anyways Darkstalker was a great villain because of his sad backstory and reasons.

Darkstalker wanted to bring his tribe to prosperity, but he was also lonely, conflicted, and sad. BUT that doesn't excuse all of the stuff that he did. Another thing I really hate about Darkstalker is that he tried to manipulate other dragons' feelings, such as trying to make Fathom forget about Indigo and making all of the dragons he met immediately like him. Also, his own soul reader that he made himself said he was evil when it was pointed at him, which pretty much proves he was evil.

I think Darkstalker's the best villain because he wasn't always a villain unlike Blister or Morrowseer who (in my opinion) where always villains, Darkstalker only counts as a villain because he was going to kill Queen Vigilance because she tried to kill him, meaning he got angry, in my opinion I think its Vigilance's falt Darkstalker's a villain, if you think about, Darkstalker would have never tried to kill the queen if she hadn't sent an assain after him. So I don't consider him a villain but I'm still voting for him, because when Fathom was looking at all the spells he had cast the first ones where really nice, the ones with the invisable ink where not so much, but really he was doing it so is friends and loved ones would be happy, onestly I'm surprised he didn't kill Queen Diamond for killing his mother, but the legend of him is really cool, you know that he enhanted that dagger that wrote notes after killing a dragon? I think that's actually really intresting. Oooooooooo what if ...more

He was manipulative, conniving, and power-hungry. He did lots of terrible things, but he only did them to protect the people he cared about. I'm still debating whether he's evil

Queen Scarlet

She forces dragons to fight in her arena for FUN and has Peril kill the SkyWing eggs that were due to hatch on the brightest night. So yes, I think she needs to be in the top ten.
-Twilight the NightWing

Queen Scarlet was a queen that liked to be entertained by seeing dragons in her arena killing each other. She would put her prisoners from war in the arena. The prisoners would then fight for freedom, but after a few wins Queen Scarlet would send out her champion, Peril to kill them. Queen Scarlet wasn't like Burn, Burn would just stab the dragonets to death with her poisonous tail. While Queen Scarlet on the other hand would want to play with them, torture them, slowly, and painfully. After Glory used her venom on Queen Scarlet, Queen Scarlet went into hiding, planning to kill Glory at any chance. We see Queen Scarlet in book 1 and then she comes back in book 8, flaming that she killed Queen Glory. Something about Queen Scarlet is different from Darkstalker, but I just don't know what.

Oml I LOVE Queen Scarlet. Actually, I think I have issues, considering I had a picture of her as my IPad's homescreen at somepoint. I have to say, I laughed the most when Cliff said "I wanna see Mommy kill Grandma!" -Nightstalker the NightWing

Scarlet is definitely my favorite antagonist, and my second favorite character! I have a Queen Scarlet shirt, and I'm going to be Scarlet for Halloween! I may have a problem...

Princess Blister

If you have 2 sisters trying to dismember you do you not try to fight them? Also, what's wrong with being smart?

She killed burn that's a good thing but she wanted to kill some of the dragonets and definitely kill Tsunami. What a villan!

Blister is super shifty and tricky and I do like that about her but not the part where shes evil.

She is so smart and I want her to come back and get revenge


This guy is shady, a huge jerk, ruined Clay's, Sunny's, Glory's, and Starflight's lives (he technically saved Tsunami's life cause she was a princess and would've been killed, but still, he is a jerk) and I got SO MAD when the prophecy turned out to be not real. He is the biggest jerk there is.

He lied about the prophecy so the NightWings could take over the SandWings. I know it was on Battlewinner's orders, but I think he deserved to die in the volcano eruption.
-Twilight the NightWing

I wouldn’t exactly call him a villain but he WAS evil. He was very mean with the dragonets and let’s not forget he allied with Blister - Star

Morrowseer should be on second(darkstalker should be on first)Because of him Starflight got blinded.He broke Sunnys heart.He is the reason kestrel got killed.RIP.Because of him many lives have been ruined.he should never rest in peace!

Queen Coral

She's not really evil. Just a bit misguided. Shouldn't be here!

She was only trying to protect her tribe don't blame her

She is misguided I agee with Speedyscout, she should not be this list.

Queen Coral is not belong to this list!


She is just misunderstood. She became an animus when Turtle willed her to. Then, later, Darkstalker showed up, and since Anemone wants to be able to use her animus powers without going insane, she listens to him.
Great villain anyway! Even though I like Darkstalker better.

Anemone is not evil. She was misguided, like Coral. In the epilogue of Qibli's book, she's fine but I suppose people don't bother with that. :/

I hate her. She used her animus magic to enchant a broom to hit her, or Moon until she decided to clean the room.

Another evil gay dragon! Chaotic Evil.


Don’t you mean Princess icicle. I think she’s a princess. Maybe I’m not sure. She made me laugh at how she tried to kill Clays sister. CLAY IS ONE OF THE TEACHERS AND SHE GOES ABD TRIES TO KILL HIS BROTHER!? It’s pathetic but hilarious. She’s not smart I’ll tell ya that - Star

Every one's fighting, it's a war.

Well... she’s not that evil
She’s just trying to free her brother Hailstorm from ex Queen Scarlet

Neutral evil


He does not deserve to be on this list. Would you not obey a queen who could have you thrown into lava?

Who put him on the list?! He was trying to be loyal to his queen! And yet, he's a nerd! Like Starflight! Why is he on this list?!

Mastermind really!? Mastermind is not evil he's doing his queen's orders.

Mastermind was just being a loyal Nightwing!


Not his fault he went crazy. Nobody knew the affects of animus magic when he created the summer palace.

He is evil but Queen Lagoon was using his powers for useless things!

He almost killed his whole family! He is such a meany.

He killed his whole family except to dragonets

No. Some escaped, like fathoms cousin and fathoms sister and crush

Queen Wasp

Wasp is THE WORST but you have to hand it to her, its pre-etty how she did all of it, you know be completely EVIL, mind control everyone, and keep all those secrects.

Queen Wasp is duh evil. She is a liar and goes so far to mind-control her subjects (though we found out that that was the LeafWings' fault kinda ish sorta).

Woah...she is supposed to be like number two. She took control of her VERY OWN loyal subjects and she tries to wipe a ENTIRE TRIBE OF DRAGONS. She fails though so I’m happy about that. lol - Star

Wasp:*takes control of everyone*
Me: hehe * runs to phrriah * continuse to curse queen wasp
Scarlet:*comes back to life goes to queen wasp* we could be really great friends
Wasp: oh really?
Wasp and scarlet: * takes over universe*

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She is evil because she is jealous

Tries to kill her brothers crush


He was wasting Anemone's animus power on training so she could go crazy trying to win the war. He also tried to kill Tsunami, and that makes him evil!
-Twilight the NightWing

As much as we agree that whirlpool is a jerk, lets admit that its kinda fun reading lines in whatever disgusting voice we imagine him with... (he is my second favorite character in all wings of fire because I have so much fun reading in his voice)

EVIL TO THE CORE I'M SO GLAD ANEMONE KILLED HIM HE TOTALLY DESERVED IT. He wanted Tsunami to marry him against her will! Then he tried to kill her! May you rot in hell, Whirlpool.

Whirlpool is SO HORRIBLE. He is oily and tortured everyone. He is also a horrible teacher and not handsome at ALL.

Princess Burn

She should be higher on this list. True, Blister is more evil, but Burn should be up closer to her on this list. How did Anemone place higher than Burn, when Burn did basically what Anemone did, but to more dragons?

She is a STRAIGHT UP MURDERER. I mean she kills dragons for no absolute reason but for FUN. She destroyed a dragon egg. THE DRAGON INSIDE COULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT DRAGON. - Star

Burn is horrible! She wanted to kill Sunny just because she looked different! I mean, come on!

Her collection pretty much says why she should be on the top of this list.

Burn is only like this because she was close to her mother and was driven mad at her death. Burn used to like poetry and writing

The Othermind

This THING should be first! It is even worse than dark stalkers everyone loves me spell because there is no cure so far and I think it is second in power to darkstalker

The Othermind is obviously evil. I mean I get what it's doing, because dragons likely destroyed him to take over Pyrrhia, but still, it's evil.

The Othermind is super mysterious and creepy! I was NOT ecxpecting something like that to happen! It is basically the reason why Wasp is evil! It should be higher on the list than her! It is also super sneaky and trick them into burning it! It is a great bad guy because it's not just one thing they have to kill, it's like, 300 million plants, and they can't burn them! Tui tottally suprised me with this.

Warning to everyone this is massive spoilers for The Poison Jungle. The Othermind is a plant that can control dragns and animals. It is currently taking over Pantala. Hawthorn tricked Blue to burn a pile of plants which was the mind-controlling plant(The Breath of Evil). When the Leafwings and Blue and maybe Swordtail breathed in the smoke they were mind-controlled by that plant.


He's really misguided. I don't think he really was evil because he cared about his mother

An idiot who thought he could do a terrible crime and get away with it

Poor flame yeah he tried to kill stonemover but he was desperate

He attacked Stonemover but I don't know if that "counts"


Planted bombs everywhere, said it was the MudWings, almost started a war and tried to make Onyx become queen even though technically she wasn't royal anymore so she wasn't allowed to challenge Thorn. ALSO EXPRESSING MY OPINION ON DARKSTALKER! He only made the disease to protect his tribe and for his revenge, because they kidnapped his mother. And all of that bad stuff he did was because of the effects of animus magic. Same with Albatross!

So mean, kinda greedy, and litrally and complete idiot for trying to overtake qubli in any way...yeah that qualifies as a siding villan

He is so mean he tried to kill Qibli's mother. And killed a lot of dragons and is covered in skulls tattoos.HISS! How dare you talk about me! Stab! Drop.



He actually changed Tourmaline to be Ruby and he is totally CRAZY

I bet if he didn't get cased out of the RainWing kingdom he wouldn't be this despicable now.

He is evil because of his anger at the rainwings for kicking him out

Chameleon must have his own book because he is so cool


She was going to kill her own dragonets to stay the queen. If that's not evil, I don't know what is.
-Twilight the NightWing

I love Orca and I beg her to return and get revenge on Tsunami, Anemone and Auklet

At least Webs took Tsunami's egg and didn't get killed

She is sooo awesome and really cool! but I can see why orca didn't tell coral she was animus

Queen Magnificent

WHAT!? There are no Rainwings that are evil that I know of, BUT I KNOW MAGNIFICENT AND SHE IS NOT EVIL! Though she's not evil she's still REALLY BAD, I still don't like her

I really wanted Glory to kill her, she was the worst queen

She's not evil, she's just a fat, lazy so-called 'queen'.

She doesn't lift a claw to save the captured Rainwings

Queen Diamond

She’s complicated, on one hand she was a mother who loved her dragonet, on the other she was a psychotic murderer, and a very controlling mother. She’s still better then Vigilance, though.

She is so evil! She tries to control Arctics entire life and then basically is so terrible that she wants to kill his one love over and over! She even tries to get him to KILL HIS OWN DRAGONETS! I mean, how evil can you get?!

When you kill someone over and over, that's just cruel.

Do I need to say WHY she's evil? -Nightstalker the NightWing

Queen Battlewinner

Doesn't anyone remember the part where she says "anything, for the tribe."?

She tried to kill starlight I mean she is pretty evil.



Just saying I love assassins. they are so mysterious, and mostly live in the Scorpion den.

Good assassin, trying to overthrow vulture, that's a villan.

She sold Qibli.

Prince Artic

He’s NOT a villain! Anyone who says he is clearly hasn’t read runaway, or looked close enough at the prologue of Darkstalker! He was a wonderful dragon, and he felt trapped by his mother and the rules. He loved Foeslayer, but when they escaped he used his magic, and it destroyed his soul. So, not a villain, just someone who payed the price of Animus magic. Sure, he did have some nasty thoughts, and he took control of Whiteout, but that was AFTER his soul was destroyed. That’s not who he really was, and if he hadn’t ever used his magic, I think he would have been a great father.

He is NOT evil. Yes, he started a war. And yes, he fathered Darkstalker. But was that HIS fault? HE didn't start the war. -Nightstalker the NightWing

He has animus Magic and he used his Magic lots of times



Sundew is NOT a villain! I don't know why she's even on this list! She she wanted to destroy the hivewings at one point in the story, but her actions were justified! Sundew may be mean at times, but she protects her friends.

-Sundew is NOT evil! She's a little rude and annoying at times, but you know who else is? TSUNAMI! WHERE IS SHE ON THIS LIST? IF YOU'RE GONNA PUT SUNDEW, PUT TSUNAMI! -Nightstalker the NightWing

Shes more of a complete grump than an actual villan, but I find her kinda mean, on how she acts towards others

Evil gay dragon! Totally a villain


But she also tried to save peril From Queen Scarlet,I think she was just more angry/mean after she lost both her dragonets.

She is not evil of course she was rude but not evil the dragonets even cryed when she died

She's NOT evil she just hates the dragonets

I hate her the moment I saw her

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