Top 10 Wings of Fire Villains


The Top Ten

1 Darkstalker Darkstalker

I love Darkstalker he is such a great villain and he is so well written. I also love how you can see the good side of him. - Sandzyboy

I don't think there is anything to say here, he is obviously the villain in the story

He is so powerful, he could take over everything!

Hi darkstalker * fly away angrily*

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2 Queen Scarlet Queen Scarlet

Queen Scarlet is really funny and crazy. She will always be #1 villain.

If there's a movie I can't WAIT TO SEE HER! Won't it be so...thrilling? LOL - IntotheVoid

"What a thrillingly bloody day for me and Queen Burn! "

She is my least favorite - ArcticWolf

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3 Morrowseer

I Hate this guy

4 Queen Coral

Queen Coral is not belong to this list! - ArcticWolf

I don't see how Coral's a villain. Same with Anenome. What did she ever do?

5 Anemone

She is just misunderstood. She became an animus when Turtle willed her to. Then, later, Darkstalker showed up, and since Anemone wants to be able to use her animus powers without going insane, she listens to him.
Great villain anyway! Even though I like Darkstalker better.

6 Mastermind
7 Princess Blister

Blister is super shifty and tricky and I do like that about her but not the part where shes evil.

She wants to rule all of the tribes! - ArcticWolf

Blister is so smart and all.
she also kind of got the nightwings on her side so I don't see why she isn't the queen. no one would like a selfish or stupid leader like blaze or burn, right? (don't get offended).

8 Fierceteeth
9 Flame

He just needs love, guys.

10 Whirlpool

The Contenders

11 Queen Magnificent

She's not evil, she's just a fat, lazy so-called 'queen'. - DragonFire1o

12 Icicle
13 Smolder
14 Sora
15 Orca
16 Princess Burn

Burn was very mean and deserved to die

Burn wants to make war for fun! - ArcticWolf

17 Vulture

He is so mean he tried to kill Qibli's mother. And killed a lot of dragons and is covered in skulls tattoos.HISS! How dare you talk about me! Stab! Drop.

18 Cobra

She sold Qibli.

19 Rattlesnake

Tried to kill Qibli.

20 Sirocco

Also tried to kill Qibli.

21 Albatross

He killed his sister and a Skywing

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