Top 10 Wings of Fire Villains


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1 Queen Scarlet Queen Scarlet

Queen Scarlet is really funny and crazy. She will always be #1 villain.

If there's a movie I can't WAIT TO SEE HER! Won't it be so...thrilling? LOL - IntotheVoid

"What a thrillingly bloody day for me and Queen Burn! "

Queen Scarlet in a nutshell:
''He was obviously a lost cause. Kept making this hero face to me, like I'm the bad guy and he's coming to right all wrongs. Excuse me, who got attacked by her own artwork and then kidnapped by her ally and then blackmailed by her champion mid-rescue while meanwhile her own daughter was stealing the throne? Who's the one with the hideous face maiming? Whose throne is currently OCCUPIED by a PRETENDER who can NEVER have beaten me in a challenge before? WHO had her whole life RUINED by those HORRIBLE DRAGONETS? ME THAT'S WHO! I'm the victim here! Someone should be heroically trying to help ME right all wrongs! Where's my rotten cavalry of loyal idiots? ''


''How thrilling! ''

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2 Darkstalker Darkstalker

I love Darkstalker he is such a great villain and he is so well written. I also love how you can see the good side of him. - Sandzyboy

Darkstalker is hilarious and mysterious

Darkstalker is super cool and he is mysterious you never know when he will be evil or good.he's really brave even though he is not a main character and he always cares about his friends and family even if it means doing somthing super bad..

3 Queen Coral

I don't see how Coral's a villain. Same with Anenome. What did she ever do?

4 Morrowseer
5 Anemone

She is just misunderstood. She became an animus when Turtle willed her to. Then, later, Darkstalker showed up, and since Anemone wants to be able to use her animus powers without going insane, she listens to him.
Great villain anyway! Even though I like Darkstalker better.

6 Mastermind
7 Fierceteeth
8 Flame
9 Whirlpool
10 Queen Magnificent

She's not evil, she's just a fat, lazy so-called 'queen'. - DragonFire1o

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11 Princess Blister

Blister is super shifty and tricky and I do like that about her but not the part where shes evil.

12 Sora
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