Top 10 Winners of Metal Storm Awards 2007

Metal Storm Awards are 1000x more adequate and relevant that Metal Grammy Awards.

The Top Ten

1 Victory Songs - Ensiferum (Best Folk / Pagan / Viking Metal Album)

The album's title track is amazing and it's the best song with extreme metal vocals that I can tolerate (at least the chorus has clean vocals). - PhoenixAura81

2 Paradise Lost - Symphony X (Best Progressive Metal Album)
3 Dark Passion Play - Nightwish (Biggest Letdown)
4 Fiction - Dark Tranquillity (Best Melodeath / Gothenburg Metal Album)
5 The Apostasy - Behemoth (Best Death Metal Album)
6 Silent Waters - Amorphis (Best Heavy Metal Album)
7 The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A - Exodus (Best Thrash Metal Album)
8 Theogonia - Rotting Christ (Best Black Metal Album)
9 Ghost Opera - Kamelot (Best Power Metal Album)
10 Ghost Opera - Kamelot (Best Video)

Yes, it's very good. - Metal_Treasure

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