Top Ten Winnie the Pooh Voice Actors

These are the best voice actors to do voices in the Winnie the Pooh franchise...

The Top Ten

1 Jim Cummings

The current voice of Pooh, Tigger, and many other side characters. - EvanTheNerd

2 Sterling Holloway

The original voice of Pooh. - EvanTheNerd

3 Paul Winchell

The original voice of Tigger. - EvanTheNerd

4 John Fiedler

The original voice of Piglet. - EvanTheNerd

5 Ken Sansom

The best voice of Rabbit. - EvanTheNerd

6 Hal Smith

The original voice of Owl and second voice of Pooh. - EvanTheNerd

7 Peter Cullen

The best voice of Eeyore. - EvanTheNerd

8 Kath Soucie

The best voice of Kanga. - EvanTheNerd

9 Travis Oates

The current voice of Piglet. - EvanTheNerd

10 Tom Kenny Tom Kenny

I accidentally added him twice :/ - EvanTheNerd

The Contenders

11 Michael Gough

The second voice of Gopher. - EvanTheNerd

12 Andre Stojka

The second voice of Owl. - EvanTheNerd

13 Tom Kenny Tom Kenny

The current voice of Rabbit. - EvanTheNerd

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