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1 Flora

Flora seems like she is always smiling, and she absolutely loves pink and green!

She is gorgeous with a brave, kind, intelligent and friendly behaviour. Better than others, she is a bit underrated and a polite girl like her should be the leader, Not Bloom

I look like her and she is very kind hearted and nice

I just love her. Is that wrong haters? - Relatable

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2 Musa

Music is powerful and meaningful plus musa is amazing and like me only lives with one parent (my dad though isn't dead ) she is very emotional and stylish and deserves a season like season 5 where it was all aimed at family...tecna should be the star of a season too. It should be about zenith sprites and robots attacking the magic realm...

I love you fairy of music and melody and harmony and rhythm and peace and calm and love and lyrics and life and songs and raps and operas and air and pop and disco and rock and roll and jazz.

In season 7, I hope she would be a lead singer and Bloom would be a guitarist!

You are owasom

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3 Stella

Her signature color should be purple because she looks better in purple and looks very very disgusting in orange.

I am stela your favourite character don't you love me I love stela she is so pretty she should be the main character I love her more than anything else that you can get

Stella is funny and beautiful! Even if she's vain every now and then, she's brave and super reliable!

I love her cux she is of course stylish and is damn pretty love you

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4 Tecna

Tecna doesn't get much screen time, but I really enjoyed watching her in WoW

She is the smartest

I LOVE her. She is very cool and smart. I also really like Musa, Riven, and Timmy. - PhoenixAura81

Musa deserves to be first and tecna deserve to be second. She is very smart intelligent and has a great personality.she is very nice. She has the best boyfriend. I love her choice. She is so brave.

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5 Bloom

Bloom has a lovely boyfriend called sky. She my favourite characters. I wish I see her in real life. She has great power she so powerful and friendly to her friends, her closer friends is stella they always like each other the most.

Bloom is cool but I do understand she's always the spotlight its not fair but I like her

And you should hate Iris from Lolirock! She is a real mary sue.

HELLOW! Its Iginio Straffi here! Bloom is the lead then why do you hate her.She's the best fairy.

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6 Roxy

She's very boring to watch. We don't see a lot of development in her after season 4.

I love the color of the hair of roxy

I don't know anything about her


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7 Aisha

She is the fairy of waves

I wish I could meet her

She is beautiful when she became a Bloomix fairy


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8 Daphne

Daphne is bloom sister she saved her from the evil witches that almost captured her power. She sacrifies bloom her little sister and saved her. Daphne love her little sister bloom so much And Daphne is So Pretty and Wonderful

I'm so happy that Diaspro isn't on the list. She is the worst villain and she always gets into trouble to Bloom but Daphne is the best she loves her little sister and Bloom has got a nicest sister.

Daphne is a good mentor.

She is even better than Diaspro.

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9 Riven

Riven is very intresting! I wish we could see a flashback of his childhood or see his family or something! Shy gets way too much attention! So sad he left but I really hope he returns in upcoming seasons! Riven and Musa were my favourite couple! They were so cute!

10 Brandon

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11 Sky

He's super handsome than most of the boys there at red fountain.
he has a kind caring heart and will make a good king

12 Miele

She should be in the show more its just not justice if she's not in it' for season 7... Plus she's so pretty and smart I could only imagine how strong she is if she was in season 7! And we would get to see more sister bonding from Flora and Miele! And who doesn't love that especially if Flora is involved!

She is as beautiful as Flora.

Meile is so grown up now and is ready to help her sister should be in the winx group

Who is this

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13 Helia
14 Icy
15 Diaspro

Diaspro is the best fairy. - TwilightKitsune

Diaspro is a stupid, lazy idiot. I remember in season 6 she threw one power and got tired. She also doesn't even have Charmix yet. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Never liked her wish she died in stead of nabu

16 Timmy

I love timmy timmy is so handsome

Most smart,sweet,and most handsome boy.He even looks nice with glasses. Tecna and timmy are my favourite couple. They care for each other a lot.

17 Diana
18 Nabu

I wish he was still alive! Aiesha's new boyfriend is so boring!

19 Griselda
20 Nova
21 Darcy

I like her, But I don’t know why�"

22 Iggy

Who the hell is she?

23 Stormy
24 Belle
25 Coco
26 Azalea
27 Roy
28 Nex
29 Ms. Faragonda
30 Brafilius
31 Kiko
32 Faragonda
33 Mitzi

She is very bad.she is worst.her glasses are like daddi amma. She always wear one dress which is very boring. Yuck! But her choice "Brandon" is nice

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