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21 Winx Club: Truth or Dare

A week after Bloom is revealed to be from Earth in season 1 the three heads decide to randomly choose five students and two teachers to play truth or Dare in front of all of Red Fountain Alfea and Cloud Tower to try and lessen the tempers and rivalry between the three schools. Feel free to send in some truths or dares but let me know who it's for! - Dreamformusic

Who is your cash 1 you will have to do a backflip

22 Riven's Return Part 2

After days of thought, Musa finally decides to tell Riven about her feelings in private, away from her own boyfriend. However while they are talking their dates happen to be walking by them and get the wrong message. Sooner or later they break-up with their dates. The next morning their exes fall in love, and Riven and Musa once again do. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

23 Fashion Day

Stella decided to do a fashion show but when it come to the right timing it's a trouble.She has to make it in day monday but that the day she was to find bloom that lost.She can just leave it to winx but she is bloom best friend so she has to make it.Then this episode is continue in the next episode.

A choice

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24 Winx Show
25 Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies


26 The Forgotten Sister of Sparks

Once Bloom used her wish to free Daphne from the sirenix curse, Daphne not only was restored back to life but her memory was restored as well. Daphne now remembers something very important the ancestral witches made her and her family forget. Bloom has a twin sister. Now it's up to the winx and Bloom to find their sister and help her with her many powers. - Dreamformusic

27 Work of the Winx

This is the episode of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Techna. It follows them through all the struggles form witches to love. There is also the boys Brandon, Helia, Riven, Nabu, Timmy and Skye. They all need to defeat the biggest monster of all time. Will they complete it. - Dreamformusic

28 Floras Makeup Problem

What all they do is crime fight in heels - Ihaskitty1234

29 Love Choice

This is a story about Flora and Helia! Helia break up with Flora because he love Krystal, but Flora meet a new guy! Flora and Helia will be together again - Dreamformusic

30 Earth Visit

Flora Visits Bloom in earth - Dreamformusic

31 Friends On TV

Three best friends named Musa, Bloom and Stella wants to Audition for their favorite T.V. show but when Stella makes it and Bloom and Musa don't they'll do whatever it take to become famous and on T.V.. Will They Become Famous. You Decide. - Dreamformusic

32 Loving You

The girls are back for their senior year and are better than ever. But when they meet their mutual enemies of the past the specialists. What will become of their relationship hate, love or confusion. Join us on a journey of love, friendship and magic. You Choose what Happens during some parts of this episode - Dreamformusic

Maybe they can fall in love

33 Winx Sponge

Flora, Bloom and the winx's wanted to meet their Friends SpongeBob, Sandy, Gary, Patrick, Squidward and the rest in real life so they go to bikini bottom. when they arrived they first saw bloom and Roxy best friend outside Alfea SpongeBob and Gary. And in a Couple Minutes all the other SpongeBob characters came to introduce the winx's to bikini bottom. This is what there best friends outside the winx's are. Bloom and SpongeBob, Roxy and Gary, Musa and Squidward, Tecna and Plankton, Sandy and Flora, Pearl and Stella and Daphne and Patrick. - Dreamformusic

Awesome Crossover, I Would Love to see this

Everyone kills the Winx Club. The end. - Goatworlds

34 Everything's Different

Bloom is sent to Earth for a couple days, but it isn't in the 21st Century. It is the 30th Century. Earth has expanded beyond the stars and it is far More advance than Alfea. Everything looks different What would she do in those days in the advance earth. - Dreamformusic

35 Spring Break

Spring break has arrived hooray, but it doesn't start very well. Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha and Stella have all gotten into trouble by Griselda and has to pay the price by missing out on spring break but while they stay in school what does Bloom do? Sky's on Eraklyon. With Nobody To Hang Around With, Bloom Decided to Visit The Uk. What Will She Experience in Britian. - Dreamformusic

36 The Dragons Bonds

I made a rewrite on one

It in season 8 episode 1 the winx are missing there fairly animals Flora is missing amarok a lot and Aisha is missing squock a new girl name ruby is picking on Flora ruby said that Flora did not care about amarok Flora is so upset she go to alfea national park Aisha goes after her but there a storm she and Flora lost tracks of each other Flora falls into a river after the storm Aisha goes looking for her but at the same time the dark claw tall his minion Saba and vedo to find the 2 there were after before the storm hit saba and vedo ran out of the room later on Flora is lying on the beach a shadow come over to her a green snoat siff her to see if she ok the shadow then pick her up and carey her away but just then Aisha come to see if Flora is there she called the winxs and specialists but it will be a long time before they can come.aisha saw a shadow over her she saw a sea blue and light blue dragon with dark blue eyes was fly over her she could see it a sea dragon as big as a T. rex ...more

37 Bloom Became Mean

Soon when Bloom dies the winx club lives more happily that bloom dies but can't do their convergance spells. Fairygonda wanted to show them that Bloom is their best friend but was unsuccessful. One day the girls were having party as they saw Bloom in anger coming towards them and saying the trix wasn't able to kill me. The trix attack alfea, Bloom fights herself as other winx fought as a group with Isadora as their leader. Bloom was attacked by Darcy on her head and falls down from a great height, Bloom was still able to defeat the trix but icy was still alive.

38 The Death of Bloom

The winx thinking Bloom is dead and say thankyou that your sister was brave to defeat her and had a party.

I will party and eat food all day if bloom dies :P

39 Death of the Winx Club

Bloom was still alive. Winx, Icy and Isadora were having party but Isadora and Icy attack the winx together and they finally defeat ten winx. Isadora said to the winx ''Now it should be agrand party, we defeated the winx." Now the winx were ashamed on how they treated Bloom. After Icy and Isadora go, the winx went to the forest and saw Bloom crying and badly hurt that she cannat move. Isadora blast the winx again by saying ''I knew you all were live." Bloom fought her and healed her friends with her healing powers becaming herself to weak. The winx took Bloom to Alfea and everybodyssaid sorry to her

40 Winx Abuse
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