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Flora is kind of like me. She represents anxiety, where she has a hard time believe in herself. It is very relatable around the world, and everyone should get the chance to be confident. A challenge that she wishes to accepts would cost her much. Therefor, such a wise person would create power and creativity to a bad habit, (anxiety) as she would get anxious and hard on herself. Bloom is too overrated, she is getting on my nerves sometimes, don't get me wrong. I love Bloom, but she gets a little bit too much screen time and I think the other girls should get some screen time too, along with the transformation, where the heck was Musa, Tecna, and Aisha, like seriously? But anyways, Flora has a personality of an angel that really suits her power. (Nature) In my opinion, she is my favorite and will always be the shining star. (So will Stella DUH? ) Since she is so shy and quiet, that is probably why she doesn't sing. But I would love to hear her! So to sum it all up, Flora is a ...more

She is my favorite Fairy
She is Kind, Beautiful, Pretty, Powerful

Flora is beautiful and she has the same skin color as me we both have a lot of things in common

She's just so pretty and nice! She's one of my favorite characters and I love her outfits and colors! I think that she should be given more spotlight.


Hi guys. OKAY I know that Bloom's a super duper Mary sue and a spotlight hogger but hey! She's the LEADER! Iginio Straffi based the character on her adopted daughter. All of her transformations except for believix (kinda stupid) and sirenix (they all had the same) are the best, she sings for their band (even when Musa's really great singer). She always kills the main and deadly opponents and orders winx, decides on the behalf of them without taking their opinions. She is given more screen time AND Flora and Musa are given lesser spotlight (not talking about Stella and Aisha who are definitely the number 2 hoggers). But the point is that she has been given the most complex relationships (both with her parents and Sky), and Bloom is given the power of dragon flame the most powerful power in the entire magic dimension which the creator of the magic dimension (the dragon0 itself made, so she perhaps has the image of a goddess in the show.

Bloom is given fire as her element being ...more

Bloom is kinda overrated, I mean the whole show mostly centers around her, but that's just my opinion

Bloom's dragon flame made the magic universe. She is the most powerful.

Shes the worst fairy of them all shes always in the spotlight she has to give sam to the others


Musa is the most underrated character in Winx Club. She has such a strong personality but doesn't get the attention she deserves.She adds humour to Winx along with Stella, and their banter adds the charm and makes the audience root for the Winx. She was the first person who welcomes Layla in the group and she makes an obvious effort to bond with her. I loved how they used Musa's love for music and Layla's love for dance as a bonding factor between the two fairies, it was probably the most realistic and beautiful Winx friendships. Musa is headstrong and has good leadership qualities. She doesn't mince her words and calls people out. I loved it when she got pissed for not being allowed to go on the rescue mission to get the pixies and she tells Faragonda "Are our powers worth nothing? " (Sorry girl only that idiotic dragon flame means something in Winx universe) Despite being tough and short-tempered she has such an emotional side too which makes her more likeable. Her backstory is by ...more

Musa is my favorite Winx club character; for the first time in 2012 when I began watching Winx I took Musa and Bloom as my favorites. Musa is on the first and the second is Bloom third Flora then stupid Stella. I hate Stella she's too much ignorant and probably the loser. But I love her sassy, flirty and stub-born attitude, she's the most creative and artistic which I want Musa too be. Actually I don't hate Stella but the way she acts sometimes and hurts others feelings and especially when she is shown sticking to Bloom I just hate it... I believe Bloom's BFF to be Aisha and Flora with Stella.

Musa is most charming and beautiful girl of them; she knows to play almost every type of instrument and she looks great with guitar I love her relationship with Riven and I miss him a lot. I hate Orlando I want to kill him, I also mind Musa to get interested in him. Orlando's cute but he's with Musa ooh I can't stand it.

Also I feel sad for her mother and her father... he's such a ...more

Musa is my favorite Winx Club member. I love her sarcastic, down-to-earth, tomboy attitude and how she isn't afraid to speak her mind. I also love her appearance. I mean, I'm not shallow or superficial but I love how Rainbow gave the Winx members some diversity. Musa is obviously Asian. She has the dark hair, pale skin, dark eyes, narrow eyes and more. She is also the half of my favorite couple: Riven and Musa. I love their relationship. I can't believe he left. The show isn't the same without Riven. And when that thing they call Orlando came along I was like NO! I was legitimately waiting for someone(or God) to push him out of that carriage and get run over by the horse. Or maybe the Winx cut of his limbs, hastily sew them back on, cut him open, scoop out his organs, fill him with tar, sew him back together, pin him on a crucifix, liquify his cut out organs, fill water balloons with his liquified organs, then throw them at him. But ya know, it's only just a dream, a idea, something ...more

Her voice! It's wonderful, I wonder why Bloom sings instead of Musa in the band? After all, she's the one with the most best voice, and she was the one who made the band in the first place.


I love Stella so damn much. She should be number one on the list. Then Musa and Flora after. Her personality is just amazing to me. She's so happy which makes me happy and she's able to cheer everyone up. She's little miss sunshine and I love it. But that doesn't mean she's always happy. To me Stella is flirty, sassy, feisty and stubborn which I love. But she's also caring and compassionate. She does care about her friends. No doubt about it. I have always had a fascination with the solar system and for her to be the fairy of the sun, moon and stars is great to me. Plus the keeper of Solaria's ring which was created by the great dragon. The fact that she's a princess and the guardian of her own kingdom just topped the cake. Plus her obsession over fashion and shopping, guys we are sisters I tell you! I don't care if she's blonde and I'm dark brown we're long lost sisters and that's that. Plus my favourite couple is Brella (Brandon and Stella) I just think they were made for each other ...more

Stella is nice and comforting I love her personality and she is funny she cares about other peoples problems but never her problems

Sunshine. We wouldn't live without it. Stella is one pretty fashionable fairy, so that's what I love about her.

Stella is the best fairy. I love everything about her. She has a personality like that because that is her role and she DEFINITELY adds color to the show! Flora is boring and weak, Bloom is annoying and her transformations fall short (in other words, ugly), Musa is, I don't know, just there as well as Tecna. Aisha is kinda fine. Bottom line is--Stella slayed it.


I love her hair and she's just so pretty. I love her transformations and I think that she should be one of the top 5. She's really powerful being the Nymph of Domino and Sirenix.

Hy everybody please wake up I like Daphne on top but I can't hear any thing about bloom lovers of Daphne bloom and Daphne are sisters and sisters are always same you know when you say any thing bad about bloom that's mean you also say bad about Daphne I like bloom and Daphne on top and can't say any thing bad about bloom please under stand and when you say something bad about any one then you show what your parents tell you and when that's also show that your parents didn't tell you any thing about manners don't say any thing bad about everybody for your parents and for your prospect because if you say anything bad about anybody it's be your prospect

All you daphne haters, you can all jump of bridges. It is obvious you are so jealous that your little Bloom (yuk! ) has been beaten by a prettier, powerful, leader worthy fairy. By the way bloom should not be leader. #Daphne is a true wins leader.

Yuk daphne to bad daphne lovers you jealous from bloom fans because bloom is leader and on the top bo bo bo daphnes fan don't say me some thing I am angry

Why is Daphne here? She should be at the top!


Aisha is one of my favorites. She is the Water Fairy, and I love water and swimming too!

Aisha is my favourite fairy. She is one of the fairies not to have a boyfriend for the first season she's on, the first time we see her she's on a rescue mission for the pixies, alone, even though as a princess who's parents have a good relationship with the pixies she could just get an army. No, she's not as powerful as Bloom but Bloom is overrated. For people who say that they hate her because she's black (I have been reading other comments), then just remember that Flora is pretty tanned and yet she's got the most votes. Aisha is independent, and doesn't squeal for her boyfriend when she's in trouble. And for those of you who say she should be kicked off Winx Club, consider this: Stella is annoying, and only appears to care about fashion now, Musa and Tecna get so little screentime they might as well already be off the show, Flora's spells don't do anything, and right now I think Bloom should go back to being a human and the other fairies get their chance to shine. Also, Aisha ...more

Aisha is my second favorite fairy since the first time she was Seen in season 2. Sometimes we are very similar to each other.
She is brave, lovely, smart, powerful, sporty, and on of the most gorgeous characters in Winx Club. I think she does not get that attention she deserved, also from the fans. It makes me sad when People say it would have been better if she had not been introduced in Winx Club. She is so pretty and strong personality. Love you Aisha/Layla.

Aisha was not bad in season 2 and was still bearable in season 3 but after nick took the show, she started standing a little too much in the spotlight and seems like she's even more important than Stella sometimes even though she wasn't even in the first, arguably the coolest, season. And there's always something with her. Season 3 Andros is in danger season 4 Nabu dies season 5 her cousin is the main bad guy. And season 4 onwards she starts to act like the second in command instead of Stella and dumps her incapacitated boyfriend for a new one in not even a year. And what happened to her tomboyish personality?


Ok I'll admit that when I was younger I mostly ignored her because she was always so closed off but now I see more than ever it's because she was a reflection of myself, a part of me I hated at the time. She's clever, thoughtful and intuitive and always know what to do in a bad situation. I guess one positive of all the 8 seasons is that we got to see more of her personality and really grow as a person especially when she showed her loyalty to the girls by sacrificing herself to save everyone. She has always been the rock, the guide but most importantly sister to the Winx throughout their adventures.

Tecna is awesome. She's smart and can create many gadgets that can come in handy when the Winx go on a mission. She has this tomboy persona the most out of the Winx Club and she seems to be athletic and sporty just like Aisha and knows how to have fun. She's gorgeous. She is also very brave and selfless and that was proven on the show when she sacrificed herself to save the whole magic dimension. She's a hero and a fairy who is a combination of a supercomputer and supermodel as Timmy described her as. Which is so damn true!

How is Stella higher than Tecna? Stella is a fashion hogger! Tecna is smart and so pretty! Stop loving Stella she is super duper selfish, more selfish than the other characters! Tecna is way prettier!

Tecna is one of those rare characters who is incredibly intelligent, but not callous, insecure, or condescending. She is confident, but self-aware. She genuinely cares for her friends and Timmy. Additionally, I enjoyed her character development. She started out withdrawn, but she has learned over time to express her emotions. I also like those subtle details that add to her character, such as the fact that she wasn't the one out of the main group to have the highest grades in the first season (that honor goes to Musa). I think her design is the coolest and most unique, too, at least in the transformations that actually give the girls unique outfits (Enchantix and Believix are my favorites for her); it helps that she is the only main character to still have short hair. Overall, I like all of the Winx girls, but I like Tecna the most.


He is not a fairy so what is he doing here in this list!?

I didn't know thoren was a fairy! Any way he is handsome and perfect for daphne

He and Daphne make a great couple. I'm so happy they met and are married now.

I love Thoren and Daphne together.


Helia is very nice to flora he treats her like a princess he is a great artist and he even taught flora how to make origami that is how she was able to send help in season 2

Ya helia said in season 4 that he found humans more interesting day by day and flora said she was happy that he was there to share it with her and they had no breakups and the are better than bossy old bloom and idiotic sky

I understand that Helia isn't a fairy like the winx but, he's still sick and not like the other specialists because
1. He's incredibly strong when he wants to be
2. He's always cool and collected
3. Helia is very smart
Not to mention he's cute and he's an great artist. Helia should be a bit higher on this list but at least he's on it

I love Helia the most and sky is a looser in front of him.flora and helia really make a cute couple and there should be more romantic scenes of both of them together like they use to show bossy bloom and stupid sky's love scenes a lot! I'm tired of seeing their romance now I want helia and flora more


Why isn't she a Winx Club member? After all, Aisha is a Winx, and she was introduced in the season 2, and she stays! And I wonder what the Winx would do without her in season 7, and if Flora would have died without her transform Ms. Griffin back to her human form!

Roxy was extremely useful in Season 7 to the Winx. I hate that when they travelled back in time it was only the Winx that got Butterflyix I mean hello, Roxy was around too you know and she helped the Winx. She is the true defender of fairy animals I mean she is the fairy of animals for goodness sake! And the fact that she got her gem stolen was the worst, she could have gotten Tynix and bonded with a fairy animal too! I love Roxy and really hope that she becomes an official member of the Winx Club starting from Season 8

Roxy is the best on the hole show I only like watching the episodes when she is in them cause they are so much better I think she needs to be a member of the winx, go up in the fairy power level things and be in more episodes cause she is better then any member of the wind club I love all the wind club members but I just like roxy better and the my second favorite is stella cause she is fabulous and awesome then bloom I love blooms hair it's so pretty and she is so powerful and awesome the only thing I don't like is that she dose take a lot of screen time but that's what happens with evey cartoon they always make one character sand out from the rest. Then musa she loves music and music is my life then tecna cause she has pink hair and its amazing her hair is my favorite hair out of the winx then flora she loves nature and so do I and I love her flowery style she has a similar style to mine then aishia it's not that I don't like her shes great but shes the one o relate to the least ...more

She is the fairy of animal

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She and Stella are opposites. There should have been more scenes with them. Darcy's powers relate to darkness whereas Stella's relate to light.

She is my favorite character from winx club. Even though she is not a fairy, but a witch

Well I love her but not whole she could be my fourth favorite in all the winx club characters

Illusions are everywhere, so Darcy's power is everywhere.


Sky and Bloom belong together
I think they are married look at the movie magical adventures in winx club.

Whoever likes sky is crazy he is rubbish and they don't go together he is a show off like bloom jerks

He is you idiot! He is a jerk of all jerks and bossy just like his stupid girlfriend bossy bloom

I think he is a player, or at least was a player, because first he was with Diaspro, and I'm pretty sure he liked her, but then he acted like he wasn't with someone, to give Bloom the wrong idea that he is


the cutest pixie


Yuk, he should be at 20

I don't under stand how is he the son of the a ansester witches

He is the hand some villian in season 3.

I hate you valtor=(=(=(=( grgrggrrggr


Hollow icy is batter than Daphne

Icy is the most powerful witch of the entire magical dimension

Don't like but trix are funny

I like icy best from the trix. She's very powerful.


Riven is my favorite specialist. I love him. When he left I felt as if "all the colors have gone out of the world." (Bloom quote) I find him such an interesting guy, I mean he is like the most realistic specialist because he isn't all about rainbows and unicorns. Him and Musa both. I love his snarky, lone wolf, hot-tempered, tortured soul, brave, trying to not be vulnerable personality. I also found him sweet for some reason. Most people say he doesn't love Musa as much as Musa loves him but I completely disagree. I have observed that he loves her SO much, it's just he doesn't really know how to express his feelings and to show is love and emotion. Musa and Riven are perfect for each other. They are also the most realistic couple. I also find his past very interesting but sad. The fact his mother left him at birth. (I don't know about his father.) I wish Rainbow would give us fans more details on that. I also love that he as a dark side and that he can even admit it. I also ...more

I love Riven, he's just like me and I understand him so much and would love to give him advice if he was real. Riven is really fit and good looking out of all the specialists and his hair style is so cute and gorgeous, and his eyes r so beautiful and the way he acts is so cute. He truly is a kind and sweet person but doesn't want to show it and he truly loved Musa and tried to impress her like the time when he wrote a song just for her and sang it to her and like the time when he tried to win her back by making her happy and getting her flowers and chocolates and when the senior witches aimed to attack her, he ran in front of Musa and let him get hurt in order to protect her, because he loves her with all his heart. He also asked Musa when they will ever be back together and said that he doesn't wanna lose her, and just after finishing, musa put her hand on his mouth and kissed him, so sweet

Riven is such a cool guy, even though he has an attitude he still cares for Musa. I am heartbroken that he is not on the show anymore, it's just not the same with out Riven.

Riven is serious but careful when Musa is around him. He cares for a lot of people but doesn't want to show it because of his toughness reputation and competition between him and sky.


He's just soooo cute and funny! He just makes the winx and me laugh when I watch the episodes.

I love kiko and I think he has a wonderful friend named Bloom she is awesome

One of the best rabbits in the world

I love Kiko. Kiko is just so CUTE


I can't believe that he is in the last position cause he is the most handsome guy among the specialist, he deserves to be at number 1! I am very disappointed with the list!

Brandon is perfect for Stella! but he must not be the best friend of Sky

He is cutest in all the winx club.I wish that I could ever meet him.

I love Brandon he is the most handsome specialist


Her polar opposites are Flora because she has earth affinity based powers and Tecna because she can control electricity since she's the fairy of Technology unlike Stormy who controls storms so she instead goes wild with electricity. Plus she was like this arch nemesis to Musa in Seasons 1-3

Storms and lightning with Stormy. They use thunder as well.

Stormy is horrible I hate her and she I disgust her she is mean.

Stormy's my favorite trix character after icy. She and musa make a pair.


I'm sad he died. I think Roy and Aisha belong together I mean Nex is so mean.

Nabu is a real protector. He really cares about his girlfriend Aisha and they had amazing relationship. I love him and I didn't want him to die :(

Nabu was perfect, in my opinion, for Aisha. Or at least better than ROY. I hate Roy more than I should. I just hate Roy.

Nabu is no longer Aisha boyfriend and that's good

Fairy Godmother

She love flower and I love flower too and powerful and pretty as a grandmother

1)say your name 10 times.
2)say your moms name 5 times.
3)say your crush's name 3 times.


at first, she was mean, but then she became a great ally of the winx. go selina!

She's cool now that she's a friend of the winx. Personally, I liked her from the start

Selina maybe a witch for sometime but she is good

Selina is also the winx friend now


She's the coolest and nicest headmistress ever! I wish I had a headmistress like her

She is the sweet headmistress any school can have. She has helped the winx a lot.

She is like this lovable grandmother!

It reminds me of my grandma!


Miele is sweet, kind, and brave. She protects her friends, and flora.

floras sister. supportive, kind, adorable. made flora earn enchantix, so...

I love her she is so protectful.


Time is a fan-made character (I think) with the power of time. She is actually pretty, though, but I've never seen her in Winx (and I've watched almost every episode, not even kidding), and I love how she even has pics of her transformations, even though she doesn't air. Her gray eyes remind me of Athena, which is nice.

Who's she? Is she from season 8, like Roxy?

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