All This Diaspro Hate Is Stupid

Hi guys. This is your residential badass TwilightKitsune here. Anyway, today I was bored so I made this post. I felt like I should have made this a long time ago, but whatever. Anyway, lemme begin.

So yeah, I’ve been noticing a lot of hate on Diaspro from Winx Club. For all who haven’t watched this weaboo knockoff show, Diaspro is the fairy of gemstones. She has power over gemstones. Duh. Anyway in the show, the main character, a (language that deserves to be forbidden on the Toptens) girl named Bloom finds out that her parents have adopted her and she’s the child of a king and a queen of a planet that was frozen over and sent her over to earth to protect her as she was the last heir. If you’re wondering why that sounds like Sailor Moon, it’s because Stinx Club is a ripoff of that show. The creators of Winx Club were probably thinking this:

Creator #1: Hey, let’s make a show about half naked ladies and call it Winx Club. Oh and it must be a Sailor Moon ripoff.

Creator #2: Hmmm, good idea. What if someone notices it though?

Creator #1: Nah, they’ll never notice. They’d probably be too stupid to.

Creator #2: Are you sure?

Creator #1: Listen boi I am the smartest person in the world. I hated America so I moved to Texas. I want my first daughter to be a girl. Whenever I see a stop sign I wait for it to say go. Shut up because I am better than you.

Bloom, in the show, falls in love with a boy named Skye. I know that is a girl name but whatever. She and Skye are a SUPER clichéd couple. Why I say this, because:

· They met at a ball organized by the school
· They only liked each other because of their looks
· They ‘accidentally’ bump into each other
· Guy likes girl but is too shy to admit his crush on her, acts protective of her but never truly admits it
· Their friends tease each other for crushes
· In one episode they are paired up by the teacher to be together
· There is no actual reason on why they love each other in the first place
· *Insert any other cliché here. It must have happened*

This couple is wrong. Like way wrong. But you know what the BIGGEST thing wrong with this is? IT’S THAT SKYE IS ALREADY ENGAGED TO ANOTHER WOMAN!

Enter Diaspro. Fairy of gemstones, as tall as Bloom, blonde hair and braids on each side of her face. She first appears in an episode where it is revealed who Skye truly is. Anyway, Bloom, being the sort of idiot who would sell her car to buy fuel, assumes she’s one of the Trix (The three witches who always terrorise the fairies. I know you laughed at this because you thought it was the cereal. That gave me a giggle too).

So Bloom goes out in the public and SCREAMS that Diaspro is Icy, which leads to a fight between the two fairies. Later it is revealed she was Sky’s fiancée.

Now, ever since the debut of that episode, Winx club fans are like ‘OMG BLOOM X SKYE BEST SHIP EVER’ and ‘I HATE DIASPRO! DIASPRO BITCH! DIASPRO RUIN BLOOM AND SKYE HAPPINESS AND DIASPRO DESERVE TO DIE 111!!!1111’. That’s just stupid. What did Diaspro do to deserve hatred? The only thing she did that was ‘wrong’ was get cheated on by her boyfriend and get angry about it. Not only that, the poor girl was even suspected of being ICY (Bloom blames pretty much everything on Icy, whether it’s her parents’ death, the Holocaust, that hole in your mother’s attic, the Powerpuff Girls reboot or ebola, you name it) and for a pretty stupid reason. Diaspro didn’t even get an apology or anything. Well when these dumbass Winx Club fangirls grow up, get married, and see their husbands cheating on them then they’ll learn.

Not only does the show make it look 100% A-Okay to take another person’s boyfriend, it teaches you that if you hate the person who stole him from you, you’re a bad person. In fact for the rest of the show, the show literally did EVERYTHING in its power to make Diaspro look like an alpha bitch. They always showed her as aggressive, rude, spoiled and the sort of character fans should love to hate. But they never show what she does OTHER than being a brat. Sure, she acted like a jerk, but if your boyfriend was taken away from you and everyone treated you like a bitch for being mad about it, how WOULD you act? I wanna see what she does in her spare time. I mean, she’s the princess of Erakylon, and keeps it in order, supervises over laws, takes care of problems and does what is best for her Kingdom’s interests (not always, but at least she does SOMETHING, unlike *cough* Bloom *cough*). Nobody gives her credit for that. While Bloom uses the power of friendship and suddenly all the people fall to their feet and build a shrine of her.

Too make Bloom look like the victim even more, the show NEVER tries to take things from Diaspro’s perspective. They never mention that Bloom took Skye away from Diaspro, apart from that one moment in that episode when Diaspro tells Bloom Skye was her fiancée, but other than that, it’s all ‘Let’s hate Diaspro because she’s a bitch’ all over again. And Bloom, the ‘perfect’ character in this show is a damn hypocrite because, according to her, it’s wrong to steal when she just did that to someone else.

Now let’s get to Skye. Ah, stupid, pathetic, watery Skye. He’s my least favourite character in this show and I absolutely DESPISE him with the passion of a thousand burning suns. He’s not hot, he’s not cute, and he’s a bastard for cheating on his girlfriend and playing her against Bloom as well. And why do his fans say he’s ‘handsome’? He’s so ugly that whenever he looks in a mirror, a prompt comes up saying ‘Viewer Discretion Advised’. His face gives Freddy Krueger Nightmares and makes blind children cry. He is not handsome, his hair looks like a corn flower plant. Honestly, I find Ken Kaneki, Prince Zuko, Mikaela Hyakuya, Lacus Welt, Ayato Kirishima, Soushi Miketsukami, L and Cloud Strife all more attractive than ugly cornweed face Skye (Oh God, this is turning into a fangirling post now. Better stop now. And I’m not trying to sound like a weaboo or anything when I listed those anime characters, I’m just saying that they’re all more attractive). Same goes for Ugly Brandon too.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, Skye is a total wuss. He makes Bloom and Diaspro catfight each other over him. I mean, COME ON, GET YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON, GROW SOME BALLS AND TELL HER YOU LOVE HER IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! He cheated on a girl, which is horrible, and some people actually commit suicide because of that. Skye should commit suicide because he’s nothing but a damn liability on everyone! His team of ‘specialists’ can’t even put a traffic cone upright. And he always needs the Winx to help him out. THIS MAKES ME SO F-ING MAD I COULD LITERALLY CAPS LOCK ALL DAY ABOUT HIM! I WANT TO RIP OUT HIS ORGANS AND RUN A RED HOT POKER ACROSS HIS SKIN AND KILL HIS FAMILY IN FRONT OF HIM AND MAKE HIM WATCH THEM DIE AND WKFJFJGJHJGKKGGJTRKKWEYQQU84848U49495JTKKR974!11JGJUDRJEKEOE43O2K1111!!!1.

My edgy rage meter has reached sits breaking point. Must use anti-rage tablets immmediato.

(Consumes 2000 anti-rage tablets and drains a whole bottle of water)

*Computer Voice* TwilightKitsune has officially returned to Non-Edgy Mode. Feel free to shower her with ‘The Mine Song’ parodies now.

Thank you computer. I shall resume my assignment on teaching these very untalented young children what I was teaching them in the first place. Um, by the way, what WAS I teaching them again?

*Computer Voice* You were teaching them why all the Diaspro hate is stupid, ma’am.

Oh yeah, that! I knew all along, I was just testing my computer. I was on Skye. What SHOULD have happened in Winx Club was that Bloom walked up to Skye and told him what a jerk he was for breaking Diaspro’s heart and making both of them look like fools. Not only Bloom, but ALL the people who witnessed should have done that, instead of pitying him because Diaspro’s ‘stealing’ him from Bloom.

Now butthurt fans say ‘Diaspro didn’t really love Skye!’ and ‘Diaspro only wanted to marry Skye for his money and Kingdom’ and more stuff like that. That is not true. Diaspro truly cared about Skye. In the end of Season 1, in the finale, she came back to save him.

Also, just because Skye cheated on Diaspro, that doesn’t mean there isn’t the same possibility he’ll do it to Bloom. Yeah. Wait for the next time Alfea holds a ball, Skye goes there, finds another pretty fairy, flirts with her a bit, and then Bloom will be left in the same position as Diaspro was left in. And then she’ll finally realize it. But it’ll be too late. This is my personal message to all young girls who want boyfriends: Just because he cheated on her, doesn’t mean he won’t do it to you too.

In the episode where Diaspro gets kidnapped, it’s revealed that she was ‘trained’ all her life to be Skye’s wife. (That sounds creepy. ‘Trained’? What do you mean ‘trained’? Was she Skye’s servant or something? Whatever it means, it sounds pretty derogatory). So Diaspro was trained all her life to be Skye’s concubine wife, and at the last second, Skye ditched her because ‘Um, I found this new girl I hit on, even though I really shouldn’t but whatevs’. Yeah. In one minute, Diaspro was thrown out like she was a bubble gum wrapper.

So next time y’all are watching cartoons and you see that stereotypical ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ character hit the csreen, just remember: At one time, she was as just as happy as the girl who took her boyfriend away. Try taking things from her perspective, not the perspective the show wants you to take. Thanks for wasting your time on this boring rant.


If Sky falls in love with another girl, he'll be the bad guy, which is the exact opposite of what happened with Diaspro - PeachyBlast

EXACTLY. - TwilightKitsune

I agree that that Tom DeLonge looks way more attractive than that stupid prince jerk named Skye. I looked him up and he is ugly as heck. - visitor

Skye is a gary stue - TwilightKitsune

I feel bad for Diaspro. She deserves more love than Bloom. It's a shame more than half the fandom hates her, and I think the creators hate her as well and would try anything to make her look like an evil alpha bitch (just like what you said earlier) - MLPFan

Yeah, the show is so biased - TwilightKitsune

Bloom reminds me of the homewrecker who made my parents fight :v - MLPFan

If you saw the show, you would see that Skye DIDN'T want to get married to Diaspro, and was only engaged to her because his parents wanted it. Diaspro KNEW Skye disliked her after Skye (being nice) kindly shrugged her off a couple of times. After finding out, she went crazy and got this whole, "If I can't have him, NO ONE can! " mentality. Skye didn't want to tell Bloom because he wanted some freedom to date who he pleased.
And, if you actually watched, you'd see that while they were dating Diaspro was a TERRIBLE person. She was mean to everyone and acted like a spoiled princess. Basically, if you were under her rank, you weren't good enough to speak to her. Every time Skye and Diaspro were together, he looked uncomfortable and embarssed. Someone her age acting like a brat is just embarassing. Imagine being forced to marry someone who is extremely rude anytime they don't get their way.
Of course Diaspro was jealous of Bloom, because she knew from the bottom of her heart that Skye didn't and never would like her--so being the terrible person she was, she decided to make Bloom's life hell.
A good comparison would be Libby from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. I don't know if you've seen it, but Libby acts a lot like Diaspro. She knows she's a bad person so she hates Sabrina (Bloom) for being nice and "stealing her man" (who never liked her in the first place).
RANT OVER. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

1. Skye agreed to dating Diaspro. I know how Diaspro acted when she was first introduced, but that's because Bloom acted like a retard to her thinking she was the Trix. How would you react if you were here, huh? And no, she's not 'jealous of Bloom' she's upset because her boyfriend is a sleazy womanizer. Her actions are justified

2. I know I said I'd never say this, but I have to: rustled - TwilightKitsune

Only because his parents wanted him to. Like I said, she knew Sky didn't like her. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

For BlueTopaz, Even that Skye didn't loved Diaspro, dating another girl behind Diaspro would still count as cheating because Skye was already engaged with Diaspro. It doesn't matter if Skye does love Diaspro or his parents forced him. It'll always count as cheating due to the fact that he was already engaged - MLPFan

Leave it to MLPFan to knock in some common sense to y'all - TwilightKitsune

@TwilightKitsune Okay then! Now, does anyone else have any questions about the problem? No? Oh, Alright - MLPFan

For some reason, I felt really mad at Bloom and Skye for hurting Diaspro. So mad I would shave their heads bald and call them as the baldy couple. - MLPFan

(grabs shaver) Let's do it - TwilightKitsune

@TwilightKitsune Yes! - MLPFan

I have to agree Sky is ugly. Even Springtrap, Michael Myers, and Dahvie Vanity look better than Sky. Also, saying that hating a girl that stole your boyfriend from you is horrible is like saying your girlfriend murdering your mom is just fine. It's not. - Ultron123

I agree with everything except for Dahvie Vanity, without make up, he looks worse than Skye. - visitor

Not to mention, Skye is so ugly that he made onions cry - MLPFan

HAHAAA - TwilightKitsune

Of course every time there is a show with female protagonists transforming it's always a "Sailor Moon ripoff", I stopped reading here, you are objectively wrong. - DaisyandRosalina

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, W.I.T.C.H. and Miraculous Ladybug involve female transformations yet nobody calls them Sailor Moon ripoffs. Maybe it's because they're original - TwilightKitsune

So is winx club, what does make it similar to Sailor Moon besides that?
And most of them are not that original either. - DaisyandRosalina

I never watched the first one but the other two are not much original either. - DaisyandRosalina

This should answer all your questions - TwilightKitsune

Change the title into "I'm triggered because Winx is more popular than Witch and I want to make a weird article for bash them"
He only was right about Bloom, Sky and Tritannus. And the Harry Potter part was laughable and just plain dumb. - DaisyandRosalina

Lol, this article is laughable, it was only right about Sky and Tritannus. - DaisyandRosalina

Not trying to start a fight here

1. Overall WITCH has a better reputation than Winx. WITCH is hailed as one of Disney's best cartoons that even has a periphery demographic, while Winx is commonly criticized for being too girly and unoriginal and boring. So why would I be triggered over it getting attention when I know at the end of the day, WITCH comes out on top lmao

2. This post is about Diaspro not whether Winx Club ripped off Sailor Moon

3. That article proved how Winx Club ripped off Sailor Moon

4. I can see that you are one of those annoying fanbrats who can't take it well when someone doesn't like their favorite show and throw tantrums. If you can't handle different opinions then I'm sorry, get off the internet because it's full of differing opinions. Go back to preschool. And don't come back until you're mature enough to accept other people's views. - TwilightKitsune

1. I don't think so, Winx is criticized by many, but it's also loved by so many girls all over the world, the show is really popular we can see it since we got 7 seasons, 2 spinoffs and 3 movies. Witch went well but it disappeared after a while.

2. You also mentioned that.

3. No it didn't, that article was biased as hell.

4. And this comment just showed who acutally is the only immature one between us, I'm not even a Winx fan, I stopped liking it after season 3 and I strongly dislike season 5 and 7, but this show is OBJECTIVELY NOT a Sailor Moon ripoff, therefore you sailor moon fans needs to understand what a ripoff means, Winx was just inspired by Sailor Moon but inspiring and ripping off are two completely different things, also neither you or that other article have a good giustification for say that this show is acutally a SM ripoff. - DaisyandRosalina

I understand the difference between inspiration and ripping off. Winx Club very much veers into ripoff territory. It copies a lot of things from Sailor Moon. Inspiration is when you make something original from something already made, Winx lacks originality, and the things that are original are the dumb boyfriend drama and the whole fairies vs witches thing and other cliches - TwilightKitsune

Uh, no, Winx still fall under the inspiration category, there are few things in common with Sailor Moon along with different stuff, the only things they have in common is something about plot whise and Bloom's character. That's it. Not enough for being considerated aa ripoff. - DaisyandRosalina

Bloom is a mary sue with no personality, of course she can't ripoff Usagi

There are several similar plots with Winx Club and other shows like S5 copying Captain Planet - TwilightKitsune

This is why I said "something"... even if Usagi is not that great as a character either but that's just me.

Well season 5 was clearly made like that because they ran out of ideas but I don't care since it's the worst season of the series besides season 7. - DaisyandRosalina

They should have ended Winx Club at season 3. The same can be said for Spongebob and Fairy Odd Parents and many other Nick shows - TwilightKitsune

I agree on that - DaisyandRosalina

I would hate to have someone I love cheating on someone else. - visitor

I hope Sky chokes on an entire pineapple & dies. - RoseWeasley