! What are you guys? Babies?! She only give orders, she doesn't do anything! She walks first, transforms first, defeats the boss, that's not real! Grow up already! Yeah, she's the fairy of the Dragon's Flame, Princess of Domino, blah, blah, blah! Wake up! Don't you see what she's doing?! She orders the Winx! And the writer only make her shine! She's the spotlight! The Mary-Sue! Someone please tell me you agree with me! I know there're SOME of you out there you knows Bloom's the HAS TO BE Mary-Sue! - ilar9118

I love Bloom. I don't care if she's taking up the spotlight I mean hello, she's the lead character ever since Season 1. They focused on Aisha first in Season 2 before going back to Bloom. In Season 3 they focused on her again, In Season 4 they focused on Roxy but of course Bloom as well, Season 5 was Bloom, Season 6 was Bloom and Season 7 was Bloom. It's always going to be Bloom who will have the spotlight because she's the leader of the Winx Club, the lead character in the series and the most powerful fairy in the magic dimension. Just grow up and except it

Bloom is a powerful fairy but unfortunately she hogs too much of the spotlight and apparently in every battle she is the last one standing, not only that but every transformation she is the first? So exactly u guys who believe in bloom and believe she doesn't hog the spotlight then re watch every single winx club movie/episodes. Just because she's powerful doesn't mean she has to be the main character, it is called WINX CLUB not THE POWERFUL BLOOM after all isn't it not? It is not exactly nice to give 1 fairy all the great characteristics and most successful power. - sunflower101

Bloom should be the #1 of winx club lovers cause she is cute, pretty, strong, kind, cute, sexy, friendly to others, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, superb, powerful, and the #1 coolest fairy in winx club if I where a character in winx club I'll pick bloom for sure

People love to hate on Bloom just because she gets spotlight. But duh, didn't the others get their fair share of spotlights too? But since winx club was about Bloom finding herself and she did it (with plenty of other characters getting spotlights in between), of course now the story would be focusing on Bloom. Plus Bloom was and is still the kindest. She has the best character development. But people just ignore all the facts just because their favorite character is not on the screen. If you want them, go rewatch your favorite character episodes and shut up.

BLOOM IS A MARY SUE! She's always the star and always takes up the spotlight, never letting extremely underrated fairies like Aisha (since she's so much better than Bloom) into the spotlight or near it. EVER. - xMagnoblade

She has the post light to much and can't just hope her friends because 50% of the time she is sad that there after her when they are after more than her its power and there is other ways than her she is just the easy way because she is a cry baby

I guess Bloom is an okay character. She is a great and powerful fairy, but she gets the spotlight too much. Why not give the others a chance? Why does she have to be the most powerful fairy ever to exist, and why is she blue, when fire is orange? I think the others should deserve a chance, but she does have a kind personality and is a great fighter. But seriously let the others show their skills for once.

Bloom has always been my favorite of the whole winx and you guys don't understand that she has a hard past and in season 1 she did not expect that all that happened was going to happen. So in Bloom's defense she's a great leader and is loyal and a good friend to all the winx and maybe she does take a lot of the spotlight but she's a great friend.

I guess I like Bloom a bit, but she's probably only my fourth favorite fairy. I believe she's in the spotlight WAY too often. Bloom is also a little too "perfect". She ALWAYS is the one to save the world, and she never really does anything wrong, which makes her like this perfect little angel. Sure, she was a cool main character in seasons 1-2, but she's getting boring. There are six other girls with problems too, Bloom.

She is the best I love her so much!

Hellow daughter of directer my name is crystal I think that you are my friend tall me how is most powerful fairy. And I also like bloom I am live in england

Bloom is the powerful fairy and she is the leader of winx club I vote her because instead his powerful magic she is kind, pretty, cute, helpful, kind, amazing, fantastic, sexy, strongest and coolest fairy!

Bloom is strong, pretty, and sweet the best should be 1

Love Bloom since the very beginning, and she will remain my favorite followed by Stella, and Flora. Plus she's always wearing my favorite color aka all the different shades of blue in all of her transformations.

Shes very hot and powerful. too bad that her planet is death

Bloom is so pretties and she is most powerful and greatest in magic dimension as reffered magical universe. Bloom is most powerful than daphne...

Bloom is not sexy she's just normally dressed shes even very kind to others she's also very helpful and the most powerful fairy in he magic dimension THE DRAGON FLAME ITS NOT DRAGON FIRE! Bloom is not always the spotlight she gives chances to other persons to SHINE! SO HATERS OF BLOOM OR THE WINX CLUB BACK OFF!

Bloom is not the worst she is the top 10 best of winx club and your wrong because she is not taking the spotlight she is the most important character in the winx she is the last surviving princess of domino and she is suppose be the leader and all of them are in the spotlight all the winx

Bloom is the most powerful fairy of winx club! This is all because of her power of dragon flame! LOVE you BLOOM - aditisharma19726861

Bloom is the best she is too powerful no one can stop her not like others eve though she is bossy that does not mean she is great. She is not great but she is awesome. The winx club will not survive withou her. She is a great leader. She is smart has a kind heart, beautiful, talented and the best of all powerful

I believe bloom is the best because she always sticks up to whats right,sacrifices herself to save her friends and family,and she is super powerful.She has my favorite element,the element of fire! I would always want to be Bloom.

Being in the the spotlight is not everything I agree that Bloom should give the others credit sometimes because she is not the only winx club there but since her power created the magic dimension she is the strongest of all the winx club girls. They should all be equal

Too overrated, and has the most screen time, which I hate because the other characters don't get anything. Bloom is lovely don't get me wrong, but when she always gets picked because of the dragon flame, it doesn't make since how it is stronger than the other girls' powers. - Relatable

I don't think Bloom takes up screen time. This is because the story starts out with her as the main character. I know the other Winx are main charactes too, but Bloom is what I call the "main-est" characer. She will always be mostly on screen because the stories mostly revolve around her and sometimes her friends. There are many other T.V. shows and movies with multiple main characters, but one is shown the most because 1. They are the leader, and 2. They have the biggest plot lines of all. You might think this is unfair, but if you think about it closely, Bloom has been sort of like a backbone and a protector of the Winx. - BlueTopazIceVanilla