Flora is by far my favorite Winx Club character. She has good character development throughout the show. She is a powerful, independent, and strong fairy. She cares a lot about the people and nature around her. I wish she would have more screen time. I understand that Bloom is sort of like the main character, but it's called "WINX CLUB" not the "THE BLOOM SHOW." Flora and Helia make a great couple and really understand each other. I love looking back on earlier seasons and seeing how much they're relationship has developed. Flora is a strong fairy who often has to step to the side while Bloom steals the spotlight. She is a wonderful character and should have more screen time to share her unique back story. Other couples should also have more screen time. Everyone is tired of Bloom and Sky being the power couple. They shouldn't even be the power couple! They have so many problems in their realationship! They should let someone else have the spotlight for once.

Flora Is Amazing! She Is Sweet And Kind, She's The heart Of The Winx Club! Flora Has A Great Love For All Living Things. I Wish That Flora Got A Little More Attention In Winx Club. I Mean, In World Of Winx The Only Time The Spotlight Is Really On Her, Is When She's Facing Her Nemisis. Although Flora Is A Great Character In The Show, Often Most Of The Other Winx Steal The Show. Like Bloom, Being The Leader Of The Winx. We Get It You're Amazing! You Don't Have To Hog The Whole Show. Flora Is Obviously A Great Character. Way Better Than Stella. Oh, I Wanna Be A Fashion Designer! Flora Is Strong, Empathetic, Wonderful. Kind, Sweet, Beautiful, Powerful, But Mostly A Pure Heart.

Easily the biggest romantic of the group who finds sweetest ways to show her love for her boyfriend. Though she admittedly gets pushed around a lot in fights, her restorative powers ultimately heal a lot of the damage caused by Winx's enemies. I wish she was given more spotlight simply because there's so much to her. We only get a mere glimpse of her home world and her growth from a shy girl to a powerful, self-realized fairy who can fully express her love for others.

I really love flora. I personally think that she is very strong but she don't like to show of her powers because she is shy. Flora is the prettiest and the nicest of all the winx. Also she is very smart and always help her friends when they need her. Lastly I think that flora could be a grate leader for the winx because she is patient and smart and always thinks before do something.

Flora is way too underrated. She is mostly considered weak because of her shy and kind nature. But, truly she has the beauty of a goddess and a golden heart powerful enough to shock the world. I would've voted for Bloom, but she hogs the spotlight too much. She always has to either be in the middle, first or last. It's called, "Winx Club" for a reason not just "Bloom". I want the producers to focus on the others more, not just make Bloom the main character.

I love Flora, nature is so strong and I believe that she should get more screen time along with the other girls. She is so beautiful and not once had her outfit been bad. Amazing, I can't see one bad thing about her. If people hate her, then that's their opinion. To be honest, I don't see why people hate this kind and wise/mature 16/17 year old girl.

Flora is the best! I do like the other's but Flora takes the cake. Bloom takes to much of a lead. That was ok for the first and maybe second season, but now it's not all about her. Flora and the other girls should get the same amount of screen time and speaking parts. In the 7th season they're doing more of it which is good. But I still would like more Flora episodes.

Flora has every good feature bloom and every other winx characters does not have. In my opinion she should be represented more and more in the spotlight. Bloom on the other hand is selfish, bosses the winx around, and she is a spotlight hogger. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RAINBOW!

Flora is the best fairy! She is kind, awesome and pretty!

She is a much better character than Bloom with a super personality and amazing powers!

I personally don't find Flora to be all that. Yes, she's beautiful, sweet, kind and considerate. I do love her and I could never hate her. I think of her as the "Mama Winx" because of her caring nature to everyone including the Winx even if she doesn't really like a person. *cough Krystal couph* I just don't think it's possible to hate sweet and loveable Flora. But she's not my favourite if I'm being perfectly honest.

Flora's sweet and caring nature is enough to make her my second favorite fairy, but she also has so many great qualities! Her character, beauty, power, and wit make her stand out. I think of her kind of as the "mom winx" :D because she's the one everyone can go to for help, and she's always sweet and sensitive.

I love Flora, she is my favorite fairy. She's sweet, kind, and a bunch of other things. Most people think she's the weakest, but I think she's second strongest (Bloom's obviously the strongest duh) because she has nature. Yes, she's weak when not around nature, but when she is, Flora's pretty powerful.

Flora is super sweet and kind, and has the best traits in the entire group! Her green eyes are so pretty and they make me so jealous. She is also very strong when she wants to be and she needs more time in the spotlight because she is an amazing character!

Sure Bloom may be kind and beautiful but Flora is twice as beautiful and kind. She is so sweet and she is always so good to her friends. Unlike Bloom who can be selfish sometimes, Flora stays nice.

I tell you Flora is the best. She is super kind and very pretty! I love her.. To tell you the truth she is the most smart one there! FRIENDLY FLORA!

I hate how people see Flora as weak. Sure, she's not too powerful, but she can fend for herself. Also, this fairy is by far the sweetest and caring. Flora is my second favorite fairy after Musa.

Flora is obviously the most beautiful, pretty, kind, cute, awesome, amazing, fantastic, caring, sexy, and most beautiful fairy in the entire universe! Wait, I said beautiful twice, didn't I? Oh well, she deserves it!

Flora should be #1. Bloom is such a Mary Sue! But this is about Flora. She is kind, sweet, and has the best character in my opinion. She has nature powers which is pretty cool! She's also beautiful which is a bit shallow I know but still lol.

Flora is sweet and shy nature fairy. She is the one who wants always to help her friends. Flora is more powerful than she thinks.

She's cool, calm and collected! Perfect traits for a leader right? She rarely lets her emotions cloud her judgement (something which bloom does a lot) and this makes her one of the best, if not the best already, member of the winx.

I think Flora is most powerful because she is a nature fairy. Why? I will explain. Nature is a life. So since it's a life, Flora should be able to control all life and death. ALL life AND death. Get it? Not like attention- hogger bloom. I mean, she said she could see how people were inside. Then WHY was she deceived by Selina? She almost killed Flora! Sorry bloom fans, but fanfictions should have less of bloom and more of Flora.

Flora is a kind girl and she helps a friend bloom is always taking the spotlight the best two are musa and flora

Flora is kind, caring, and the peace maker of the group.

I love flora I think she is the best of friend out of them she's kind and generous and friendly and also quiet

Flora is the best! She's so kind and sweet to everyone, not to mention very powerful (the fairy of NATURE for the win).