Musa is awesome! When I was younger and I first started watching winx I already picked her as my favorite. She is just so cool, she likes music, can sing really good and has nice eyes and hair. It's such a shame that in the latest seasons there hasn't been much of her and how it's all based on Bloom, really upsets me that I sometimes just want to ditch the episode and leave. Musa is really nice and she has a lot of emotions in her and has a sad but nice past all together. She should totally be number 1! She was also really different from the other winx in the begging and that's what I mainly liked about her that she was a tomboy and not all girly like the others.

I love Musa so much. She is one of my top three fairies after Stella and before Flora. So she's my second favourite. There is not one thing I don't like about this girl. I find her beautiful, sweet and amazing but stubborn, feisty and a bit of a hothead. She and Riven were perfect for each other and I'm so pissed they broke up and Riven is not on the show anymore. BRING HIM BACK PLEASE. Plus I LOVE music so even if I tried to hate her, I never could.

Hey you nerds, jerks and idiots don't say anything bad about Musa, if you don't know how to type then fine don't type. Crazy people always murmuring some sort of RUBBISH. MUSA IS THE BEST AND SHE IS VERY TALENTED AND SMART. She has beautiful enchantix and all of her transformations and they are cool and advanced and you nerds who say bad live in stone age so ya only like flowery and stupid dresses not fashionable and stylish. You have no fashion sense and I think you wear stupid clothes too.

Musa is the best ya are just jealous haha poor old-fashioned nerds.

Musa has been my absolute favorite winx since the start. It's not just how pretty she is, it's her amazing personality. She's an awesome role model. She's the winx with the best grades ( shown in season 1) so is really smart. I like how she also has a feisty streak in her. Musa is not afraid to stand up for herself too. Along with that she's kind and caring to everyone. She's sarcastic with a great sense of humor. She's a bit of a stubbon hothead, but hey, we all have our flaws. Unlike Bloom, who is basically "perfect", Musa has imperfections, which really make her character stand out. And she's talented. I wish she had more of a bigger role in the show.

I love Musa because she is very talented and so pretty. I don't care about haters that says bad things to her, she is not "tomboy" but a little bit boyish. If Musa is "tomboy" she will not were gowns, dresses, skirts and outfits for girls. And she should be the 2nd powerful fairy not Flora. And musa should be better than Flora.

Musa is a very talented and creative fairy, love her voice and all of her songs come from the heart, Musa would be a great leader if Bloom became a leader just because she is a fairy and a princess and DIDN'T know her parents who is to say that Musa couldn't become a princess and work up her skills to get a successful power and manage not to have a single parent. From what I have watched she IS more powerful than Bloom. - sunflower101

I like Musa very much and like list and opinion for Musa - suzhalin

I hate her because she is a tomboy and who is the mental guy who says that tomboy means stylish. you idiots, just confirm your dictionary. it means that a girl who exhibits all the characteristics of a boy and participates in sports and does all the physical things of domain of a typical boy. Musa is exactly a tomboy and I hate her attitude. thank god she is not shown too much and does not have importance, she is only a simple character, just like professor palladium

I Love Musa, I don't understand why the craters don't make her as pretty as the others, but in my mind, she's the best. They make Bloom the strongest, and the best so I liked her at first, but I hated how she was ALWAYS the in the spotlight. Musa has time, but and even thought she's the best music person, you have Bloom in the center! Like WHAT!? Musa is a one of a kind, and she's different, that's what I like about her.

I think Musa is the strongest most beautiful fairy and she should be the number 1 fairy out of all the characters. She beat Stormy twice by her self. I LOVE MUSA!

Musa is my favourite fairy and shes gorgeous! She's very pretty and loyal, she has very drop dead gorgeous hair out of all the other winx fairies. Musa is just awesome, and sings so beautifully, that it brings happieness to me. She is so cute and is a role model to me and I always look up to her. The thing I love most about her is her hair... just beautiful and very volumed, thick, healthy, shiny hair, she looks cute in pigtails when her hair was long in season 3 and she has nice eyes

Musa is the best character ever. She can sing, play (A LOT) instruments and she still acts tomboyish even though she dresses like a typical girl. I love her and I always get mad when someone (in the series) is mean or rude to her - Jillian

I love musa the best. She is the best winx ever in my opinion. She is beautiful, pretty, kind, smart, talented, strong, has a great character and personalities,... Well with me she is the best in everything, and I love her talent, especialy her voice. Love you very much musa, you are awesome!

I like musa very much she has a sad past, but sometimes she can be moody.

Musa is so cool, she is also really pretty and she's my favorite character of them all because she is brave and I think she is the strongest in the Winx even though Bloom is supposed to be the strongest, I still think Musa is better than Bloom and all the others.

Musa is the best how can you put her the 4th she's so talented and her power is so strong and her voice is so beautiful flora doesn't deserve to be the prettiest

Musa is the best I wish to be her and riven better love her

I think Musa is very beautiful and talented in her own unique way.

Musa is so good she always help others

Musa has the greatest personality I think! She is mentally strong which makes me like her more. She is also beautiful! A pale complexion with a dark hair! Contrast at its best! She and riven makes a cute couple. she is the mose down to the earth! That's best! I love her

I love musa very much and I want her to be the leader. She is beautiful, smart, kind and I love her talent so much!

MUSA! You will always be my number 1

She is beautiful than any other she should be the second powerful fairy. And has lots of talents. She is the prettiest and strongest fairy I know.

Musa is the best winx fairy of all!

She is so beautiful and loves music she is a copy of me she does the same thing I do