Best Winx Club Seasons

The Top Ten Best Winx Club Seasons

1 Season 2

Top 3: Season 2 was my absolute favorite! Then season 1, and lastly the second half of season 3 I liked. The reason I only liked the second half was because the story got good and started to finally play out. All the other season r not even close to my top 3 in ratings

2 Season 1

Season 1, in my head, was the best season. Seasons 2 and 3 were good too, but the rest of them were bad.

3 Season 3

Season 3 is my favourite, then season 1 and then season 2. I liked how season 3 upped the villain from the mid Lord Darkar to the Wonderful Valtor - an improved version of Lord Darkar, the Transformations of Enchantix is also an improvement of Charmix while was Season 1 outfits upgraded by adding Charms and purse bags, I loved the idea of the charms respecting their personalities and they having overcome a major obstruction in their lives like Stella admitting she was insecure and something insenced and how she matured and apolised to Aisha/Layla and explained that she was finding her parents divorce really hard and when Aisha/Layla had pushed her, she had just snapped. I loved how Stella got a mirror charm and she was like Charmix knows me so well. I especially loved Bloom's Heart, it was my favourite charm, I loved how Bloom quite thinking saved them from the Snow Glider and How she apologise to Sky as she was being unfair to him, I loved how Aisha fear was facing the dark and being ...more

4 Season 4

I just loved this season! - HeyItzGrace

5 Season 6
6 Season 5
7 Season 7
8 Season 8
9 World of Winx
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