Best Winx Club Songs

The Top Ten

1 The Way of Sirenix!

I love this song!

2 Sirenix

I feel the power of the ocean! Connecting with the deepest part of me. Sirenix underwater morion! Suddenly I'm soaring through the sea.

It's so so catchy

3 Supergirls
4 Fairy Moments
5 One to One

It is my favorite song

6 Believix
7 Living The Magic

Winx we're living the magic and day by day we will light up your world

8 Forever
9 Winx Are Back
10 Superheroes Superheroes Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Love Is a Miracle
12 Dreamix

See the light, inside my hand, the power of dreamix! Makes your dreams come true, that's the magic of dreamix!

13 Harmonix
14 Endlessly Endlessly Cover Art
15 Simply Better Than Alone

It's a song about friendship. When there is a fight between me and my friends I always come to my room and play this song. It's really nice song.

16 Heart of Stone
17 Return to Me

This song is the best..i love the way how musa is connected to her mother. Well this song just melted my heart

Return to me, return to me. Return to me on melody.

18 The Power of Charmix
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