Top Ten Best Winx Club Transformations

I love the Winx and I haven't made a list about them in a long time, so here it is for you to Enjoy!

The Top Ten Best Winx Club Transformations

1 Enchantix

I felt that Enchantix was the best since it was still highly individual and they had to earn that power by making sacrifices (it was also very beautiful in my opinion). Not to mention that Valtor was such a high stakes enemy. It was just the best transformation, good villain, good plot and high stakes.

Enchantix was literally stunning! I think that any transformation beyond Enchantix should have really stuck to the same 'enchanted' theme. I think the rest of the transformations were way too modern and I felt like it made the Fairies seem less 'Fairylike.' I think the worst was Believix and totally stripped the beauty and magic that was created from the Enchantix. I say that the Winx Club should do a final season with an advanced form of the Enchantix that allows the so called 'final fairy form' to still be Enchantix but that little more powerful and that little more special to the viewers!

"My powers will be at the maximum" confirming that any transformation after this is pointless

It's always been my favorite, especially the transformation sequence from Secret of the Lost Kingdom

2 Believix

I don't like Believix. The outfits make the winx look like 5 year olds playing dress up

Their powers and wings make me love it

I love the Believix theme song!


3 Sirenix

It has the more modern fairy vibe that I like. It's also the most practical transformation that we have had so far.

Underwater! I like the pants they had because they look like fish scales and are very intricate, because in the 3D mode the scales are different to every Winx, in my opinion. Also, I once again love the music. How does the song go? Can somebody tell me some lyrics site or music service that I can learn the lyrics from?

Sirenix is an awesome transformation. It is a powerful transformation that works very well on both land and water. I love the hair colours changing when they dive into the water. I love the sirenix transformation song too. It is a nice song. I always watch sirenix transformation.

Sirenix is the best transformation from the catchy song to the awesome outfits. Plus this is like the first transformation where the girls are in pants.

4 Bloomix

Warriors all the way! The transformation was beautiful and they all looked fierce, though the fact that they had to do heroic acts and all that jazz was a dead ringer for enchantix and charmix, which I would rate higher.

Bloomix finally brought back the glamorous, large wings I adored in enchantix, along with stunning original outfits that actually look battle-ready for once. They're still elegant and lovely, but they look like something you could wear without fear of constant wardrobe malfunction, unlike almost all of the previous outfits.

Bloomix makes them look like warriors goddess. It actually makes them look like actual fairies. The song and the outfits are amazing. One of the best ones they've created

Bloomix is the best outfits do not look the same like all the new outfits, and each outfits corresponds to each girls dimension and powers. Best in a long time.

5 Winx

This is their very first transformation and I love it! The transformation music makes me want to sing it every day.

Their clothes are too plain.

I love this one

6 Harmonix

It's so beutiful! The song is gorgeous everything compliments eachother its just wonderful

I absolutely love the ribbon on their legs! And Tecna's look beautiful! The half dress-half skirt thing looks adorable!

Their dresses are gorgeous 🦋

7 Charmix

It's not my favorite, but how they got it only really counts.

8 Speedix

Even though it's a side transformation I still think it's a solid transformation. Plus I think they battle with it in some episodes.

9 Mythix

Flora looks the best

Just my fave

TheIre gowns are amazing and I love the song Mythics (2x ) mythics there is a magical dimension!

10 Lovix

I didn't get to see how they got it because practically no one had the episode where they got Lovix on YouTube. It's sad, but Stella's Lovix is amazing.

The Newcomers

? Cyberix
? Moonix

The Contenders

11 Tynix

Um its just the absolute best! I love how flora looks in this transformation! sooo pretty!

Their look and hair are awesome. Their wings are fine but bloom shoes are lovely. I love the colour match.

Season 7 hasn't come out yet in the USA, but I saw a sneak peak video of it (as in just 30 minutes of them putting pictures of the outcome of the transformation) and the crystalized things lok wonderfully wonderful! For the sake of my health and well-being, PLEASE no spoilers!

I love the outfits, gorgeous wings, and I love the wedge heels! I'll be honest, Tynix is my favorite for fashion.

12 Zoomix
13 Poopix

I love this one! Their outfits are sOOO beautiful! Love the stains!

14 Cosmix
15 Dreamix

I know Dreamix has already been mentioned, but it is LITERALLY THE BEST apart from Enchantix! I just LOVE the accessories, hair, outfits, and the details on the Dreamix outfits! The only trouble is, is that Dreamix is a PAIN. IN. THE. BUTT. to draw!

This is best transformation and I believe that stella has most pretty look in dreamix also flora

I don't know its just the best


16 Butterflix

I would love the transformation if they got rid of the 10 hour long dance party... I mean, THE BAD GUYS ARE LITERALLY WAITING FOR YOU

They should've actually tried on the transformation and cut out the dance that kills me. It's a mission! Not a dance party.

This is the only transformation that I don't like. For me, the others are better.

One of Winx cute transformation.Even thought it simple.

17 Sophix

Flora has the most beautiful Sophix

How tf is this below 2 fake transformations

18 Onyrix

This is best transformation but only musa and stella look good


19 Aquatix

At first, when I saw it, I said no way, but after seeing it again, I started liking the way it looked.

20 Melodix

not real

21 Beutix

This is fake.

22 Starlix
23 Tracix

I love how this transformation reflects the world's issue with inflamed tracheas.

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