Top Ten Best Winx Club Transformations

I love the Winx and I haven't made a list about them in a long time, so here it is for you to Enjoy!
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1 Enchantix

Enchantix is the best Winx transformation. I love their designs and especially how they earned it- Aisha/Layla earns it by saving Queen Ligea; Stella earns it by saving her father, King Radius; Musa earns it by saving Princess Galatea of Melody; Flora earns it by saving her little sister Miele; Tecna earns it by closing the portal of the Omega Dimension & Bloom earns it by believing in herself (well she didn't had much other choice). Unfortunately, Bloom's enchantix was incomplete... So she couldn't miniaturise. There wings are nice, designs are nice, transformation song is nice. I adore Season 8 enchantix, but I don't understand its use here. It served the purpose of Tynix. Which isn't a good thing. Overall, enchantix is Great.

Oh yes! I love enchantix I don't really like flora's though too short oh I don't care if you offend me I am a Flora HATER so its fine hate me! flora is the one with ugly enchantix! well I kinda hate bloom too. but still! I HATE FLORA! oh and does flora earn both bloomix and enchantix BY SAVING HER SISTER!? flora x crazy = florcra

Enchantix was literally stunning! I think that any transformation beyond Enchantix should have really stuck to the same 'enchanted' theme. I think the rest of the transformations were way too modern and I felt like it made the Fairies seem less 'Fairylike.' I think the worst was Believix and totally stripped the beauty and magic that was created from the Enchantix. I say that the Winx Club should do a final season with an advanced form of the Enchantix that allows the so called 'final fairy form' to still be Enchantix but that little more powerful and that little more special to the viewers!

I love enchantix (focusing on the physical look) because of the dazzling gems in the girls’ wings and it is JUST. SO. AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. There’s just shimmer everywhere and I think this is the only transformation wherein they look like ✨fairies✨. Plus, each girl is uniquely designed as a lot of time and effort was really put into this. And I just love the shimmer! This transformation look is a LEGEND!🤍

2 Believix

I haven’t watched Winx Club in forever but I remember this always being my favourite transformation. I love the outfits and the song is one of my favs

I can't help but love the design of Believix. Believix is bright, colorful, and fun without seeming overly childish (for "overly childish", see Butterflix), and it's the last transformation that makes an effort to give each fairy a unique outfit (Bloomix gives each one unique color schemes, patterns, and slight modifications to the same basic dress form, but Believix gives the girls unique outfit designs altogether). I know that people sometimes say that it's too much like Enchantix, but I think that's what the designers were going for: an Earth version of each fairy's Enchantix. If that was their goal, they succeeded. Bloom's and Aisha's in particular are my favorites; I just love those bright blues on their outfits. I really like Tecna's, too. I'm drawn to asymmetrical outfits like hers for some reason. Stella's is okay. It's just not my favorite look for her. The only one I'd say doesn't sit well with me is Flora's. I think the boots really clash with the rest of the ...more

Beleivix is a beautiful transformation and each and every winx looks beautiful here! I love believix.

I just love this transformation , their short frocks look gorgeous and their wings are ausome.

3 Sirenix

The best powers in my opinion are
And Bloomix, I wish 4 kids television still made Winx club because everything went downhill when the left it.
I personally think Bloomix or Sirenix should have been the highest powers as a fairy you should be able to get we don't need all these dumb ones like Butterflix, or Believix, why do I like Enchantix, Sirenix, and Bloomix the best?
Well, with Enchantix the Winx each had to make their own sacrifice to earn it, I love the outfits too and the paler hair thing going on, and it's one of the originals so...
Sirenix, oh boy do I love this one! The Outfit, the name, the hair ... That song, I'm in love with this one! I personally think this one should have been the highest power to achieve, because I mean the song writers went all OUT on Sirenix! Don't get mad at me now but I think that they should have ended the series after Sirenix because everything went downhill after that.
And finally Bloomix,
I think ...more

to me sirenix is the 2nd best the transformations are just sooo beautiful I think the ones who look best in sirenix is, Bloom, Musa, Aisha, and Daphne. I also like sirenix because a new character comes out which is daphne.

BEST TRANSFORMATION EVER MADE!, love all the outfits, the highlights in their hair, the song, everything, this transformation is so amazing that it have three versions of it (The CGI Version from Season 5, the 2D Version also from Season 5 and the 3D Version from the third movie), it's much better than Enchantix (I don't hate Enchantix, I just find Sirenix to be better), Sirenix totally deserve to be on number one, Believix on number two and Tynix in number three.

Underwater! I like the pants they had because they look like fish scales and are very intricate, because in the 3D mode the scales are different to every Winx, in my opinion. Also, I once again love the music. How does the song go? Can somebody tell me some lyrics site or music service that I can learn the lyrics from?

4 Bloomix

My only concern about this transformation is the way it was earned. Good and worthy acts of a fairy. Flora earned it by saving her sister Miele. Stella and Aisha earned by... doing a back flip! (That's not a 'worthy act' of a fairy). Musa and Tecna earned it by learning to work together. And Bloom earned it by passing the test of the Vortex. Other than that... It's the best... Nice outfits, nice songs... but also have less spells. Especially Musa gets only 2 spells. But bloomix have the best outfits, better than Enchantix

Warriors all the way! The transformation was beautiful and they all looked fierce, though the fact that they had to do heroic acts and all that jazz was a dead ringer for enchantix and charmix, which I would rate higher.

Bloomix finally brought back the glamorous, large wings I adored in enchantix, along with stunning original outfits that actually look battle-ready for once. They're still elegant and lovely, but they look like something you could wear without fear of constant wardrobe malfunction, unlike almost all of the previous outfits.

Bloomix makes them look like warriors goddess. It actually makes them look like actual fairies. The song and the outfits are amazing. One of the best ones they've created

5 Winx

This is their very first transformation and I love it! The transformation music makes me want to sing it every day.

This transformation is really nice but WAY too underrated! I love the way stella, flora, aisha, and bloom look the best!

Really love the original outfits

I love this one

6 Harmonix

Harmonix should be #1! The song is beautiful, the outfits are beautiful this transformation is just too underrated! in my personal opinion HARMONIX IS THE BEST!

Harmonix deserved way more episodes than it got, even if it was supposed to be a temp transformation. Once they got Sirenix, we never saw it again. So sad!

Harmonix is one of the best transformations in my opinion. The song, the outfits, the wings, I can go on and on.

I absolutely love the ribbon on their legs! And Tecna's look beautiful! The half dress-half skirt thing looks adorable!

7 Charmix

Seriously? "Charmix" there's only one transformation change they added charms on the Winx fairies Magic Winx outfits. So why does it have to be a transformation?

It's not my favorite, but how they got it only really counts.

Isn't this the original one

8 Mythix

The Winx Club transformation "Mythix" do they turn into myths? Their Mythix transformation outfits look like prom dresses.

Their short frocks look gorgeous and their hairstyles too, and their wands, even though Stella and tecna’s dress look plain.

Musa's mythix was amazing.

Flora looks the best

9 Speedix

Even though it's a side transformation I still think it's a solid transformation. Plus I think they battle with it in some episodes.

10 Lovix

I didn't get to see how they got it because practically no one had the episode where they got Lovix on YouTube. It's sad, but Stella's Lovix is amazing.

Lovix is a really nice side transformation!

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11 Tynix

Season 7 hasn't come out yet in the USA, but I saw a sneak peak video of it (as in just 30 minutes of them putting pictures of the outcome of the transformation) and the crystalized things lok wonderfully wonderful! For the sake of my health and well-being, PLEASE no spoilers!

I love the outfits, gorgeous wings, and I love the wedge heels! I'll be honest, Tynix is my favorite for fashion.

Their look and hair are awesome. Their wings are fine but bloom shoes are lovely. I love the colour match.

This transformation dress looks great because of the diamonds and crystals on it.And also their high heel shoes.

12 Zoomix
13 Butterflix

butterflix is a beautiful transformation but for me the dancing is so cheesy and too much. I think, Musa, flora, aisha, and stella look best in butterflix

This looks like the best exception the 1 hour dance. Their wings and dresses, especially musa’s dress has such vaibrent colours.

They should've actually tried on the transformation and cut out the dance that kills me. It's a mission! Not a dance party.

This is the only transformation that I don't like. For me, the others are better.

14 Cosmix

It’s not bad. Yes a lot of us old winx club fans are upset about the art change but try to focus on the positives.

Pros and Cons of this transformation and it doesn’t include art style change to give it a fair chance.

Music is amazing. Fast, catchy, and the lyrics fit with the transformation.

All of them are unique

The visuals that give off sailor moon vibes.

Outfits stand out from one another while also work together as a team.


The wings are the same

The transformation and outfit don’t show off the power of each fairy.

The cosmix is like soon pretty like the stars itself and their wings are like wonderful and colourful with those rainbow stars.

I love all the transformations, I don't know which one's my favorite! The only transformation I don't like is magic winx. It's plain.

Rip off of Sailor moon's powers

15 Dreamix

This is best transformation and I believe that stella has most pretty look in dreamix also flora

The dreamix makes you dream with those outfits, accessories, hair and details on the dress.

I don't know its just the best

I know Dreamix has already been mentioned, but it is LITERALLY THE BEST apart from Enchantix! I just LOVE the accessories, hair, outfits, and the details on the Dreamix outfits! The only trouble is, is that Dreamix is a PAIN. IN. THE. BUTT. to draw!

16 Poopix

Mostly different shades of brown. Flora looks like camo.

I love this one! Their outfits are sOOO beautiful! Love the stains!

This is winx's next transformation after the ugly cosmix

17 Sophix

Flora has the most beautiful Sophix

How tf is this below 2 fake transformations

How is this different from Lovix

18 Onyrix

The best thing about onyrix is the flowers on it , especially I like aisha’s onyrix because it has a very beautiful blue colour with those roses.

The song is great! And their legs form triangles of ultimate power! Illuminati confirmed!

This is best transformation but only musa and stella look good


19 Divinix

Divinix is a ok fan made transformation. I LOVE the way flora and stella look though.

20 Aquatix

At first, when I saw it, I said no way, but after seeing it again, I started liking the way it looked.

21 Melodix
22 Moonix

cool...sorry not much to say about it...

23 Cyberix
24 Enix
25 Tracix

I love how this transformation reflects the world's issue with inflamed tracheas.

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