Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp

The trademark "I wish...", if somehow, were guaranteed reality.

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41 For world peace
42 For three more wishes

You actually can't ask for three more wishes. Genies are forbidden to do that. That's why you have to think hard about what you really want most.

43 To live in a world of fiction

How awesome it would be if there is a place where no one disturbs you and so peace

44 To send all the people you dislike to a different world in a galaxy far far far far far away.

The people I hate don't deserve a Star Wars reference

45 To have flawless skin

No blemishes, no freckles, no scars of any kind. Who doesn't want perfect, beautiful skin?

46 To make your possessions as good as new

Some of my favorite shirts and pants have been worn and washed so many times that they're wearing out, ripping or getting holes in them. If I could wish for them to be good as new, I wouldn't have to spend money to buy new ones. This would definitely be one of my top wishes.

47 No More Dora the Explorer

Unless if it's a porno.

48 To grant your own wishes

You could grant all of your own wishes, so your wishes aren't limited.

49 To be able to go into any cartoon that you think of
50 To turn into any cartoon character you think of
51 To bring Robin Williams back to life

I wish Robin Williams will come back 4life

52 That your crush would like you back

No matter how much you like someone, not everyone shares the same feelings, and not everyone is compatible. Some people aren't meant to be.

53 For there to be a machine where you could go into any animated cartoon or movie

Wouldn't this be cool. - YakkoWakkoDot

54 For all the good TV shows in the world (already installed in your TV)
55 For all the good books in the world


56 For chocolate
57 Diamonds
58 No More Barney

I wish Barney never exist

Please make this happen!

59 To help all the sick children in the world.
60 That the dragon balls really existed

Umm why collect the dragen balls for 1 wish when you are already using 1 wish

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