Top Ten Wishes You Would Ask From a Genie If You Had the Aladdin's Lamp


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61 To stay and look young forever

Who wouldn't want this? Honestly, what is there to look forward to with old age? You don't look as good, you're not as strong and you just start to go. I would love to have total control over my own age.

62 To have superpowers
63 To be a genius

You could know just about everything and do just about everything.

64 To make ignorant and close-minded people see logic
65 To meet your favorite celebrities V 1 Comment
66 To talk to animals

I've had an affinity for animals since I was young, and that's one thing that has never changed. I would love to have the ability to communicate with them. I could understand them and they could understand me. That would be awesome.

67 To be an expert fighter
68 To recover deleted information

I would love this. I've deleted stuff from my camera and my computer that I really want back. If I had a genie all I would have to do is wish for it and I'd have it back.

69 To end racism

Why should skin color make a difference? Honestly! I never understood racism and I never will.

This is an amazing wish but sadly and unfortunately there is to much prejudice in this world!

I wish racism never exist

70 To bring back the real musicians and get rid of the bad ones V 2 Comments
71 To speak a foreign language

I think it would be cool to speak Japanese and Chinese, but it seems a bit hard. If I had a genie, I could just ask and not have to worry about failing. I would already be very fluent in the language.

72 To end hunting to extinction

Money is the root of all evil. Many people don't care what they wipe out or destroy as long as they get huge sums of money for it. There are already some species of animals that have been hunted to extinction and there are others that are on the endangered list. This needs to stop.

73 To bring dead actors back to life

Please bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Price. They're both legends and they're awesome as hell!

Bring back that actor who plays Casey Jones

Bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Prince.

74 To take your most prized possessions to the afterlife
75 No More Dora the Explorer
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