Top Ten Best Within Temptation Albums

The Top Ten

1 The Heart of Everything

This album defines WT! if I have to describe, it's sacred.

All the best lyrics are in this album

It has more of a Gothic vibe in this album.

2 The Silent Force

This album is my favorite album of all time and it has some of the best songs I've ever listened to

It's just great that's all I can say

All the best songs are in here.

3 The Unforgiving

To me there is no question. Every album has its unique sound and I loved each one when it was released. The Silent Force was a fantastic album that brought brilliance to every song but when The Heart Of Everything came out I was afraid they'd turned into another run of the mill boring metal band playing generic populist rubbish. Man was I wrong.

The Unforgiving brought a unique sound to symphonic metal, however, as a blend of the best symphonic sounds, the best guitar solos, the best singing, the best melodies, aspects of dance and pop and similar and one contained 'story' to hold it all together.

Hydra showed that experimentation and diversity can lead you to having a range of completely disconnected songs that are individually great but don't make a 'great album' - whereas The Unforgiving is perfect from start to finish. If I were to list my 20 top Within Temptation songs, this entire album would make the list. I would love them to release an even better album one day, ...more

4 Hydra
5 Mother Earth

Ice queen, that is all that is needed.

Like straight out of a fairy tale. If they knew rock music in Lord of the Rings or The Dark Crystal, this is what it would propably sound like. - Martin_Canine

6 Enter
7 Black Symphony
8 Resist
9 The Q - Music Sessions
10 Destroyed
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