Best Wizard101 Bosses

The Top Ten Best Wizard101 Bosses

1 Malistaire the Undying (Xibalba)

I'm actually a big fan of Malistaire, and seeing him being undying has made the experience even worse. Even in the beginning once you to the tutorial for Wizard101, you even get to see him there too. I'm also a big fan of Morganthe, but Malistaire is basically the number 1 spot for a reason. He's basically the main idea of the game.

2 Pendragon
3 Morganthe
4 Meowiarty
5 Lord Nightshade
6 Malistaire (Dragonspyre)
7 Krokopatra
8 Jade Oni
9 Rasputin
10 Mithraya

The Contenders

11 The Coven
12 Shane Von Shane
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