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1 Storm

I believe storm is the best school, for a multitude of reasons.
1. They have the strongest attacks. Some people say that the lower health and bad accuracy is too much to lose for good damage, but as you get further in the game, you have more than enough accuracy, and you end battles quick enough to not need much health.
2. They have a lot of charms and wards. In comparison to other schools, Storm has a lot of charms and wards. I find that Storm is the school that has the most gear pieces that come with a blade or trap, and they have Supercharge, which can generate more blades than a Storm wizard could ever need.
3. Storm gear brings out what is good in a Storm wizard rather than compensating for what a Storm wizard doesn't have. This is a personal preference, but I love how ridiculously high of a damage boost Storm gear can give you. The gear is very versatile as well: Storm gear is very easy to adjust accordingly to your playing style, because there are also gear options to ...more

It is quite a powerful school. I love it because it can deal so much damage if you don't fizzle (the flashbacks are beginning), and if your balance friend can give you pips for tempest. Lol.

"Storm is pretty much about strategy." is wrong. There's no strategy, no planning, no thinking at all needed to play a storm. There's only 6 spells in a storm wizard's deck. Epic, Storm Blade, Elemental Blade, Sharpen Blade, Glowbugs, and Tempest. Literally just blade twice and glowbugs/tempest. There's no planning phase, there's no strategical thinking, it's just tempest. And tempest. And tempest. It's always funny to me thinking storms have to have 'well-planned out strategies' when their deck is nothing more than tempest. But that's just my 2 cents. It's a clearly overpowered school, Kingsisle hasn't realized it. So yes, play a storm if you would like to blindly click the same spell repeatedly for 130 levels of your gameplay, rather than thinking out a real strategy and gameplan.

Storm is is great school for PvE, especially soloing. in my opinion it's actually the best school for soloing. Some people say to take Life as a secondary, but I disagree. For me it's all about offense. No way you should ever be casting Satyr. Best secondary is Ice to Tower Shields, Balance Blades, Reshuffle, Death to Feint, then Sun and Moon type stuff.

The key to Storm is killing things as fast as possible, which is why they are actually best for soloing. By level 25 you can have +10% accuracy using Bazaar gear alone. By 30 you can get Zeus gear to have almost 90% accuracy or possibly more. Since you can end most fights in under 5 turns this results in using much less mana and hardly ever taking damage.

Also, Tempest is probably the best spell in the game since it lets you infinitely charge an AoE spell. The way the game works, killing fast has so many huge advantages and Storm is the best at that. Also, always use a Myth wand so against Storm bosses that cast Myth ...more

2 Death

My main favorite schools are death, storm and balance. My first ever character was balance, and I really liked the wards, blade, and shields that come with it, however I think balance is best as a secondary to boost your primary school and not so great as a primary.
In my opinion, I think death is the best, and when paired with storm as a secondary, you get steal spells for attacking and healing simultaneously AND you can hit heavy with storm spells in between. I play my main character with this combo and I have soloed most of my quests so far in the game due to the attacking and healing I can do. This combo is a really good idea for those who like to tank because it means you can survive several attacks by healing with a steal spell WHILE attacking, and when you don't need to heal you can hit really hard with storm spells.

Death is my favorite because, well, even though it doesn't have the greatest attacking power or is as flashy as the other schools like storm or fire, it is a pretty good school for strategy. Also, like some other people before me has already said, it is easier to solo on death, seeing as I soloed my death character for most of the game and I consider myself not that intense of a gamer. Another favorite part of death is that its steal health attacks can bypass those pesky life and ice absorbs. Whenever bosses spam those shields, I still am able to kill them because of the steal health spells.

I cannot stress this enough. On death, you can heal AND attack. That is very important, because if you are low on health, you don't have to waste pips on healing and just attack as much as you want, which immensely helps people who solo most of the worlds.

Death is also very good for supporting and tanking. My playing style is as a support and a tank, so whenever I have to face ...more

Death is the best because it is different than the other schools. Your school is not placed in Ravenwood and all the main villains in the game are death. For the story, death wizards are the most conflicted with this "legacy" of evil and it is your choice to be good or bad.

Aside from the lore, death is the best school for strategy and making dungeon runs and just all around fighting. The steal health attacks are all that I use and it takes one the main strategies, healing, out of the picture for me. I don't care if it is not the best hitting school, but the benefits of gaining health from attacks makes death a much better fighting school.

Honestly, I love having the Death School as my main. It's pretty cool how I could heal and attack at one time. It's really helpful playing solo. My only problem is that it doesn't do a lot of damage like storm. Still, it's a pretty good school. My second school is Storm because when I'm in a tight situation or the monster has enough health I could wipe them out. Overall, I still like Death better than storm because it doesn't fizzle a lot. I'm no expert, but this has to be the best school.

3 Fire

Fire and storm are the strongest and most effective schools by far. My friends are storm and life and I'm fire (proud). Together, we get through battles quickly with my life school friend being there to heal us, and my storm school friend and I to conjure very powerful spells. Life may not be the most powerful, but in battle it does have its privileges. I believe the correct order is:
1. Storm
2. Fire
4. Death
5. Life
6. Myth
7. Ice

Fire and life definitely deserve to be higher up on this list.
You have dishonered the faries that save your butt in battle and the sunbirds that kill your opponent. Shame on you! *slaps you*

In my opinion I don't think it's the best at all. First of all the way it attacks is very inefficient. It does all the strong damage first and leaving a weak DOT behind. It has low health, defense, and accuracy. These things may not seem important at first but later on in the game your going to need these things to be there. All you need to do is put a fire shield and then that fire shield has gone to waste. Although other school spells may have this problem I still think Fire isn't the best.

The second highest damage in game
The second lowest health in game

Perfectly balanced right?

Fire has the same problem as storm. The health disadvantage can really be a pain. However if you don't mind low health in exchange for more damage then the fire school is great for you!

But a balanced and well rounded school? I THINK NOT!

Fire is the best! Why? Well fire is the second most powerful our health is good its not really low or high and we get spells earlier in the game for example fire blade..also the DOT's are very useful when your enemies keep shielding and most of our spells hit all so there's no problem handling a group of enemies so fire should be first.

4 Life

Lots of health and practically perfect accuracy! As you get to higher levels you will never fizzle, as it's super easy to get 100% accuracy for life! Not only is this super convenient, it could save your life. The many heals you receive as a life wizard are super useful and make survival super easy.

Contrary to the popular belief of this game, life wizards can actually easily do a lot of damage. It may take a bit more preparation compared to schools like storm, however it is super easy to one hit enemies, and unlike storm, we rarely have to worry about our health (And once we do need to worry, it isn't hard to get it back up again! ).

"Life itself is meant to be a solid support unit, but when used right can switch between that and an offensive and defensive powerhouse, sometimes alone when coordinated correctly. It's got the second highest health and 90% accuracy, so you can definitely count more on life spells to work rather than storm spells. Life is mostly used as the most efficient healer, but this becomes a problem in pve due to the enemies teaming on you when you reveal you're the healer, yet again that's why life wizards were given high amounts of hitpoints; so that they could have a chance with surviving when it's clear that they are being teamed on.

Life, one of the best schools when it comes to strategy. With a wide variety of heals, playstyle options, and (contrary to popular belief) attacks. Why pixie struggle or spend that time/crowns for that mastery amulet when have those satyrs and heal boosts/life critical automatically in your arsenal? Luminous weaver and certain other life attack spells (if you choose to go that high level). And your healing boost can easily hit 100% if you wish, and still have that high life critical or maybe you prefer solid attack/resist. All in your reach. Heal all spells, absorbs, pip chance, accuracy, health; we rock all tiers of pvp and almost never die in pve (even solo). With the right utility spells/strategy, life has the most potential out of all schools, simply because life is the creation of something new; we don't have limits

With life, you can get the healing spells like satyr and sprite without having to spend training points. You also get rebirth, which is an AMAZING healing card because it casts absorb armor as well. I don't know Michael bout anything past celestia because that's when I last played. With the high health, high accuracy, free healing cards, and decent damage, it's pretty obvious life is the top class of them all!

5 Balance

Tons of blades and traps that can make your ordinary damage spells absolutely extraordinary! Mid-level health and mid-level damage makes balance seemingly an okay class. But that's not what balance is about. The many traps, shields, and charms make playing as balance completely unique! Even though learning to master balance may be a challenge, once you learn the tricks to balance you're practically unstoppable!

In pvp however, balance's skills are best used in group play. You can buff your team and send devastating attacks to the other team. However, you may find that it works best as a supporting role in the game.

Damage on par with death, in addition to the fact that they have the same accuracy rate, as well as tons of boosts to damage without hindering yourself like death wizards do, Balance is my choice for the best. You've got decent damage and health, and high-ish accuracy. Then if you know how blades and shields work, you can make your damage exceptional, as well as bring up accuracy, and things like power pip chance. However, Balance is not a good starting school, as most starter players focus on the basics and do not take time to prepare, and preparation Is the reason Balance is the best. There is also tons of damage prevention, and no real shield against Balance damage.

Balance is arguably the most underrated school. Their power lies in their "balance" of everything- damage, hit points, etc. They are incredible allies in battles because of the multiple blades, minions, and traps at their disposal. Plus, the only shield that can block Balance spells is a tower shield- damage is easy to deal and hard to resist against.

Once you get past the harder levels in the beginning, balance is by far the best school. Paired with an ice for defense, a storm for damage and a life for healing, you've got an unstoppable team.

Why would this not be the best school?
Lets see: Fire has bad health and some useless dots
Death is not bad, that's why it is my second school
Storm is really bad for the first 30 levels because there is no real accuracy gear and for some reason it is jinxed to fizzle even with 95% accuracy gear..believe me I have an exalted
Life is pretty okay
Ice has low-ish accuracy and can't deal no damage
Myths teacher is Cyrus drake...'enough said
Balance though.. it has the 2nd highest health, can deal the second highest damage with proper planning, its accuracy is pretty good, most importantly:there is no shield against it except tower shield adding even more to its attack power. Only downside probably is that power nova is the weakest 7pip spell

6 Myth

Myth is a joy to play and is really interesting because you can summon all those mythical creatures. And I love summoning extra people to a fight, especially since I mostly play solo.

I don't understand why more people don't choose this school- great damage (third best in the game!) and better versatility than anyone else. They can play well on a team as a backup hitter or stunning and removing feints and shields, but they also do great solo. Thanks to Minotaur and Orthrus, shields have nothing on them. And in PvP? Medusa's two-round stun paired with Earthquake renders opponents effectively useless. Unlike storm or fire, myth is challenging enough to be enjoyable. You carry more than five spells in your deck and you get to see a new end to each fight. If you know how to play it, myth's definitely the best.

If you are a myth wizard, you are a very creative fighter. You can see multiple endings to a fight, and choose the best route to take. With good accuracy and decent damage, lots of multi-hit spells, and not to mention op minions, myth definitely is one of the best schools. Minions provide everything a myth wizard falls short of. They heal you, give you pips, and you can learn "'sacrifice" spells to gain even more health. So if you chose myth, congrats, you are the elite.

Myth is more than hiding behind pets. Y'all need to get over the stereotype. It's like saying Ice can *only* shield and fire can *only* DoT. It's a feature we have, but it's not the entirety of the school- far from it. Myth is amazing, people just don't have the wits to use it. You think a storm is so strong? Just wait until I Medusa you with a 2 round stun, making you absolutely useless and giving me plenty of time to earthquake all those filthy storm blades away. Done. Game over. Myth wins.

7 Ice

Ice is actually the best school in many things. People underestimate them just because they are so weak. I have beat Warlords many times, and I am ice. With the right things in place ice can be extremely strong just like storm. Ice has the highest natural life, and they have tons of resist more than every other school. Ice attacks such as snow angel is better than fire and storm. Snow angel does very low damage at first but over time can defeat the enemy. Fire dragon does the strong damage first then it does weak DOT, Storm doesn't even have a DOT attack. Ice may not be the best but it is an extremely good school.

I'm not a guru on this stuff or anything, although I'm not a complete newbie either. The wizard I'm playing now is ice, and a lot of people say that ice is bad because of weak power. This is true, it does have weak power. A lot of people also say that you can use traps and blades to make it be better than a storm spell. Well if you use traps and blades on a storm spell it gets a LOT better than an ice one. So why is this one the best? Well it has very good defense, and it does have the most health. That said, it's not the best because of that. I got myself some storm secondary school, storm mastery amulet, and now I have the defense of an ice wizard and the damage of a storm wizard (almost, obviously I don't build all damage and acc). So I'm pretty well-rounded and I only ever solo things. by the way I also dipped some points into life for healing, just as a cherry-on-top to it all.

I have an Ice/Death and he can murder anything with his Frostbite, Skeletal Pirate, Ice Wyvern, and Vampire. he can do op damage. He sports three pages worth of amulets and some really good pets too. He can protect himself using Tower Shield, Elemental Shield, Dream Shield, Volcanic Shield, and others. He also has good shielding and to make up for bad attack, uses elemental Blade, Ice Trap, Feint, Spirit Blade, Elemental Trap, Spirit Trap, Death and Ice Trap Amulets, and his minion can cast an Iceblade on him. His amulets give him many good attacks such as Kraken, Hydra, Phoenix, Sandstorm, Humongofrog (which is admittedly disgusting), Centaur, Storm Shark, Minotaur, and so much more! However, I haven't been getting crowns lately, so I'm stuck in Marleybone at level 35. He almost always wins battle, though. He is also a boss farmer, the filthy rich guy, and the dungeon player. He may rarely team up, but he's good when he does.

Ice is by far the best school. You have the most natural health in the game. Ice wizards have great defense, which means that you don't need to continuously heal yourself after every attack. This also means you can focus your secondary school on attack, but without the sacrifice of health that you would have if you primary school was high in attack. People typically think that ice is a school that's all defense and no offense, but with the right blades and traps ice can be just as powerful as storm.

8 Sun

Turn your cards into treasure cards! Well kind of...

You can add damage and accuracy to the spells you already have. I mean who wouldn't like to add a little damage or make sure it has a better chance of working!

This is VERY important because of the damage adding spells. If you don't have those you basically can't play the game at higher levels.

Sun doesn't take up a turn! You just enchant the spell and use it, unlike star and moon...

Sun literally makes every type of spell better. necessary if you are higher level wizard

9 Star

The auras in the star school are pretty useful, but not enough so that I would rank it as the best school on Wizard101. They look cool enough, though.

My favorite part about auras is that they help boost your stats, but the Wizard101 creators balanced this out by making the wizards more vulnerable to the school opposite of their primary school, in those specialized auras, which I appreciate. Also, they only last four rounds.

Improve your defense or offense without shields and blades! Create a ring around yourself to improve your damage percentage or give yourself extra resistance! What's not to like about this school?

10 Shadow

Shadow has to be trained near the end of the game. Level 90-100 in khrysalis. It helps a lot, though, in battles in khrysalis and polaris.

I did not know there was a Shadows class! O_O I wish I could find it!

A mysterious, forgotten power...

Shadow Shrike. 'enough said.

The Contenders
11 Meme

This is the best school by far. It has so many versatile combat options and has the best damage and accuracy.

12 Moon

Moon school is just horrible and useless. By the way, ABSOLUTELY NONE of the schools below this actually exist. There are only 11 schools in the game. Balance, life, myth, death, storm, fire, and ice are the 7 main ones chosen at the beginning of the game. Later, starting in Celestia, you can train sun, star, and moon. Starting in Khrysalis, you can train shadow.

Using moon spells you can polymorph and find out what it's like to have a different school's spells! This however is kind of an unknown school since you can't start training it until like level 50.

13 Photomancy

It's the best magic by far. I don't even see a point in having any other magic when there's photomancy. The sheer power of photomancy even leave the Jade Lifes shaking in their boots.

14 Hex
15 Monstrology

This is basically the sub-class to the myth school. Amazing (if not essential) for your conjurer. Useful for other schools too. The best monster I can recommend are the germ ghosts in Mirage - they are immune to spells!

You get to summon minions that actually help in combat!

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