"Life itself is meant to be a solid support unit, but when used right can switch between that and an offensive and defensive powerhouse, sometimes alone when coordinated correctly. It's got the second highest health and 90% accuracy, so you can definitely count more on life spells to work rather than storm spells. Life is mostly used as the most efficient healer, but this becomes a problem in pve due to the enemies teaming on you when you reveal you're the healer, yet again that's why life wizards were given high amounts of hitpoints; so that they could have a chance with surviving when it's clear that they are being teamed on.

Life, one of the best schools when it comes to strategy. With a wide variety of heals, playstyle options, and (contrary to popular belief) attacks. Why pixie struggle or spend that time/crowns for that mastery amulet when have those satyrs and heal boosts/life critical automatically in your arsenal? Luminous weaver and certain other life attack spells (if you choose to go that high level). And your healing boost can easily hit 100% if you wish, and still have that high life critical or maybe you prefer solid attack/resist. All in your reach. Heal all spells, absorbs, pip chance, accuracy, health; we rock all tiers of pvp and almost never die in pve (even solo). With the right utility spells/strategy, life has the most potential out of all schools, simply because life is the creation of something new; we don't have limits

People don't ever give life enough credit. I mean you have the ability to heal yourself and others! Even though the attack is weaker that most schools, it's made up for with greater health and more healing spells. During pvp matches you can make your enemies rage while you heal. Your secondary school could be storm or fire so that it evens out the damage. Life is quite possibly the best school in wizard101 when played correctly!

My second favorite school. I love it because it's so peaceful and calm. While the other classes round on attacking, Life has the unique aspect of healing and, well, life. Besides, you might own tons of powerful cards, but you won't last forever without healing spells! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I am life level 48 and I think that life is the best because you can use many traps and blades to do powerful moves, plus you have healing spells that no other school has. You also have a good amount of health and pretty much never fizzle with your 90% accuracy!

Life for me is good! I usually get more healing spells than other people, so being the healer is great! And when you run out of attack spells for life just use storm or ice spells to make your wizard attack stronger, personally I use life and storm, because storm has more damage, life can heal great amounts, and to me are both good in PvP matches, also life isn't likely to fizzle!

While battles may last longer, life wizards hardly ever get defeated from their amazing abilities to heal themselves and their teammates. They are the best to play in group with, but they could also play solo.

In my opinion (being a level 62 life) life is not just about healing. We are actually a very good attack school as well. Those who say that its only good for healing just don't know how to play a life character.

I like life and I think it definitely deserves this space. (Can't spell for ) But what I find hard is actually the lack of strength, and lack of attack cards (While noob level) I made a life acc, got to level 10 but I only have Life imp, leprechaun, and 2 others from secondary. Not my ideal school.

I think life is best because of all the great healing spells and really high health. The only downside is that the hits don't do that much damage.

Life has terrible damage. What are you talking about?

Life wizards have the most life! Join it!

Life is awesome because I love the healing spells

Life is an awesome school. It lets you heal a lot, the best accuracy, very good damage, too. You get so many healing spells, etc. Forest Lord is a very good spell in the School of Life. I seen a lot in Player VS Player, normally 4v4. Along, with Heal-Over Time spells like Sprite. I love the spell rebirth, it has heal plus spirit armor!

Lots of damage, health and healing spells what could go wrong.

I nominate life. The reason why I like life is because of the heals and standard defense. Life, much like ice have attacks that are not the best, but with +40 blades and traps we can get our centaurs up to 1,000 damage.
Life does struggle some untill level 58- Forest Lord time. After that all of the life spells are great and, frankly, op. By level one hundred I would say life is third or second in best schools for PvE an soloing

Life has awesome spells and it has a good accuracy plus health. so that's why I like life

Life is a overall good school, it allows you to heal others and heal yourself signifigantly. Although, it is tough to solo, its not as hard by level 48-120. Life is, in my opinion, the best school, because soloing against a single boss or PVPing is easier. that's all.

I think life should be 3 becuase they have really good stategys and they can do a decent amount of damagage with blades and shields and they should be given more credit and storm should be second not death death should be 4th or 5th

I think Life is fantasic, but you need the right gear and way to play to turly discover its power.

Lots of health and practically perfect accuracy! As you get to higher levels you will never fizzle, as it's super easy to get 100% accuracy for life! Not only is this super convenient, it could save your life. The many heals you receive as a life wizard are super useful and make survival super easy.

Contrary to the popular belief of this game, life wizards can actually easily do a lot of damage. It may take a bit more preparation compared to schools like storm, however it is super easy to one hit enemies, and unlike storm, we rarely have to worry about our health (And once we do need to worry, it isn't hard to get it back up again! ).

Life is amazing! You get the best healing spells. When you're any other with not many healing spells, you have a higher chance of dying. But when you're life, you can yourself and others. Then no one has to die! 😀