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21 Little Miss Pipedream

Such a simple song but it's so perfect and the lyrics are so clever

22 Anti-D Anti-D

One of their slower songs, this one was so well played and sung live! It was really beautiful. I love all their other songs as well and all my favourites are already in the top ten, but this one really should be there too! It's a really good song with a very deep meaning and great lyrics.. So beautiful.

There most emotional and captivating song, showing off a range of tempo skills and layering.

23 Give Me a Try Give Me a Try

First song I ever heard from them and still my favorite. So catchy and I love the lyrics.

24 My Circuitboard City

Probably some of the strangest lyrics out of them all! (and they have some weird lyrics) but a very good, catchy song! And immense live. Definitely my favourite wombats tune!

25 Walking Disaster Walking Disaster

This song is amazing! Should be in the top 10

26 Last Night I Dreamt... Last Night I Dreamt...

I dunno it's something about the instruments paired with the vocals in the first verse that make this song infectious. So catchy and absolutely brilliant!

27 Patricia the Stripper Patricia the Stripper
28 Guillotine Guillotine

Probably the best be-side song ever... I bet all of you have never heard of it, it's quite good.

29 Addicted to the Cure Addicted to the Cure

This should be in the top ten at least! it's the first song I heard by these guys

Its really good and it should definitely be in the top ten, it's so powerful

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30 Emoticons Emoticons

This should be a lot higher, I think this is one of their best.

Awesome song. So deep! And those 3 last lines are just incredible!

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31 Be Your Shadow Be Your Shadow

Very addictive and catchy song from their new album

Yeh probably my fave song, this should be way higher

How is this song only here? Such a good song!

32 Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade

Great song from the new album

33 The English Summer The English Summer
34 Dr. Suzanne Mattox PhD Dr. Suzanne Mattox PhD
35 Is This Christmas? Is This Christmas?

Great song. No idea why it wasn't on here, it's great, but very underrated

36 Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials

Weirdly brilliant and hillarious. How can you not love this song! Simple and perfect

37 Wonderful Distraction

The lyrics are so intelligent and it's a simple but beautiful song and its great

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38 We Don't Mean That Much
39 Avalanche
40 Headspace Headspace

I've got to admit I'm surprised this isn't already on the list! It's such a good (and catchy! ) song, yet it's so unknown. I'll let you decide for yourself.

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