Top Ten Wonder Weapons In Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2 Zombies


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21 Lil' Arnies V 1 Comment
22 SMR

Best gun for high rounds. Great fire rate, Doesn't take long to reload, AMAZING damage, and has more firepower than the ran gun should be number 1

23 Wolf Bow

Great bow that could kill a whole train with one charged shot

Garbage, worst out of all the bows

24 Ray Gun

This should be in at least the top 15 the gun is great and better with pack a punched although it does chew through ammo so need to conserve

I think the vr-11 is worse, but still trash on high rounds

25 KT-4

Garbage, failed combination of the sliquifier and the acid gat

26 Monkey Bombs

In my opinion monkey bombs are the greatest specialty grenade of all time, even better than your momma! Monkey bombs are the only reason I am such a good zombie player and they help out so much on the higher rounds! Without monkey bombs I would never have got the world record on SOE, round 6! Which that game took me over 82 hours!

Good but gone down so many times because takes to long to set off

27 Apothicon Sword

Better than half of these. Not the best because of cool down. But this, ray gun, and servant make you nearly invincible until high rounds (infinite damage? )

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